Riot Games has remained silent about the new premium weapons masks package that will be launched together with the launch of episode 5, act 3 next week, which is something unusual so close to the launch. However, it seems that the development team had a big surprise waiting for us to have leaked. The Ion 2.0 arms designs package, which fans have waited a lot for a long time, seems to be on their way.

That is according to the well-known Valleanaks filter, anyway. According to the reports, the Ion 2.0 package will include the following weapons:

* Vandal
* Ares
* Spectrum
* frenzy
* Karambit

Given the amount of advertising we saw in for the incredible Ve god model of how a vandal ion would look like last week, we will assume that the Ion 2.0 package will be sold massively.

Release date of the Ion 2.0 package

The Ion 2.0 package should be launched next week, October 18/19, together with the launch of the new law. This, however, is not confirmed by Riot Games.

Price of the Ion 2.0 package and variants

Since the mask has just filtered and Riot Games has not officially confirmed it, we still do not know what the price will be. That said, if we rely on what we know of the original masks package, we are quite sure that it will fall into the premium (PE) edition level, which is 1775 VP ($23) per individual mask or 7100 VPs ($82). ) By package.

As for the variants, unofficial sources have declared that there will definitely be variants. It remains to be seen if that means color variants or simply different levels of update: the original Ion package only came in one color.

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