Resown Entertainment announced on October 18 that it will implement a gift function (Gifting) in the new season of APEX LEGENDS. It seems to be a function that allows you to present items sold in in-game stores to your friends.

In APEX LEGENDS, the new season Eclipse will open on November 2. In this season 15, Catalysts, a new legend of Shia and the same hometown, are expected to appear. Catalysts seem to have magic-like power to freely manipulate magnetic fluids (related articles).

It has been announced that a gift function (gifting) will be implemented in Season 15. This function can present items sold at the in-game store to friends. In order to send and receive gifts, it is necessary to enable the account level of 10 or more and the login authentication of the EA account (two-step authentication function). It is also necessary to be an account in Good Standing. In addition, the person who gives the gift has to be more than two weeks as a friend.


If the conditions are met, they can give gifts to friends regardless of the opponent’s platform. Up to 5 gifts can be presented every 24 hours. A gift button is added to the purchase screen at the in-game store, and if you select it, you can give it to any partner from the friendliest. It is said that the pack or bundle pack or bundle of the collection event cannot be presented at the time of implementation. It seems that it will respond in future updates.

Furthermore, it seems that friends already owned as a single item. However, it can be presented if it is a bundle, and it is said that the item that the other party has owned will be discounted. By the way, craft metal or legend token cannot be used for gifts to friends, and only apex coins can be used. Also, you cannot buy it in the past and give the items you own. For gifts, it is necessary to purchase items for gifts only.

It is said that the gift purchased with the gift function is not canceled, so please be careful about the platform and account of the other party to give. For more information about the gift function, please refer to this official help page.

A gift function that has been implemented before the holiday season for APEX LEGENDS. It’s a good idea to give a gift with your friends and deepen your friendship.

The new season Eclipse will open on November 2. In addition to the gift function, a new legend catalyst will appear.