There are few weeks left for the official launch of God of War Ragnarök, a video game that will close with a flourish in terms of exclusive Sony PlayStation refers. And while many are only going to complete the main story, there are some more who want to make everything possible, so recently the time they will have to use.

During a new transmission of Podcast Beyond of the medium known as IGN It was announced that the video game would take just over 50 hours to be completed in its entirety, that clearly includes the story and Secondary missions. That means that the title will be an extensive adventure that will give the perfect closure to the plot of Rates and his son.

One of the Editors of IGN has been around 70 hours in God of War Ragnarök and is completing 100 %. That is already well above the average completion time. So it is likely to take your time to carry out activities and admire the landscapes that are prepared for fans, ideal for screenshots.

Remember that God of War Ragnarök is launched on November 9 E N PS4 and PS5 .

Via: Twistedvoxel


Editor’s note: Go that it will be a very dear exclusive, especially for fans who have followed the franchise for years. Just miss a little more to have our copy in our hands.