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[Review] 10 million pieces even if you swear? This is paradox! Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

White KIA, do you still like Pokémon?

As the news of Pokemon Scarlet & Violet (9th generation of Pokémon) gets closer, I have a lot of questions about the new game. Let’s revive the memories that have been asked about similar questions for many years. Similarly, the White Kinda was called his real name depending on the environment, and if it changed, it was obviously what do you think this title?

There is nothing to ask about whether it is possible to interpret the surrounding reactions so sensitive and daily. Originally, the polar fans turn over five sunglasses and look at the subject, and it’s okay to see others. It was great to gather with them and to talk with the tightrope of attack and defense, but now there are few people who don’t have time to talk all night with Pokémon games around me. There are two friends and seniors who are more interested in goods than games than one of the fourth generation remake.

I’m talking about the introduction. Despite the biggest problem to be described later, there is a renewed part of this 9th generation title. It is the only Pokemon game that is not evaluated by Oh, the previous 1. It is also the clearest basis for changing the initial sales record once again by breaking 10 million global sales in three days.

※ It contains only what you can see through the official trailer as much as possible, but it may contain some spoilers. If you want a new game experience, it is recommended to see after play.

Game Name: Pokémon Scarlet & Violet
Genre: Open World RPG
Release Date: 2022. 11. 18
Review: 1.0.1


Developer: Game Freak
Service: Nintendo
Platform: Switch
Play: Switch


Bales character, complete story

Looking back at the Pokémon game that has been released for many years, the convenience and accessibility for beginners or return users, and the early storytelling that stimulates the desire for adventure, and the fragrance of the endless ending and the fragrance of endlessly ended in contrast. Most of them were colorless.

But this 9th generation was different. Through the route, which was divided into three big themes, the texture of the ride and the recovery of rice cakes, and above all, the characteristics of the three rivals and the characteristics of each other’s characters. I could feel resolved. Personally, I would like to give a high score in that the gymnasiums are literally melted into the Pokémon IP, which is literally melted into the Pokémon IP.

It was freshly stimulated by the full personality of the gym director and the star executive. When you meet the director of the water type gym while enjoying the Pokémon game of all time, the dew rises and when you meet the Dragon type named, Moho (Water) comes to mind, so the image of the first and second generation named is intense, and the charm for other local named trainers It is true that I didn’t feel much. However, as much as the nine generations, they were able to immerse their charms without being soaked in the past.

DLC’s reaction is to prove that it is an attractive person and a completed story. The fans’ hearts are the same as Please come out a little sooner, but if the expectation for existing works was improved, it is hoped to expand in this 9th generation. Even more so, even if you look at the topic of scattered rice cakes.

Collect the convenience that was popular!

In the ninth generation, we support the riding system for the open world from the beginning. It is also a super legendary Pokémon. In addition, in the ninth generation, you can do ‘air flying’ to fly to confirmed from the beginning of the game. It also supports a system that returns to the pre-falling place when the ‘climb up’ button is activated in the plants when it falls into a mistake in a high cliff.

The ninth generation adopts the symbolic counter method and has a lot of Pokémon on the field. You may go away, but you may need to farming because of the by-products of Pokémon. In this ninth generation, we will support a system that allows you to farm the experiences and by-products by unfolding a further battle on the field without entering a more improved Rest mode, Pokémon Battle. In addition, unlike the existing works, which were immediately entered into a battle when the Pokémon Trainer was stamped, in the 9th generation, the player was able to talk directly to the battle, and it was also liberated from the injustice attack (?).

The convenience of Pokémon Battle has also been greatly expanded. It is very convenient to manage Pokémon from the Pokémon Box without a PC connection located in the Pokémon Center. In addition, Pokémon’s technology and forgetting can be made on the spot without visiting a separate place or NPC. Pokemon breeding and genital transfer, which had to be cumbersome through the house, can be done through the picnic anytime, anywhere.

It can be exchanged for a separate battle point or content goods after the ending, so it can be exchanged with goods that are easy to obtain. You can take a variety of classes related to Pokémon at the Pokémon Academy, which cannot be removed and removed, so that beginners or returners can easily enter the Pokémon Battle.

There is also a mix of dislocation. The system associated with the supply and demand of a technology machine is suffering a lot of trial and error that continues to change for each new Pokémon. Personally, I have also experienced the technology of the technology machine, so there was no complaint to think that this farming element is necessary.

Many transcendent! Attractive Fallen Pokémon and Paradox Pokémon

The technical names that were mixed between Pokémon games were unified. The Korean technology name, which caused confusion due to shadow crews and dragon crews, has been unified like shadow claws and Dragon Claw, and is well received by the transcendence of Pokémon that can be found in new provinces. Most of them are okay, but typically, it is a memory of the evolutionary evolution of the maternity, which is not unbearable.

In addition, some users are uncomfortable because they are forced to be forced to introduce the concept of ‘convergence evolution’ and ‘convergence evolution’, which is different from the reform. It’s a different species, but it’s more welcoming.

As the 9th generation concept is the past and the future, the paradoxpokemon that is related to it is indispensable. You can meet paradox Pokémon in Scarlett and future paradox Pokémon on Violet. In the past, Paradox Pokémon is the best modeling that suits the original democratic naming methods that have been attached like a ‘burning body’ that appeared in the game. Future Maddox Pokémon has the word ‘cast iron’ in front of you, and you can see the future-oriented appearance with mechanization. Especially in the in-game, it was even more fun to introduce the future Pokémon in Scarlet and the past Pokémon in the violet.

Freedom through Open World, but…

The trend these days is ‘Open World’. NPCs that block the road for ridiculous reasons, and obstacles that can be removed only by satisfying certain conditions may have been the symbol of Pokémon Bond game and perhaps the element of catching the ankle of development. Game Freak showed ‘Pokémon Legend Areas’ (Pokémon Areas), which was released earlier this year, showed Pokémon Open World is limited! I did it.

However, it has been expanded compared to Pokémon Areas, and it is not enough quality to meet the open world we know. Except for major facilities such as Pokémon Gymnasium, there are almost no acts entering the room, and many shops are not a form of entering the product, but only the list of products. In this area, the dislocation is quite strong, but users like me who are personally enjoying the contents after the ending, and the places where there are no places are released. There is no. The opposite is a regret for a system that minimizes the mood of the motive country and a system that minimizes interaction.

It may not be distributed from the first alcohol, but one of the unfortunate things is to be an open world where the line is forced. Since there is no level scaling according to the story progression, it has a structure that forcibly follows the order of progress unless you have a separate level-up. In particular, it is worth praise that the convenience has improved due to the aforementioned flying, but the story line is not neat due to the side effects. This does not mean that the recommendation level is not guided in detail by route, and it is possible to resolve some of the Pokémon Center’s way of finding it, but it is not a good function as a result of checking several times.

Still unfortunate graphics and serious optimization problems

Most of the graphic elements can be seen well, but it is not good. Rather, the feeling of degeneration is a bonus.

First, the battle graphics al1. If you look at the Pokémon that opens your eyes even if you fall asleep, the HP bar, which is expressed in a monochromatic thick green, and Pokémon technology effects that are immersive, are terrible enough to come to mind.

The motion of the character was a bit awkward throughout the game. It will be adapted quickly, but if you turn on the game for the first time and move with your heart, it can be a little awkward in the limbs. Even if the concept would have not been a good idea, I would have been concerned about it if I wanted to emphasize it. Personally, I felt that the picnic and terrace directing were degenerate compared to the existing 8th generation.

The biggest problem is that all the above-mentioned stories seem to be ago. There are too many reports that there are too many racks and bugs that can be solved by turning off the game off and on, or if you play for a long time. In particular, when I entered a specific map, I felt a frame drop that I could not play the game. Representatively, it felt serious in the case of rain or above the water, and there is also a problem that the graphics and motion of the NPC are too low even if they are a little out of the player center.

A little deeper, a systematic fatal problem was found. A foreign user confirmed that on Twitter, all battles are using fixed random numbers. In the Pokémon Battle, the accuracy system is an important part, and the number of technologies is fixed depending on what technology the player used before.

Various racks and bugs, frame drops and simplified battle systems. This is enough to list only the representative ones. The lack of systematic problem is a problem that must be improved through later update versions and LCS. Above all, it is a pity that the masterpiece game released in 2022 will be caught in the insufficient system.


The 9th generation, which had too many replays for a new one

The newly added content to the ninth generation is picnic, sandwiches, terrace and Terra raid battle. However, this is a replay of the existing content.

A Lost Burial place Raider video game was found

A Actives of the canceled game has actually been discovered and is available on The Internet Archive. Thanks to the enterprising individuals of Tomb of Ash, you can even play the alpha version of the video game, offered that you have a PS4 or Xbox 360 controller and that installation of a correction does not bother you. There is no rejecting strictly speaking, but you can appreciate the landscape and explore the levels defined in Peru, Greece or Croft Manor.

What is a historic mystery that you wish to see Lara find? Let us understand in the remarks, on Twitter, or on Facebook.


Burial place Raider has been a need to for computer game for practically twenty-five years, and it is easy to replicate the variety of remakes/ restarts/ fallout from the series. The most recent series, motivated Duncharted-which was motivated by Burial place Raider as a narratological ouroboros form-serves as a prequel to the original games to a particular degree, however it is likewise the 2nd restart, and undoubtedly the very best model of the franchise still, due to the fact that The innovation finally caught up in Ambition. The first remake of the series, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, utilized resources and innovations from the first restart, but in truth the 2nd attempt to remake of the very first emblematic game of the series.

The first remake would have been published for the PSP and, although it was practically completed, was deserted in exchange for the possible remake, Tomb Raider: Anniversary, which was released on PS2 and Xbox. In a bizarre turn, the game was rearranged in a Indiana Jones game prior to being completely deserted, so whoever grumbled that the reboot took too indices Duncharted-which he was inspired-should take into account the fact that the series was at the end.

And hello, the alternative end of Shadow of the Tomb Raider had Lara called by the nasty of the original video game, Jacqueline Natal, so possibly we can expect another remake in the future?

Football World Cup 2022 | Pechvogel Sane from FC Bayern Is the next disappointment threatening?

4 years ago booted, now struck: Leroy Sané and the World Cup was are not a love so far.

Hansi Flick looked carefully once again. Does the knee of Leroy Sané keep? The national coach is hesitant to do without his distinction player, especially on the planet Cup last versus Spain.

In 2018, the offending gamer was sorted out by the then national coach Joachim Löw, a huge surprise. He trained too lax, it was said behind the hand-one, which goes through Seine’s profession as well as exciting video games and enchanting objectives.


Seine’s right knee has been embellished with a thick, beige support tape for days. The World Cup and the Bavaria Star Was have actually up until now been anything however a love affair.

WM-AUS 2018 A tough setback

And he did. For Flick, Seine is a weapon, a player who can turn a game alone with his qualities. Joshua Gimmick called exceptionally bitter when Seine needed to fit at the incorrect start versus Japan (1: 2) at brief notification. With his speed and his goal, he harms every challenger. I hope that he can help us quickly.

That was a tough setback, Seine later on stated. The extremely sensitive talent, then 22 years old, withdrew, to motivate me.

He is a gamer who constantly polarizes a bit, stated Nagelsmann. If the exception service technician is 100 percent off, he is among the very best gamers in Europe. If not, the Football Republic scolds about bad body movement and wasted talent.

Flick had securely planned Seine as a starting gamer on the left. Last summer he helped him with discussions from a low, exchanging his issue child with Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann.

World Cup for Seine soon ended?

At Seine, Nagelsmann therefore connects specific importance to things that he calls talent-free actions. Above all: to run backwards after loss of balls. In the offending game, Seine has all skills and might give the additional icing on the cake of every team worldwide. He was also definitely world-class in the details that just experts recognize.

Prior to the real Seine can lastly turn the World Cup into his phase, it might be over for the DFB choice. With a view to Seines from 2018, this would be particularly bitter. Lots of footballers, he knows, could only play two, at the majority of three world champions. 2026, then at 30, he would need to take a brand-new, most likely last effort.

Does the knee of Leroy Sané keep? For Flick, Seine is a weapon, a gamer who can turn a game alone with his qualities. Joshua Gimmick called very bitter when Seine had to fit at the incorrect start versus Japan (1: 2) at brief notification. In the offensive game, Seine has all skills and could provide the additional icing on the cake of every group in the world. Before the true Seine can lastly turn the World Cup into his stage, it might be over for the DFB choice.

Seine, emphasized Bavaria s director Hasan Salihamidzic in October, understood. The fact that he needed to work, can not live alone from his impressive skill: If he defends it in this method, if he plays his strengths at the front, he can become one of the very best gamers at all.

Your mother hates Dead Space 2, this w the delirious promotional campaign of EA

During the history of the video game we have witnessed promotional campaigns of all kinds. Little may surprise us today, but many will not remember how Electronic Arts promoted one of his star titles for the 2011 campaign. Under the slogan Your mother hates Dead Space 2, the company put ladies to age tickets in front of Bloody moments of the adventure starring Isaac Clarke. The result? Screams and huffed faces.

My God, can they kill you so ft? That uncle h been cut in half, plee…, says participant number 124 in front of the camera. I think it is very scary, and I am not very comfortable, shares the participant number 97. The promotional campaign w linked to an action on Twitter where it w the users themselves who could share the reactions of their mothers in front of the game. The objective: choose to win a PS3 of Dead Space 2.

Way to Dead Space Remake

The Dead Space franchise will return to the present first line on January 27, 2023, exclusively for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC systems. The remake of the first installment will mark a complete renewal of the success that catapulted Visceral Games. In Meditation we psed through its first three levels a few weeks ago, some impressions in which we said that it showed one of the best lighting systems in the sector.


Dead Space Remake h pleantly surprised us. It is more colorful than we expected and is renovated in the graphic in the playable, we said. Visceral’s work w already enjoying enough virtues and incentives to dazzle without current flourishes, but with them, he only reaffirmed a mterpiece of the genre to which we had not realized everything we missed it. At the audiovisual level it h several sections of the most leading we have seen and the changes to the controls are appreciated. You can read the full text here.

FC Liverpool Sports Director Julian Ward apparently steps back

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Appropriately, Ward wants to withdraw from the football service after the current season. The 41-year-old is considered a close confidant of LFC coach Jürgen Klopp. Ward had just taken over the workplace of Michael Edwards in June.


With Ian Graham Will the Athletic, another veteran employee ended his work in the club at the end of the season. This works as a Director of Research and takes care of tasks in the fields of fitness analysis and searching.

Appropriately, Ward wants to withdraw from the football service after the present season. Ward had just taken over the office of Michael Edwards in June.

Ward was decisively included in the contract extension of superstar Mohammed Salah and the 80 million euro transfer from leading newbie Darwin Núñez. In the coming weeks, the Reds want to try to find a follower, according to the Daily Mail, an external solution needs to be chosen.

Sports director Julian Ward obviously desires to step down from his post at Liverpool FC. Numerous English media report this.

Liverpool FC was obviously entirely unanticipated. The sports director model, which had just been introduced with Edwards 2016, now wished to be totally questioned.

How to combine Dondoso and Tatsugiri in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The fake dragon-Titan is one of the five Pokémon Titans that you need to win to help Arden restore the vitality of your partner. Unlike other Titan Pokémon, a fake dragon is not giant, but is a combination of two types of Pokémon that you can find in the game: London and Tatsugiri. But can you combine these two Pokémon to create a reduced version of the false dragon? Let’s find out.

can Condos and Tatsugiri merge in one Pokémon?

A short answer to this question-yes, Condos and tatsugiri can merge in one Pokémon. However, this is possible only during double battle, where both Pokémon are on the field. The ability of Tatsugiri commander automatically pushes him into the mouth of the ally of Condos during the battle.

When Condos uses the ORDER UP movement with Tatsugiri in the mouth, Tatsugiri gives a certain buff of characteristics depending on the color of the smaller Pokémon. Condos studies ORDER UP at 50.

  • The orange form of Tatsugiri will increase the attack of London
  • Tatsugiri in red form will increase the protection of Condos.


  • Tatsugiri in yellow form will increase the speed of Condos.

Tatsugiri can still use techniques for a month of Condo. And this small creature, despite its size, is also a strong opponent. His base SP. Attack 120, which means that you need to teach him a lot of special attacks. We recommend Dragon Pulse (level 52) and SURF (TM 123). Since Tatsugiri is inside the month of Condo, the surf will not affect Condos.

In addition to the fact that Condos is a tank that can be compared with Warlord, it is also a powerful beast with a base attack 100. Teach its physical techniques.

To get additional information about Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, read the sections How to turn Petition into Lillian into Pokemon Scarlet & Violet and How to get sun stones in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet here, in the game manuals for professionals.

Trade Commission would demand to Microsoft to avoid the purchase of activation

Apparently the scandal of the purchase of Blizzard Activision by Microsoft continues to climb, since Sony a few days ago sent a document with arguments that they say because it is not good to continue with the treatment in question. And now, the probability that the Federal Commerce Commission would demand to avoid transaction is mentioned.

This demand would be $69 billion according to people who know the matter. It would be the largest movement of the commission until now under the presidency of Lina Khan. It would also be a black spot for Microsoft, since it is being accused of monopoly, and they have commented that this is something they do not want to do.

One of the central concerns is whether Activision’s acquisition would give microsoft an unfair impulse in the video game market. Xbox is the number three under Sony Interactive Entertainment. However, Sony has become the main opponent of the agreement, mentioned in its document that COD would be exclusively, now playstation would be below.

It is mentioned that the commission’s concerns extend beyond Call of Duty, and researchers are trying to determine how Microsoft could take advantage of the future titles not announced to boost their business.


This commented Joe Christina, Activision spokesman.

Any suggestion that the transaction could have anti Comp effects is completely absurd. This fusion will benefit the players and the US game industry, especially because we face increasingly hard competition abroad. We are committed to continue working in cooperation with regulators around the world to allow the transaction to continue, but we will not hesitate to fight to defend the transaction if necessary.

Essentially, the Commission has no intention of taking any measure at this time. Regulators in Europe and the United Kingdom have also recently opened research in depth, which means that companies could not close the treatment until spring as very soon. So if a lawsuit arises, it would be on its own, since others are in favor of the purchase.

Via: Political

Editor’s note: As the months go by, this type of news is already becoming a little tired. Hopefully we are transported to March 1, all in order to know the verdict.

Steam Big Black Friday Sale is live – thousands of video games

The big Black Friday Sale on Steam has actually started: The download platform has set the fall project 2022 live – And advertises with thousands of video game offers from all possible categories. The selection of the PC games in the offer is substantial, so there should be something for every single taste. On request, you can filter on the action page directly according to your favorite category in order to obtain the ideal offers. In the deal you will find Stray for 21.59 euros, Rainbow Six triumphs for 7.99 euros and FIFA 23 for 41.99 euros. Prime members get a card pack for the Ultimate Team at Prime Video Gaming for FIFA 23.

Black Friday Sale on Steam

To house page.

  • Fire Television Stick 4K Max with Wi-Fi 6 and Alexa language push-button control: 34.99 euros (-46%).
  • Echo dot (gen 5) smart speaker with Alexa, anthracite: 24.99 euros (-58%).
  • Samsung 980 Pro 1 TB SSD PCIe 4.0 (PS5-comp.): 99.90 euros (-20%).
  • Logitech G815 Video gaming keyboard: 99.99 euros (-52%).


  • At Black Friday cheaper than ever: these are the genuine very offers.

You can save vigorously in the section Games for less than 10 euros. There are Star Wars Jedi: Falls (5.99 euros), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (5.99 euros) and Battlefield 1 Transformation (4.79 euros) decreased in the price.

More Deals & Steam Awards 2022.

The big Black Friday Sale on Steam has started: The download platform has actually set the fall project 2022 live – And promotes with thousands of game offers from all possible categories. In the deal you will find Stray for 21.59 euros, Rainbow 6 victories for 7.99 euros and FIFA 23 for 41.99 euros. In the Steam Black Friday deals you will also find pricing on video games such as Homophobia (9.27 euros), Stellar is (9.99 euros), Chivalry 2 (17.99 euros), Snow runner (16.49 euros), Area 3 (6, 99 euros), Age of Empires 4 Anniversary Edition (26.79 euros), Detroit End Up Being Human (19.95 euros), Hollow Knight (7.49 euros) and Nigh 2 (35.99 euros). You can save intensely in the section Games for less than 10 euros. There are Star Wars Jedi: Falls (5.99 euros), The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (5.99 euros) and Battleground 1 Transformation (4.79 euros) decreased in the rate.

In the Steam Black Friday deals you will also discover rates on games such as Homophobia (9.27 euros), Stellar is (9.99 euros), Chivalry 2 (17.99 euros), Snow runner (16.49 euros), Area 3 (6, 99 euros), Age of Empires 4 Anniversary Edition (26.79 euros), Detroit End Up Being Human (19.95 euros), Hollow Knight (7.49 euros) and Nigh 2 (35.99 euros). The complete introduction with all deals on Steam Herbstaktion 2022 can be found on the Steam website under the link set. In addition to the offers discussed, the Black Friday deals likewise have rate decreases on private franchises, including Borderlands, Beast Hunter and Requirement for Speed. By the way: You can currently find lots of other offers in Amazon’s Black Friday Week.

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  • Age of Empires 4 Anniversary Edition (26.79 euros).
  • Area 3 (6.99 euros).
  • Battleground 1 Transformation (4.79 euros).
  • Chivalry 2 (17.99 euros).
  • Detroit Become Human (19.95 euros).
  • FIFA 23 (41.99 euros).
  • Hollow Knight (7.49 euros).
  • Nigh 2 (35.99 euros).
  • Homophobia (9.27 euros).
  • Rainbow Six Siege (7.99 euros).
  • Snow runner (16.49 euros).
  • Star Wars Jedi: Fall Order (5.99 euros).
  • Stellar is (9.99 euros).
  • Stray (21.59 euros).
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (5.99 euros).

top deals on Amazon to Black Friday.

Call of Duty Warzone 2.0 is an absolute mega success

It will be intriguing to see whether Call of Task: War zone (Purchase now) 2.0 These 25 million players can actually keep long-lasting, or whether many of them will jump off again in a few days. In order to preserve the fun for the users, the designers ought to at least take care of the current invisibility glitch, who currently did its mischief in the original War zone.

Check out

Call of Responsibility: War zone was able to rapidly establish into among the favorites under Fight Royale lovers after the launch, who took on giants like Fortnite and Apex Legends. The innovative mechanics of the title ready many players rather a lot of fun, so it is no surprise that the just recently released, rather large update to War zone was also able to bring in a great deal of users. According to a brand-new tweet from Call of Responsibility, War zone 2.0 was able to motivate over 25 million gamers in simply 5 days considering that the publication.


millions of players frolic in War zone 2.0

Blizzards Overwatch 2, which likewise represents a massive upgrade for a current game, was also able to have comparable numbers. There were 25 million players here ten days after the release. These numbers are not especially unexpected, after all, free-to-play titles for launch can attract an excellent gamer in a lot of cases, however this mass of players can constantly be scheduled as a success.

COD: War zone 2-Schon again an invisibility problem!

War zone 2.0 has likewise been playable considering that November 16. We have actually put the complimentary Fight Royale shooter consisting of DMZ through its rates.

In addition to the invisibility problem, there was likewise an issue in War zone 2 that gamers were beat directly without the opportunity to be returned by Squad members. These problems are absolutely aggravating, the dedicated War zone players are not terrified from logging into the title every day.


By Daniel Link
11/22/2022 at 6:18 p.m.

Call of Duty War zone 2.0 in the check-noch was never Battle-Royale so substantial

In Call of Responsibility: War zone 2.0, a brand-new invisibility glitch has actually appeared, which was barely to be tamed in the original game. PCXSXPS5PS4XBO0

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It will be intriguing to see whether Call of Task: War zone (Purchase now) 2.0 These 25 million gamers can really keep long-lasting, or whether numerous of them will jump off once again in a couple of days.

Call of Responsibility: War zone was able to quickly establish into one of the favorites under Battle Royale enthusiasts after the launch, who completed with giants like Fortnite and Pinnacle Legends. The ingenious mechanics of the title prepared many players rather a lot of enjoyable, so it is no marvel that the recently published, rather big update to War zone was likewise able to draw in a lot of users. According to a new tweet from Call of Duty, War zone 2.0 was able to motivate over 25 million gamers in simply five days because the publication.

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