Today is officially Halloween, so the celebrations are everywhere, either in video games with special events, and of course, the movies were going to be out of list. For that reason, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema They have decided to release the first look at Evil Dead Rise , Zombies franchise that had already announced his return.

This delivery comes after Ash. The Evil Dead, television series that brought to Bruce Campbell back to the franchise, and received green light after failed attempts to make a sequel that would have joined the Stories of Army of Darkness of 1992 and the remake of 2013 . Here you can see the first look at the Dead ite monster that will appear on the tape.

This is what the film’s producer mentioned, Sam Rail , regarding the choice of the director for the product, Lee Cronin :

He had always liked Evil Dead, and I loved The Hole in the Ground. And they brought that image to the executives with whom I worked and showed it to me and thought, this is really a great director. And we met and talked and said he really liked The Evil Dead. And I said, then, why don’t you do the new one? I think you are the type of person I would like to do. He said, great. Let’s go. We made a script and gave him notes, and he made some changes and then raised money for the movie and went to New Zealand to film her with my partner, Rob Taper. Now Bruce Campbell is working with him in sound postproduction.

For now, it is only said that Evil Dead Rise premieres in 2023 .

Via: Comic book

Editor’s note : This franchise has always been very interesting, especially to see these October dates. So, it will be interesting to see her back in the following year in the movie theaters.