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Among them, many people want to know the content of this game, and think so? So, in this article, we picked up one from such a game. I would like to deliver the actual content clearly. If you want to see the rich play, don’t forget the explosive speed play repo.

This time, the omnidirectional auto shooter Army of Ruin is attractive for the depth of equipment selection and the upgrade elements and various items that color the play and elite enemies. Let’s take a look at the points and attractiveness.

What is Army of Ruin

This work is an omnidirectional auto shooter that kicks countless enemies coming from all directions. To put it simply, it’s a popular vampire survivors system. The attack will be performed fully automatically, so if the player concentrates on the character’s operation, it is an easy specification. Attack while avoiding enemies and work to strengthen your character. A weapon that affects the attack performance and the trinket with various buff effects will be combined. In addition to level-up, it can be obtained from drops from strong elite enemies, so it is important to get around here.

And there are a wide variety of items that accentuate games that tend to be monotonous. There are various items, such as those that suck the surrounding drop items and those that knock back the surrounding enemies together, so let’s use them well.

Story Points Part 1! Deep and upgraded elements of equipment selection

There are two major types of training elements of their own characters in this work. One is weapon and trinket reset for each play. The other is two types of upgrades using coins acquired through gameplay.

Weapons naturally have a significant effect on their own character attack performance. It is necessary to consider the build policy for each play by this combination of close-up, which is activated around the character and emits magic bullets.

Trinket is equipment that has various buff effects on your character, and has the effects of basic status such as your character’s HP and movement speed, and the effect of strengthening attack speed and power. Some of them are accompanied by some loss of performance in the price of a larger effect, making it more sharp.

In addition, depending on the combination, it is possible to evolve the weapon beyond the normal upper limit of Lv5, which will be more powerful, such as adding status abnormalities to enemies and changing the attack range. Considering the build with these weapons is the point of this work.

However, the best wall is random. When you get the weapons, you have to choose one of one, and you can’t skip it. Randomly is an interesting part of this game.

In addition, by using the coins acquired through play, it is also possible to upgrade to enhance your character permanently. In addition to HP and attacks, it can enhance your character in various ways, such as the expansion of the range of items acquiring and the HP will be recovered automatically, and it is an element of this work.

Story Points Part 2! Various items and elite enemies that color play

If you just hear that you just defeat the enemy that comes out, this is not the case. The existence of various items that comes out if you destroy suspicious things such as barrels and wooden boxes scattered in the MAP, giving spices for game play. In addition to the recovery item of the food appearance, there are many items that can suck the surrounding items, knock back the surrounding enemies, and use it depending on how you use it.

In addition, among the blowing enemies, there is an elite enemy wearing a dubious aura. Drop the treasure chest if you can get rid of the powerful them. You can acquire various treasures including weapons and trinkets. Sometimes you can get multiple weapons at once, which can lead to dramatic strengthening of your character. It can be obtained as soon as it appears, the best timing, and the difficulty of capture will change greatly depending on the player’s judgment.

There are many elements such as upgrades and unlock elements, and this work does not bother repeated play. In the first stage, you can capture it in less than 10 minutes per stage, and you can enjoy playing at a crisp and comfortable tempo. In addition, MAP gimmicks, various obstacles that enemies appear at the same time as destruction, various obstacles, various tolerance and behavior patterns, and even randomness for weapons, such as randomness for weapons. It creates a different fun for each play.

Many similar games have been released recently, and there may be many gamers who are biting in the middle, but why not try playing this work once? It’s also a price setting that can be bought with one coin.

Title: Army of Ruin

Compatible models: PC (Steam)

Play model in the article: PC

Release date: October 28, 2022

Author play time at the time of writing article: 2 hours

Price: 410 yen