On the 12th, TARS, the SWC 2022 World Final in Sang am Colosseum, defeated Subaru, one of Japan’s representatives after a breathtaking match, and advanced to the semifinals.

In the first set, TARS formed a combination of firepower by introducing Punk Weapon Master, who is regarded as a free dealer in the current meta. On the contrary, Subaru took out the fire intestinal Oracle and took it. Subaru has been aiming for enemy weapons masters from the start, but the weapon master has succeeded in holding it. The surviving Tars Weapon Master survived to the end and led the game to victory.

In the second set, Tars overwhelmed the enemy with high attack speed and firepower. Although Subaru vanned the cancer slayer, Tars ‘signature pick, Tars’ light heroes and rich slayers emit tremendous firepower and made Subaru’s summons in an instant. Subaru did not hold this turn and played the game as it was.

In the third set, Subaru’s counterattack began. Just before the start of the TARS combo, Subaru’s water striker succeeded in blocking it while stunning his opponent’s customs and water-like sky surfers. Since then, Subaru has attacked, catches enemy dealers first, then slowly turns the enemy to win the game.

In the fourth set, Subaru brought the Punk Sky Super, which was not properly used in the second set, to the line pick, and the turn-to-turn ability and attack speed. TARS secured a light graveyard and a light bestride to form a dealer and took on maintenance as a water line. The in-game has been fiercely developed. YUM ARU slowly attacked the light bestride, and TARS persisted even in the unfavorable situation of the CC. However, Subaru’s Punk Sky Surfers showed tremendous turn-to-turn ability as they proved that they were OP of the competition, and did not hand over the opportunity to the enemy and turned the game to the origin.

In the last set, Tars empowered his rich sky surfers by vanning the enemy’s fire-fitting Oracle, and Subaru made the same pick as three sets. In the in-game game, Subaru’s attack did not work with Subaru, and Subaru was starting to attack and captured the Punk Sky Surfers. However, CC, which is the core pick of the opponent, has no CC, and Tars’ water Oracle turned to the turn. The cancer slayer of Tars with various buffs of water Oracle was made to organize the enemy one by one, and after such a breathtaking game, TARS confirmed to advance to the semifinals.