The cards of the team of week 8 have been duly distributed between challenges and envelopes of FIFA 23, but you will only need to play the Ultimate Team to release improved cards. An example of this is the newly listed Silver Stars: Sebastian Larsson A series of challenges are obtained. And be careful, that being non-transferable you can not get it in any other way. In Sinatra we will explain the process.

Get the Silver Star Chart: Mango non-transferable sizes

Each Improved Fut23 letter is usually obtained as a reward or during a thematic event. Special Silver Stars Letters have something of the first, but these are obtained in a very concrete way: when passing through the objectives within Ultimate Team mode you will find three thematic challenges based on silver stars. Three quite reasonable tests and quite well: rewarded.

The idea is to overcome the three tests and claim all awards including the greatest reward: the Silver Star Chart: Mango non-transferable sizes. But first let’s get in parts, what each objective consists of.

Objective: Win 3

OBJECTIVE: Wins 3 games in the friendly FUT live: Silver Sale

As simple as it sounds: it simply plays a minimum of three games and tries not to lose. You may need more, but as soon as you win three you will have already complicated it.

Objective: brand 8

OBJECTIVE: BRAND 8 goals in the friendly FUT live: Silver Sale

How long does it take to score eight goals? If it is in a single meeting you will have unlocked it in record time, but you can take the time you need. Do not hurry.

Objective: Attend 6

Objective: Assists in 6 goals in the friendly FUT live: Silver Sale

In general, you will get 6 or so at the same time as the previous 1. It puts good sides and midfielders and let them look in departure. In any case, complicate it at your pace.

Group reward: Silver Stars Sebastian Larsson (In transferable)

Once you have met the three above requirements you can return to the objectives and claim your own letter from Sebastian Larsson (non-transferable). It may be silver assessment, but it is perfect, and you will not be able to get it otherwise.

The essential thing is that Sebastian Larsson lacks the rhythm and shot of the greats, but careful with their precision of lack and effect. What stands out is its ability to pass and center, and judging by its resistance and aggressiveness (92 and 90 respectively) is like an oak. Do not realize his general assessment: it is a great signing.