In an otherwise mainly ruined very first half of the season, Tom Kraus was one of the couple of brilliant spots at FC Schalke 04. The U21 global continues to think in the relegation-thanks to a Schwas.

From a Schalke viewpoint, the World Cup break did not come at the very best time. The narrow had actually just started to fulfill their opponents again at eye level or to offer them a minimum of an enthusiastic struggle as in the case of FC Bayern.

Despite the red lantern, coach Thomas Was’s protégés enter into the early winter break with a positive sensation. Once again highlighted his colleagues, midfield operator Tom Kraus has now.

Kraus: This is how rice stores FC Schalke onto the new function

With the royal blue, the versatile midfielder has so far been set in the control center (15 missions, one goal).

In discussion with Sky, the former Nuremberg applauded the measures taken by rice. He provided us a particular defensive fundamental stability, Kraus made a comparison to the previous coach Frank Kramer.


Kraus and Co. wish to make a virtue out of requirement. You need to state honestly: Lots of don’t anticipate much from us any longer. Maybe that’s also a role that suits us where we say, we reveal it to everybody, said the brand-new summer.

He said that we only played 9 points and not a great first half of the season. Kraus and Co. want to make a virtue out of need. Possibly that’s likewise a function that suits us where we state, we show it to everyone, stated the brand-new summer.

However, everybody needs to internalize what the coach stated, and the hunter role has to handle, said Kraus, who was granted to FC Schalke together with a commitment to purchase RB Leipzig.

He stated that we just played 9 points and not an excellent first half of the season. We are now the hunters and the others the hunted, revealed the 21-year information from rice ‘motivational speech.