League of Legends champions have not received major changes in the recent update 12.22. Riot Games wanted to book possible new versions of the champions for the introduction of the 2023 preseason, keeping all the changes they had planned for the characters until the big news in items or systems were installed in the game.

Company employees, however, have already revealed some major adjustments that will arrive in the next update. In addition to commenting on Reworks in characters like Zero, now is the time to focus on the big changes of a Dr. World that will see all its modified skills.

The next patch will change all Dr. World

For several months, Riot Games has been looking for the time to make changes to the character, which has undergone a complete reformulation for just a year and a half.

However, while visual improvements were highly praised, players did not seem so pleased with other aspects of the character.


Thus, the developer has changed the character distribution of the character so that he depends less on his ultimate. So far, this ability had a lot of weight both defensive and offensive. Now it is a little less relevant when it comes to causing damage.

The changes in Dr. World are now available on the test server and can reach the League of Legends as soon as the next update is released.

The first version of this 2023 preseason will be Patch 12.23 and is scheduled for Wednesday, December 7, 2022, according to the official Riot Games calendar.