Pearl Abyss (CEO Her Jin-young) presented its black desert IP demonstration at 2022 G-Star through Samsung Electronics and Steel Series booths.

Samsung Electronics allows you to enjoy ‘Black Desert Mobile’ through the latest mobile devices in the ‘Galaxy Store’ booth. In the latest gaming monitors on display, they are screening high-quality ‘Black Desert Mobile’ play video.


In the gaming gear brand ‘Steel Series’ booth, you can experience both the Black Desert and the Black Desert Console through PC, PlayStation and Xbox. Visitors can focus on the fun of hunting among the various contents of the black desert, and enjoy the game in hunting grounds such as Poly Forest, Pads, and Graham.

The Black Desert IP is a global popular game that is serviced by 50 million people from 150 countries around the world.

In August this year, Samsung Display and the world’s largest game exhibition ‘Games com 2022’ held a collaboration event to announce the excellence of the quantum dot-organic light emitting diode (DOLED) and organic light emitting diode displays and held in Berlin, Germany in September. At the IFA 2022, Europe’s largest home appliance exhibition, LG Electronics and Black Deserts were held to provide high-definition experiences of high-performance gaming monitors ‘LG Ultra Gear’.