After the emotional reunion between Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd of a few weeks ago, the protagonist of the future h left us again to the edge of tears, but this time due to the speech he h issued in the Government Awards, where he h Received an honorary Oscar award, the Human Rumanian Award. This recognition of the Film Academy is delivered to people with outstanding contributions to humanitarian causes and puts in value the struggle that the actor h maintained against Parkinson since they were diagnosed in 1991 at 29 years of age. Since then, he is doing three decades fighting the disee and investigating at the same time about it thanks to Michael J. Fox Foundation.

You have shown how to fight without losing faith in art. You have never wanted them to feel sorry for you. Vulnerable, yes. Victim, never. Inspiration, always. In addition to talented, you are a great person. Your whole work brings great humanity Woody Harrelson recited, a very friend of Fox and in charge of delivering the statuette. He did not choose to be a Parkinson’s patient or a disee defender, but no one is wrong, it is his best role. You are a symbol and a breath of life that will help advance in the search for a cure. Michael J. Fox Foundation h relocated more than one billion dollars for the cause, establishing the maximum example of how to fight and how to live. Today you are dear to your activism for your performance.

For its part, the actor started the applause and laughter of those present with a speech in which he showed the characteristic humor with which he h always faced the situation. I started with a boys, you are making me tremble. Parade and ended with I can’t walk and carry this thing (the Oscar) at the same time, so I will k Tracy (Tracy Pollen, his wife) to carry the weight an even more. However, there w also time for emotion: Let’s not fool ourselves, it is a whore that will diagnose Parkinson at age 29. You do not applaud, things are like that, they happen, it is synonymous that we are alive. But life too He h succeeded me, a wife and family. He h prepared me for this deep opportunity, for this responsibility. It is an honor and I am very grateful. And say what they say, no one can deny that in the 80s I w a very famous actor