The fake dragon-Titan is one of the five Pokémon Titans that you need to win to help Arden restore the vitality of your partner. Unlike other Titan Pokémon, a fake dragon is not giant, but is a combination of two types of Pokémon that you can find in the game: London and Tatsugiri. But can you combine these two Pokémon to create a reduced version of the false dragon? Let’s find out.

can Condos and Tatsugiri merge in one Pokémon?

A short answer to this question-yes, Condos and tatsugiri can merge in one Pokémon. However, this is possible only during double battle, where both Pokémon are on the field. The ability of Tatsugiri commander automatically pushes him into the mouth of the ally of Condos during the battle.

When Condos uses the ORDER UP movement with Tatsugiri in the mouth, Tatsugiri gives a certain buff of characteristics depending on the color of the smaller Pokémon. Condos studies ORDER UP at 50.

  • The orange form of Tatsugiri will increase the attack of London
  • Tatsugiri in red form will increase the protection of Condos.


  • Tatsugiri in yellow form will increase the speed of Condos.

Tatsugiri can still use techniques for a month of Condo. And this small creature, despite its size, is also a strong opponent. His base SP. Attack 120, which means that you need to teach him a lot of special attacks. We recommend Dragon Pulse (level 52) and SURF (TM 123). Since Tatsugiri is inside the month of Condo, the surf will not affect Condos.

In addition to the fact that Condos is a tank that can be compared with Warlord, it is also a powerful beast with a base attack 100. Teach its physical techniques.

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