During the history of the video game we have witnessed promotional campaigns of all kinds. Little may surprise us today, but many will not remember how Electronic Arts promoted one of his star titles for the 2011 campaign. Under the slogan Your mother hates Dead Space 2, the company put ladies to age tickets in front of Bloody moments of the adventure starring Isaac Clarke. The result? Screams and huffed faces.

My God, can they kill you so ft? That uncle h been cut in half, plee…, says participant number 124 in front of the camera. I think it is very scary, and I am not very comfortable, shares the participant number 97. The promotional campaign w linked to an action on Twitter where it w the users themselves who could share the reactions of their mothers in front of the game. The objective: choose to win a PS3 of Dead Space 2.

Way to Dead Space Remake

The Dead Space franchise will return to the present first line on January 27, 2023, exclusively for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC systems. The remake of the first installment will mark a complete renewal of the success that catapulted Visceral Games. In Meditation we psed through its first three levels a few weeks ago, some impressions in which we said that it showed one of the best lighting systems in the sector.


Dead Space Remake h pleantly surprised us. It is more colorful than we expected and is renovated in the graphic in the playable, we said. Visceral’s work w already enjoying enough virtues and incentives to dazzle without current flourishes, but with them, he only reaffirmed a mterpiece of the genre to which we had not realized everything we missed it. At the audiovisual level it h several sections of the most leading we have seen and the changes to the controls are appreciated. You can read the full text here.