The battle in The Callisto Protocol has several features compared to other Survival Horror games, such as Dead Space or Resident Evil 4. Between these actions, Jacob can evade, block, perform combo and shoot. Some actions are unlocked only by improving weapons, and when buying they will have a training window. These are combat foundations and additional tips for the Callisto Protocol.


How the evasion works in the Callisto Protocol

The Callisto protocol has a mechanic to dodge this when players first receive weapons. Players can hold the left/s or right/d to evade incoming attacks. Players will have to change the direction or get a blow, and evasion of one attack can still mean that another attacks you when you are faced with several enemies. Players can still evade incoming attacks if Jacob is in the process of reloading. However, the healing will make Jacob completely vulnerable, and it will be amazed regardless of whether the players hold the direction. Blocking can still be damaged by Jacob, but it can be more effective with groups of enemies.

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close combat combinations in The Callisto Protocol

Jacob starts with a combo of three strokes, which can be interrupted at any time if creatures are blocked against his attacks. This can be softened by buying an improvement in the destroyer of blocks in the forge, but otherwise it acts as a reset during combo. The strategic targeting system will work at the end of the continuous combo and can be used to stun the enemy to conduct another combo, or stop it from the transformation. You can purchase a combo of four strokes, as well as a difficult attack that can be used in the middle of the combo. Heavy attacks are very useful when fans are nearby or wall spikes since they can send enemies to a flight for an instant murder.

You can use alternating shooting to reduce the number of opponents before using hand-to-hand combat only in single battles. If there are not enough ammunition, it may be useful to rely on hand-to-hand combat while replenishing the stocks. During the transformation, shots and blows in close combat will not have any effect if a metal sound that makes the players wait for its end is heard. To stop the transformation, a surge of damage is required, and the subsequent combo with a shot in the tentacles can do just that.

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