This weekend there are few players who are enjoying The Callisto Protocol, the new horror and science fiction adventure of Glen Schofield, creator of Dead Space.
But the title premiered just a couple of days ago, it is very likely that there are also many who have doubts, and one of them is recurring whenever a new video game arrives in stores: what is its duration?
We tell you how many hours you need to complete history, trophies and 100%.


The Callisto Protocol: Campaign duration

The Striking Studios’ science fiction game only h-for now-a game mode, which is not another but the main campaign / story.
The duration is subject to the level of difficulty, since it is a linear title and getting all the collectibles does not vary too much the figure, because they are not especially hidden and only some require you to take a small detour.
However, the difficulty chosen is a determining factor, since at the maximum (difficult) level it is necessary to manage resources well and move slowly, especially in the early hours.
On the other hand, if we play in ey or normal, it is possible to enjoy an amount of major ammunition and the enemies do not endure too many blows.
So how much does The Callisto Protocol lt?
At ey and normal levels, around 10-12 hours, while in difficult the thing can approach at 3 pm.
we say, get 100% (text files and audio newspapers) barely incree the duration 1 hour, since most are in sight and to get others you will only have to access an adjacent room and defeat a couple of enemies.
There is not much more to see.
Finally, if we take a look at the achievements and trophies, one of them requires finding all the collectibles, but if we see the rest almost everyone can get playing normally, without doing anything special beyond dodging correctly or improving a weapon
to the maximum, among others.
Therefore, it is possible to get platinum in an estimated duration of 15-16 hours.
The Callisto Protocol is available on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S and Xbox One. In this link you can read our analysis with note.