In our level guide to Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura, you can find out:

  • How you can quickly level your Pokémon with the help of Hangar
  • How AFK-Leveling in Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura works

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level: Hangar method

  • Requirements: Kampf-Pokémon + Sandwich ingredients
  • Location: Northern Zone 3

Wilde Hangars have been giving a lot of EPs for many generations of Pokémon if you defeat them. With the help of the following tricks, you will find as simple as possible many Chanceries to fight and thus to level your pocket monster.

Important to know: All Pokémon in the team get experience points after successful fights.

Which Pokémon should I fight Hangar?

Since Hangar has the type normal, it is best to use combat Pokémon because they are particularly effective against normal Pokémon. At the very beginning of the game you can catch the flight/fight Pokémon Flamingo, for example. Flamingos very often spawn on a lake in the southern Zone 1, which we have marked you on the map below.

CHANDRA sign rate increase using a sandwich

In order to make the Hangar hunt as effective as possible, you should put together a sandwich beforehand that has the S-Power Encounter: Normal. This increases the likelihood of countering normal Pokémon. The following sandwiches have this S-force:

  • Ham sandwich-encounter: normal LV. 1
  • Tofusandwich-Encounter: Normal LV. 1
  • Tofu sandwich (great)-Encounter: Normal LV. 2
  • Curry ride sandwich (hyper)-Encounter: Normal LV. 2
  • Rich sandwich (great)-encounter: normal LV. 1

We recommend the ham sandwich. That only has encounter: normal LV. 1, but only a few and cheap ingredients:

  • Cooking ham: 170 Pokédollar-available in Salon City from Arno bakery.
  • Mayonnaise: 120 Pokédollar-Available in Salon City from Arno bakery.
  • Mustard: 130 Pokédollar-Available in Salon City from Arno bakery.
  • Spice cucumber: 90 Pokédollar-Available in Salon City from the conserving.

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Where can I find Hangar in Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura?

You can find Hangar on the map in many places. We recommend the northern zone 3 to the Chandra farms in the far north of the map. As soon as you have arrived there and see a Hangar, a picnic starts and prepares a ham sandwich. As a result, additional normal Pokémon spawns in the area, including, of course, Hangars.

Now you only have to fight the Hangars with your fight Pokémon and thus base the experience points for your pocket monster.

level: AFK farms

  • Prerequisite: climbing ability for corridor or myrmidon
  • Location: crater at northern zone 2

The AFK method is not quite as effective as the Hangar method, but it is a little more relaxed, and you can sit back. However, you must already have activated climbing for Portion or Myrmidon. You do this by defeating the Herrscher-Pokémon Heerashai at Lake Calder.

Go to the AFK level to the mountains in the northern zone 2. There you will find a crater (see screenshot), in which it is teeming with Entertains.

The Pokémon that you want to level, put it in the first place in your team, get it out of the Football with the R key and send it into a car fight. Since this area is very small and constantly spawn new Enormous, your Pokémon simply looks for the next opponent after a successful car fight.

You only intervene if your Pokémon does not find a wild monster to fight nearby. Then it automatically returns to the Football and you have to send it back into battle.

So you can lean back most of the time and watch your Pokémon level.

bonus tip: Plucks egg for double experience points

As soon as you enter the sixth arena, you will receive the item Glucose. Incidentally, the order in which the arenas are concerned does not matter. In our guide, however, we show you the best and most effective arena order in Pokémon Parmesan & Purpura.

Use the Pokémon with the lucky egg, it receives 50 percent more experience points in the fights. So use the item if you want to level effectively.


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