Numerous Disney Dream light Valley fans must know that: you get back, work or activities in the evening, toss the game on and will be invited by dark night.
In the Dream light Valley, the time of day has so far been based on the biological rhythm of your console.
This was especially bothersome for everyone who might play late and for that reason barely saw their Valley in daylight.
With the huge winter season upgrade, this is finally changing.
You can now set whether you choose to have day or night in the game.

How you can set the offset time

You can now change the time of the day in the menu of the video game.

Just follow these steps:
Opens the menu and changes to the tab settings
Click the Tab Control
Pick the day off time and set the desired hours
You can put the time of the video game back here for 12 hours.
For instance, if you play, for instance, when the sun decreases in the game and after that returns the day for six hours, you will also get 6 more hours of daylight.
No time travel: the modification is purely optical.
That means you do not actually bulge the time back or back here.
You can not accelerate the development of vegetables or skip all days.
The game continues to depend on the development of the time here on the internal clock of your console.
You can see what else remains in the big winter upgrade here:

that is still in the Toy Story upgrade

The December upgrade also brings some significant innovations into play.


There are tons of brand-new recipes, we get the new Toy Story-Königreich and Woody and Buzz Light year as homeowners.
Another Disney character has actually likewise joined Dream light Valley, however the Alien Stitch is still hiding behind a mission enduring several days.
In addition, we can now also get in codes in the game. The very first complimentary item has been puzzled up until now.
Did you want this feature?
What enhancements are you still required for you?