For the 25-year-old Strew, who shot perfectly, it was the finest result of his career so far.
He also satisfied the World Cup requirement.
In contrast, Benedict Doll, Roman Sees and David Nobel disappointed after the just recently strong achievements in Contiolahti.


Two months before the home World Cup in Oberon, this was a very first small damper.
The DSV guy’s group can make reparation at the season on Saturday and the chasing race on Sunday over 12.5 km.

On Thursday, Denise Herrmann-Wick made the first German season success in the sprint.
Once more BO controlled, the men’s sprint over 10 km.
The 29-year-old Norwegian confidently won in 23: 04.4 minutes ahead of the Frenchman Emilia Jacqueline (1/ +43.0) and his team-mate Stella Hold Lachlan (1/ +46.9).
When shooting, ## Doll fails 3 times
Doll showed up on the route in strong shape, however made three shooting errors and had to be content with 14th location.
Philipp Na wrath, Sees, Johannes Kuhn and especially Nobel, on the other hand, plainly missed out on the top 25 on the path changed due to snow problems.
On Saturday, next to the men’s relay (1.40 p.m., live! At ), the female’s persecutor (11.30 a.m.) is on the program.
The season of ladies and the persecution of men are prepared at the end of the World Cup on Sunday.