League of Legends continues to work to balance what is 2023’s preseason and that is why Riot Games workers want to stabilize things for the beginning of the 13th season.

The path to tranquility began with an emergency update that barely tried to solve the most obvious failures of the video game after the latest version, but the thing would be serious with the arrival of patch 12.23b.
This version includes great changes that bring us closer to the final version that will arrive next January.

The official server is loaded with more news with the arrival of patch 12.23b

In addition to a good amount of equilibrium settings, patch 12.23b stands out for including a buff to Lux.
The champion receives a short but intense improvement in her AP both in her E and in her final, so she can delight the rivals and generate more damage at important times of the game.
Regarding the rest of the characters, we have a total of nine additional equilibrium adjustments.
Except the aforementioned Lux, the rest are nerves and adjustments, such as the UDR AD that was quite strong, a notorious balance to several of Nil ah’s skills or more adjustments to Lilia, which for the second consecutive patch receives Nerfs.
Balance settings will also affect the game systems.
The Jungle will receive important changes, while several objects will also receive modifications in their base statistics.
The Tiamat will receive a NERF, while the assault razor or the Lord Dominick will have juicy improvements.

Summary of patch 12.23b

Champions changes
NERFS: Doctor Munro, Lilia, Nil ah, Zed, UDR, Ram mus, Janna and Heparin
Settings: Mordekaiser
Changes to objects
Settings: Hydra Moral
System settings
Jungle camps
If after reading the news you still want to know more about this patch, we leave you the official notes they have published on the official English page of League of Legends