What great news for all fans of the genre! The creators of the game For spoken, released a new trailer. In an exciting video you can see how great it will be to play in this game and explore this world. Do not forget to visit the official website for additional information.

Just a few days ago, the responsible developers of Luminous Productions went into various technical features, from which the role-playing game for spoken on PlayStation 5 will benefit.
At the same time, it was talked about why the dream adventure in this form can not be realized on PlayStation 4.
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In addition to the technical details, Sony Interactive Home Entertainment and Square Enix supplied a fresh trailer for For spoken, in which whatever revolves around the assistance of the dual sensuous feature.
You will be made clear how features such as haptic feedback are integrated into the video game.

Technical improvements guaranteed to the demonstration

While the adaptive triggers produce various resistance when utilizing weapons, attacks and wonderful abilities, the haptic feedback highlights the specific substrates of the game world.


The loudspeakers of the Danseuse controller are also used.
Through the speakers, for instance, you can utilize Cuff, the sensitive bracelet of the protagonist Frey Holland.
Last week, a playable demonstration for For spoken was released on PlayStation 5, which, however, still had to handle different technical issues.

For instance, the resolution in efficiency mode dropped to 720p in the meantime.
According to Square Enix, the final version of the role-playing game will run technically a lot more rounded compared to the demonstration.
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For spoken will be launched on January 24, 2023, for the PC and PlayStation 5.
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