The Netflix The Witcher series has earned the hearts of Trivia Gerald fans and one of the main reasons has a name and surname: Henry Cavill, the actor who gives life to the sorcerer.
The new generation or Next Gen version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has its armor… but you must overcome a hidden mission to get its diagram.

Then tell you how and where to get it.

Henry Cavill armor in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The mission that hides the wolf’s forgotten team begins west of Erfurt.
Search for the map a structure or circular strength.
The mission is activated when talking with failure, priest of eternal fire.


It is on the road, next to a car and the fast travel post, and is called the shadow of eternal fire.
Talk to the priest, listen to his pleas and accept the order.
The mission recommends level 14-15, so consider it before going like a rocket for the armor.
I do not recommend going with less level for the challenge that awaits you.
The mission is not too long if you go straight to the goal, although I recommend exploring well and read all the documents because there are winks to the Netflix series and books.
It has no loss, advances until the end of the mission, where you will find a very familiar character and a fight against a world manager.
Remember to use the right sword, take one or two lightning potions to increase the damage and always have an active queen to avoid a blow.
When you finish the battle, the enemy’s body has the diagrams of the forgotten wolf team.
Includes armor, pants, gloves, boots, steel sword and silver sword.
This is the basic team.
At the same time, the mission is unlocked: Treasury Search: Forgotten Team Diagrams of the Wolf School.
You must go to the Keyed Moorhen library (north of the map) to unlock the improved complete equipment.