Guerrilla Games is taking their popular Horizon series to the next level by looking for new recruits to help them in creating an online and multiplayer experience. Find out more about Guerrilla Games’ plans and what this could mean for the future of the series in this blog article!

With Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games is a specialty of the gamers in vast impressive frescoes-but previously, playable solo.
We understand that the Dutch designer is considering the online video game (from the last year, the studio currently recruited professionals from online video games and MMORPG) and now, Guerrilla Games formalizes his ambitions.
On social networks, Guerrilla Games formalizes the advancement of numerous jobs, including a multiplayer online game based upon the Horizon license (the online task or op): the studio defines that the moon of its internal groups are presently working on a job.
Online autonomous based upon Universe Horizon, which should be based on brand-new characters (and not emblematic Ally of the previous opus), display a stylized appearance and allow gamers to tire the majestic expanses Horizon Ensemble.
At the very same time, Guerrilla Games declares to continue dealing with a license solo opus (the SP project, for Single Gamer) and likewise stimulates an external job (the External Project or EP).


And for the entire of these projects, the designer recruits massively.

The offers of employment provide a couple of details, however the designer is searching for engineers who will lay the structures for his network infrastructure (based upon Amazon services and Cloud innovations), and even authors with experience in the RPG in RPGs.
Open world, in online video games and MMORPG.
While waiting to read more about this Online Job, we will also wonder to find more on the External Job insofar as the rumor stimulates a partnership between Guerrilla Games and Soft around the Horizon license.
It might be the job in concern here and which also generates recruitments at Guerrilla to collaborate its development with its partner.