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Will Fortnite have a first-person mode like Warzone soon?

Will Epic Games’ battle royale become a first-person shooter like CoD? That’s what data miners insinuate after discovering an experimental game mode at the developer. After Build Zero mode, what if Fortnite’s following significant change is the camera position? Epic Games’ battle royale has always existed as a third-person shooter, with the perspective behind the character you control. Still, according to well-known Dataminer Hypex, the developer is currently looking into first-person (FPS) gameplay.

Are you looking for space among the veterans?
The biggest shooter franchises use first-person perspective gameplay. This game mode gives the impression of embodying the character and accentuates the tension felt during the game. Call of Duty and Counter-Strike, to name just a few, rely heavily on a first-person approach that gives the game more immersion and jitters. Fortnite has been a little different with third-person, but things could change soon.

A challenge for the Fortnite ecosystem
Fortnite in FPS would be a daring challenge for the development teams. Epic Games’ game seems somehow incompatible with the first-person view, particularly in the way buildings are allowed. Visually, one of those first-person high-end building clashes can become mind-boggling. Also, Fortnite bases its economy on character skins, and the first-person view would make that aspect of the game invisible.

Anyway, this change (which, by the way, seems to be for a temporary mode) is not planned for the moment. The data miner Hypex reminds you that these are just the first steps of a project. The developer has, in theory, time to refine and polish the mechanics if it wants to release such a change.

A new season, new mechanics
Fortnite just received Chapter 3, Season 3, titled Na Vibe. The period includes changes to the map, Arsenal weapons, and gameplay with the introduction of Seeds of Reality. If you want to know everything differently, check out our particular article by clicking here.

Epic usually chooses the season of new seasons to introduce unexpected news, so we imagine that if this FPS mode is in development, it will arrive with a new season or even a new chapter.

In addition, we also imagine that the first-person perspective is intended for the mode in which there are no constructions, which would make much more sense than the exchanges with chaotic buildings that the game usually has. We can only wait for new leaks and official information, but what would you think of a Fortnite as an FPS?

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 On Vibe: Patch notes and everything new in the game

Fortnite’s new season, titled Na Vibe, has arrived shaking. Despite the name that may indicate a relaxing experience, there’s a high dose of adrenaline to come. Significant changes to the battle royale map and gameplay changes like Seeds of Reality will require you to learn everything over again to do well in matches. In this article, we have gathered all the news from Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 3, so that you are informed and prepared to face the challenges ahead. Shall we go to the game?

New weapons and Arsenal changes

Sniper Rifle (AE Rifle)

Dano: 45/48/50/53/55/58
Headshot damage: 74.25 / 79.2 / 82.5 / 87.45 / 90.75 / 95.7
Number of bullets: 10
Fire rate: 2.5
Recharge time: 2.75 / 2.62 / 2.5 / 2.37 / 2.25 / 2.12

Hammer Assault Rifle

Dano: 27/29/30/32/33/35
Headshot damage: 40.5 / 43.5 / 45 / 48 / 49.5 / 52.5
Number of bullets: 20
Fire rate: 5.8
Recharge time: 2.42 / 2.31 / 2.2 / 2.09 / 1.98 / 1.87

Two Shot Shotgun

Dano: 54/57/60/63/66/69
Headshot damage: 94.5 / 99.7 / 105 / 110 / 115 / 120
Number of bullets: 8
Fire rate: 0.85
Recharge time: 9.24 / 8.82 / 8.4 / 7.98 / 7.56 / 7.14

Weapons from the previous season (still in play)
Auxiliary Pistol
Automatic Shotgun
Attacking Shotgun
SMG Ferrão
Combat SMG
Guard Assault Rifle
Attacking Cleave Rifle
Heavy Sniper Rifle
Vaga-lumens glass
Shadowtracker (Exotic weapon)
Precise Six-Shot Revolver (Exotic Weapon)
The Slam (Exotic weapon)
Smoking Sniper Rifle (Exotic weapon)
Shockwave Grenade (technically not a weapon, but you get the idea)

Hamster balls are back.

Life: 400
Dano: 120
Now consumes battery
Not available in competitive modes

Animal mount

A taste for speed isn’t exclusive to the Hamster Ball, as you can also ride wolves and boars in the new season of Fortnite. To do this, you need to jump on their backs. You don’t have to get off your mount to use your weapons – shoot as you please.

New map locations

One side of Fortnite’s iconic island has given way to a new forest biome with mushrooms and lots of psychedelic elements. The location of this new environment is the Reality Waterfall, the central region affected by the Reality Tree.
But the entire map was, in one way or another, impacted by the presence of the Reality Tree.

Stormy Condition
Just because the island celebrates doesn’t mean the storm has decided to calm down. Now, if you stay in it for too long during a game, you will start to suffer from Storm Disturbance, which accelerates the Health reduction while you are in it. She has become even more dangerous.

But fear not: you always get a warning when you are about to be afflicted with the condition. You need to get out of it for its effects to wear off. On the other hand, as soon as you step into the storm again, you suffer it again.

Seeds of Reality
The Reality Tree produces pods containing Reality Seeds, which you can plant to grow a Reality Sprout. The latter grows little by little in the same place from one game to the next. However, it would help if you took care of it by weeding it, which improves the quality of the loot it generates. By systematically pulling weeds, you can reach the mythical reward level. And if you pick up a Seed of Reality while you already have a Sprout planted, you can throw it to teleport the Sprout directly to you. Finally, when your Sprout withers, plant the seed it leaves behind.
If you have the green finger, you can open the map to check the status of your Brute. It even tells you when you need to prune it.

Which are the Multiplayer Shooters Use The Same Counter-Strike Style Gameplay?

CSGO is the multiplayer shooter that could be said to have redefined online warfare. In multiplayer shooters, two teams are pitted against each other in a fast-paced and intense battle. The objective is simple: take out the other team. Players must use their quick reflexes and sharp shooting skills to take down their opponents.

The most popular multiplayer shooter right now is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. In this game, two teams of five players go up against each other in a fight to the death. The gameplay is fast-paced and exciting, and players must work together to win.

Other popular multiplayer shooters include Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Battlefield 1. These games also pit two teams against each other, but the gameplay is slightly different. In both of these games, players can choose to play in different classes, each with its unique abilities. This adds an extra layer of strategy to the game, as players must carefully choose which class will help their team the most.

You’re sure to have a blast no matter which multiplayer shooter you play. These games are perfect for those who enjoy a challenge and working together as a team. So round up some friends and get ready for some intense competition.


Valorant is a competitive shooter from the developers of League of Legends, in the gameplay of which the mechanics of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Overwatch are crossed. From the first got a modern setting and shooting, and from the second – a system of heroes with unique abilities. Just imagine a typical competitive 5v5 CS: GO match, but during a firefight, you can, for example, stun and throw enemies into the air with a special projectile or use a rocket launcher and deal damage in a large area. Or even use supernatural powers.
Valorant can be safely called the youngest game, similar to CS: GO, since it was released in 2020. And at the same time, she confidently holds a high bar in terms of online, and therefore if you want something new from the category of tactical shooters, feel free to download this game.


An MMOFPS game developed by the German company Crytek (the authors of Crysis) with the participation of several other internal studios and distributed on a free-to-play basis. The Warface setting represents the near future, where a large-scale confrontation between two military corporations has unfolded.
The game offers traditional team-based PvP modes and cooperative PvE missions where players need to work together against AI-controlled enemies. Also, in Warface, there are four playable classes, four hundred types of weapons, each with several additional modules available, and a huge variety of maps.


Free tactical online shooter from 1C Game Company studio.
Compared to Counter-Strike, Caliber is not as fast a game, but it is just as focused on teamwork and challenges players to take on different roles in a squad. As far as regimes are concerned, there is both cooperation and rivalry.


A futuristic free-to-play shooter set in the far future where two multinational corporations are fighting for resources. Ironsight features over a hundred customizable weapons, extensive customization options, 14 combat zones with multi-level terrain, destructibility, and numerous interactive objects.
But the main advantages of the game are beautiful modern graphics and hurricane-rich gameplay, which became possible thanks to the use of the Iron Engine. All sorts of drones and combat robots are also available in Ironsight.


A tactical multiplayer shooter from Ubisoft, which has appeared more than once in various thematic collections on our website and therefore should be familiar to you. One of the best games in the genre, where in addition to dynamic shootouts, the clever use of tactical equipment and the service of the environment is essential.
By the way, the environment is characterized by a high level of destructibility, which also affects the course of the confrontation between the assault squad and the defenders. The tactical depth, realism, wide selection of weapons and equipment, and emphasis on close teamwork have made Rainbow Six: Siege so popular.


Perhaps, in our top, this is the game most similar in gameplay to Counter-Strike, primarily due to the Source engine and the setting dedicated to the Iraqi war.
The main features of Insurgency are:
Hardcore battles (no HUD, death from multiple shots, realistic ballistics).
Support for up to 32 people.
Three dozen maps.
Several cooperative modes.
The ability to play with bots.


A multiplayer shooter from Offworld Industries, the gameplay of which is based on mass battles with vehicles and the ability to build fortifications, in which hundreds of players (50×50) can simultaneously participate.
The game has vast maps (so that there is room for vehicles to deploy) and a large selection of weapons. The squad can best be described as a mixture of Counter-Strike and Arma.


Another free multiplayer shooter about the confrontation between special forces and terrorists. In addition to being similar to CS: GO, Black Squad attracts attention with its super realistic graphics and excellent visual effects.
The main difference between Black Squad and other games similar to Counter-Strike is the abundance of “fair” content: all items (weapons and equipment) that affect the gameplay can be purchased for game currency. Only cosmetic effects can be purchased with real money.


Multiplayer shooter about the Second World War, offering a choice of several classes and an impressive number of maps and modes.
The game uses Source technology, and many will find it closer to Counter-Strike: Source than to GO. In any case, the shooter is excellent and worthy of a mention at the top.


Fast-paced multiplayer shooter with seven character classes, 80 weapons, ten maps, and four game modes to choose from.
Of course, there are also numerous weapon skins so beloved by the players and various cosmetic items for the character.


Free-to-play online shooter from Doobic Studios. The shooter offers several modes traditional for the genre (“One against all,” “Capture the flag,” “Destruction”), the action of which takes place on rather impressive maps. Combat Arms came out on PC in 2008 but is still quite popular, especially among free multiplayer games like CS: GO.
Also, the advantage of Combat Arms is a large arsenal of weapons (more than 300 types), a lot of items of equipment that affect not only the appearance but also the characteristics of a fighter and the presence of a clan system and several eSports leagues.


Dynamic and entertaining free shooter from BlackSpot Entertainment, in which the developers tried to introduce several innovative mechanics (psionic abilities, a very detailed character editor, and so on).
Despite this and the futuristic setting (near future, powerful corporations, secret human experiments, etc.), Line of Sight is a CS: GO-like game. There is a large selection of weapons to be upgraded and customized, several dozen maps, a clan system, detailed statistics, and several modes.


As the highlight of our selection, ZULA is a classic team-based first-person shooter, where it will be easier to shoot opponents than to complete the objective of the mode. The set of activities is standard – there is a team battle, a bomb, and a PUBG-style battle royale. It’s funny, but the bomb mode completely copies what is in CS: GO and with very similar maps.
Some skins drop out for donations, but we will emphasize their diversity – the guns change beyond recognition, and some, due to cosmetic customization, become similar to alien blasters. Keychains are also attached to the skins – references to various characters and universes ( Deadpool, Brian Griffin).


A heroic team shooter where your character will not be a nameless special forces fighter or a terrorist but one of 20 mercenaries with unique abilities. Having studied them, you will be able to turn the course of the match even in the most hopeless situations.
Nevertheless, the developers did not set aside the shooter mechanics. And on the contrary, they tried to bring their brainchild closer to the origins of this genre, so the possession of firearms comes to the fore, and you won’t be able to hold out for a long time with crooked hands.


If you put Standoff 2 next to CS: GO, then even gamers who have devoted more than a dozen hours to skirmishes are unlikely to find differences immediately – the games are identical in every parameter: weapons, skins, mods, maps, opposing sides. You can compete in amateur matches or try your hand at the rankings and move up the ranks.
But this clone is exceptionally high quality – the number of downloads exceeds 50 million, which makes the game the most popular mobile shooter and one of the most recognizable games on mobile platforms.


Another good copy of CS: GO, although the location design instead refers us to the previous parts of the series. You will become part of the never-ending fight between terrorists and special forces soldiers and show your ability to aim with your fingers on small maps, pursuing a specific goal of the match. You can stand out from your opponents by choosing skins for your guns, dropped from our favorite cases.


Another clone of our favorite shooter. The graphics here are better than those of competitors (although it’s better not to look at the grass textures). The gameplay is based on all the same solid 5v5 shootouts, modern weapons, loot boxes, and other familiar details. Although the maps are trying to seem authorial, they can easily guess the narrow streets of Italy and the sandy palace in Morocco. What can be hidden behind such an original name?


Over a hundred million gamers have been on the battlefields of Modern Strike, another shooter very similar to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. The authors do not hesitate to describe their brainchild as a mixture of CS and PUBG, wrapped in Call of Duty graphics. Still, we would approach the description more simply and honestly – just a good game with all recognizable mechanics that will help satisfy your thirst for competitive shootouts. If you connect to matches, there is no option in Global Offensive.


Special Forces Group 2 is more like Source than Global Offensive, but you understand that each iteration of Counter-Strike differs from the other only in a prettier picture. In addition to the classic modes, they offer the most popular zombie mode from Source and “Arms Race” and “Only sniper rifles,” which are well known from GO.


We are already running out of words to describe this game because the mobile clones of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive are almost identical, and their differences lie only in modes and weapons. Critical Ops is also an excellent competitive shooter with attractive graphics, intense shootouts between terrorists and special forces, a rating system, and many other features inherent in the highlight of our selection. However, we do not recommend bad things.

How to get Fortnite skin pack and accessories for free and easily thanks to GeForce Now?

Free exclusive skin is not something you get every day in Fortnite. Packs usually cost a few Euros, but that’s not the case with this Volcanic Assassin pack! You can get it free from the GeForce store on PC until June 19, 2022.

There is only one small requirement: you need to complete three in-game missions to unlock all the cosmetics in the pack. These are pretty long, too, so don’t belong to get started!

How to get the pack WITHOUT a PC?
If you don’t have access to a PC, you can get this package using a mobile phone (IOS or Android). To do this, follow the protocol below:
1. Download the GeForce Now app on your mobile.
2. Via GeForce Now, download and then launch Fortnite.
3. Go to the game store.
4. Buy the Volcanic Assassin pack (costs 0 USD)

How to acquire the pack on PC?
On PC, all you have to do is go to the in-game store and then find the Volcanic Assassin Quest Pack. It costs 0 euros!
Click Buy to get it directly.

Once this maneuver is done, you will receive the Volcanic Assassin missions in your record.
List of missions to complete before June 19
Burn structures (100)
Survive storm phases (50)
Deal damage to opponents (2100)
This kind of opportunity only happens once or twice a season, tops. Don’t miss this chance to get some rare cosmetics for free! Especially if you are a collector!

Which are the most influential first-person shooter FPS games coming in 2022?

Whether you’re a multiplayer or single-player gamer: 2022 has tons of exciting first-person shooters! There are sequels and new releases from popular brands like STALKER, which will finally have a natural successor in 2022 and different and unusual shooting methods like the bizarre Atomic Heart. And there are plenty of deals for co-op players teams will be busy shooting from Warhammer Undertide to Rainbow Six draws! In our overview, you’ll find all the essential candidates, including release dates and classifications – let’s get started!

CoD Modern Warfare 2
New year, new call of duty! It is now clear that the new CoD will be the successor to the 2019 MW restart. So you can count on the return of modern weapons, counterterrorism operations, and Task Force 141. But Modern Warfare 2 will be the last work to follow this unwritten law and will (for the first time in many years) meet for over a year and be rebuilt as an actual service game.

Who is it for?
CoD Modern Warfare 2 will likely rely on fast and action-packed Run & Gun again. Industry sources say the background revolves around a fight against drug cartels in Latin America. In addition, there should be scenes of extreme violence with opponents screaming and bleeding. The setting is said to be inspired by the Sicario movie. There is also a brand new Warzone game coming soon!

when will you arrive
As in previous years, Call of Duty will appear in the fall or Christmas business of 2022. We assume a launch in late October or early November. The unveiling of MW2 has already started at the end of April. MW2 currently includes a single-player campaign, classic multiplayer, DMZ raid game mode (Hunter and Tarkov style), as well as open-world and Warzone 2

Redfall is a cooperative shooter who sends four heroes to battle vampires to sweep across the region. Equipped with class skills and wacky arsenals (UV cannons or stake guns), bosses want to be defeated, complete side quests, and collect loot. The entire game is developed by Arkane, who has proven his knack for clever first-person action in Prey, Deathloop, and Dishonored.

Who is it for?
You can fight Redfall in single-player, but the shooter is designed for co-op and looks like a cross between Borderlands and The Division. With levels of experience and completed missions and loot ranging from ordinary to epic, Redfall wants to start an intensely addictive spiral, and we want to “do this boss fast” at four in the morning. According to the leak, the open-world should be about Ghost of Tsushima or Fallout 76.

when will you arrive
Redfall hasn’t been seen or heard since E3 was announced at Microsoft’s summer 2021 show. However, a rough date has been announced: the shooter should appear between July 2022 and September 2022 for PC and Xbox series consoles.

The creators of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter will return to their Witchfire roots. Because before they ventured into the adventure genre, they showed a real knack for direct-fire action with Painkiller and Bulletstorm. Witchfire places us in a dark fantasy world full of terrifying creatures that we take on with revolvers, shotguns, and magic.

Who is it for?
Witchfire is aimed at fans of fast (and dark) ’90s shooters like Quake, Hexen, Blood, or Painkiller – but instead of relying on old-school pixel looks, it depends on state-of-the-art graphics and even photogrammetry. It’s not entirely accidental to think of Dark Souls and Bloodborne.

when will you arrive
For a long time, the developers of Witchfire didn’t want to be locked into a specific release date — after all, there’s always new gameplay footage to see. Finally, the studio agreed to launch an Early Access version for PC in 2022.

Warhammer 40K Darktide
The makers of Warhammer: Vermintide took their proven concept (four players cooperatively slaying hordes of enemies in Left 4 Dead-style) and teleported it from the fantasy world into the dark sci-fi universe Warhammer 40k, and you’ve got Darktide. On the Empire side, we are eliminating demonic forces from a metropolis in the name of the Inquisition.

Who is it for?
If you like games like Vermintide or Left 4 Dead, you should take Darktide down. Experience has shown that such games are the most fun when hanging out with friends instead of relying on random players to go online.

when will you arrive
Fatshark was slated to release at the end of 2021, but like many other games, it was pushed back to 2022. In March 2022, a new date was announced along with the gameplay trailer: September 13, 2022, is Darktide’s release on Steam.

Atomic Heart
In the Soviet version, we were sent to a top-secret research laboratory, where a dangerous experiment went awry. Once there, the hero will face strange traps, physical anomalies, zombies, and runaway robots. Do you still only know the train station? Then check out the bizarre trailer for Atomic Heart!

Who is it for?
Atomic Heart feels like a mix of Bioshock and Fallout in a retro-futuristic Soviet setting. So if you’re not just interested in film but also the story, exploration, and a slightly weird premise, then Atomic Heart might be an accurate insider tip for you. The promising gaming scene can finally be seen again at E3 2021.

when will you arrive
The release of Atomic Heart has been a big mystery. The game finished programming in July 2020 and is currently undergoing fine-tuning. System requirements will be published in January 2021. However, there is still no specific date. Developers on Steam have been reporting Q4 since early 2022

Inspiration. Scorn’s striking design immediately caught the eye: levels, weapons, and everything else looked organic and flesh-and-blood – a nightmarish world inspired by HR Giger and his alien designs. We must now traverse the bizarre environment in this strange world by learning skills, fighting (or dodging) enemies, collecting items, and solving puzzles.

Who is it for?
Contempt is not the same. If you don’t like the following 0815 shootouts or have a soft spot for dark designs that might come straight from Alien, Species, or Prometheus, you should watch Scorn. Scorn stands out in a sea of ​​heroes and military shooters with its bold concept. At the end of 2020, the developers showed 15 minutes of gameplay in a row for the first time.

when will you arrive
Scorn was announced for Steam and GOG in 2016. In May 2020, a deal with Microsoft was also reported to make the Xbox Series X available on Game Pass and the Windows Store, but there’s still no sign of a release date. And then information at the end of 2021: October 2022 has finally arrived.

Trepang 2
Trepang 2 (contrary to what the name might suggest) is not a sequel but the first game from independent developer Trepang Studios, who call their game a gun shooter. The focus is brutal gunfights, thanks to bullet time and ragdoll physics. In addition to firearms, punches, feet, and slides are also used, which can be combined to form deadly combos. Enemies can even be repurposed as human shields!

Who is it for?
Trepang2 clarifies that games like FEAR or Max Payne and the Matrix movies are important role models. You won’t find a complex plot or deep characters here, but the sheer action is undoubtedly impressive. The enemy is usually agile, shouting orders, seeking cover, and retreating with FEAR. If you’re looking for real shooting fireworks for a single player, you should be looking at Trepang2.

when will you arrive
If you’re unsure, you can always test Trepang2 for free: the demo is available on Steam indefinitely (and will even be expanded for the Summer Games Festival)! However, there is hardly any reliable information on the event’s eventual release – only 2022 claims.

Dinosaur! There are even plenty of dinosaurs: according to the developers, you should meet in Instinction in over 25 different ways. Fun trick: not all dinosaurs are hostile, and some should even be treated as companions. But it’s not just the giant lizards that look great. Thanks to the latest Unreal Engine 5, the shooter’s nature and lighting ambiance are also at the absolute blockbuster level. Little is known about the plot and setting, but the story revolves around a supposedly extinct man deep in the jungle.

Who is it for?
Dino fans who miss the days of Turok or Dino Crisis should listen carefully to Instinction. But other than that, the game’s graphics quality is impressive in the first videos! Instruction will be playable in a single or four-player co-op. It will offer a variety of missions in a semi-open world that dynamically changes the time of day and weather. The creators are no longer relying on hard survival mechanics but more on puzzles and extensive weapon modding – more on this in our overview of previously known Instinct features!

when will you arrive
According to the makers, the prehistoric adventure will begin in September 2022, with a planned release on PC via Steam. The launch is also likely to be delayed as few pictures or information so far and hardly any gameplay.

The report is a co-op-focused horror shooter set in 2084 on a space shuttle carrying the last surviving humans. We were trying to escape the genetically modified monster has boarded the ship and was after us. As a small co-op team, players fight back with high-tech weapons: the so-called Penguin, for example, launches a robotic companion that can harness our opponent’s biotech abilities and use them against us. A few little mutants suddenly turned into giants in battle, with a whole new attack mode! The specificity of monsters: they can change their bodies dynamically.

Who is it for?
The report relies primarily on a dark sci-fi vibe, so you’ve come to the right place if you like games like Alien Isolation, GTFO, or Dead Space. Also, Rip out should be great for short rounds in between, as missions only last 10 to 20 minutes. To avoid getting bored, the ship levels for each mission are randomly generated. The AI ​​dynamically adapts to the number of players, allowing single or double runs.

when will you arrive
The Ripout developers have not given a specific date, but they talk about a 2022 release. We assume the title will be released in the second half of the year. A teaser trailer from 3D Realms initially suggested it should be in February.

WW1: Isonzo
Meanwhile, the third installment in the series on hardcore shooting in World War I is about the Italian front lines and alpine warfare. In Isonzo, you’ll fight massive multiplayer battles across rocky cliffs, mountain villages, and river valleys. Use actual military equipment such as mortars, sniper rifles, or machine guns based on historical models down to the smallest detail.

Who is it for?
Is coordinated action and realism more important to you than quick action? Then you’ve come to the right place with the WW1 series. The two predecessors, Verdun and Tannenberg, have proven ruthless here: Between cannon and barbed wire, a single blow is often enough to get players into the respawn menu. But those who work through the challenging intro will get a fantastic battlefield atmosphere!

When are you coming?
The developer said Isonzo should appear in the spring of 2022, although no specific date has been announced. If you want to play early, you can sign up for the beta.

Boundary – Fire Fall
Fourteen developers are working on the ambitious sci-fi shooter Boundary, which hopes to bring fresh air to the genre in zero-gravity combat (though space is known to have no wind). Rather than marching on foot, players harness the power of their spacesuits and grappling hooks to battle enemies in and around the space station with high-tech weapons.

Who is it for?
The border is reminiscent of Rainbow Six: Space Siege, with its tactical gear, various weapon ammo types, and compact 5v5 orientation. Boundaries can be incredibly challenging because you can move freely in three-dimensional space and danger anywhere. Teamwork and calculation are required, not wild shooting.

when will you arrive
The beta released a trailer in January 2021 after missing its 2020 target release. The developers later only referred to 2021 as the general period, but fans are now assuming a mid-2022 release.

Stalker 2
Stalker 2 takes us back to where the series began in 2007: the irradiated exclusion zone around the former Chornobyl nuclear power plant. A gloomy open world filled with rival factions, physical anomalies, evil mutants, and terrifying experiments awaits. We’re on the road as a lucky knight, Skiff, who’s searching for treasure and answers in a radioactive no-man’s land — however, the exact answers to those questions aren’t entirely clear.

Who is it for?
Stalker has always represented an atmospheric mix of first-person shooters and role-playing games with survival elements. For example, you must collect equipment, trade with NPCs, and complete side quests to survive. Gunfights with bandits and monsters are, of course, also part of the Stalker 2 program. Incidentally, non-linear stories can lead to different endings.

when will you arrive
It was initially announced that Stalker 2 would be released on April 28, 2022 (in partnership with Microsoft) for the Xbox family of consoles and PC. But we rejoiced too soon: more testing time and finishing touches led to a December 8. Development of Stalker 2 has been put on hold following the outbreak of the Ukraine war, and for the Kyiv-based developer, the focus is on the safety of their families, according to the studio

As a mercenary and space pirate, you can enter raiders on a spaceship or participate in PvPvE raids on foot for great loot. At least more than the competition! At least the developers can claim they are not using stale settings! Marauders take the gameplay of Escape from Tarkov or Hunt Showdown and set it up – master it now – a retro-futuristic dieselpunk future where World War I never ended.

Who is it for?
Marauders see themselves as hardcore shooter and transport you into a relentlessly dark sci-fi world! When navigating asteroid fields, boarding enemy ships, or raiding colony bases, you’ll have to deal with realistic weapon handling, including high recoil, low oxygen, and virtually no HUD. If you die, you lose valuable loot and gear! As if that wasn’t exciting (and complicated) enough, there’s also crafting, ship upgrades, and talent trees.

When are you out?
While the non-binding “Coming Soon!” can still be read on Steam, we’ve heard from the developer that an Early Access release is planned for 2022 (via Steam and as a preview in Game Pass for PC). We expect a launch signal by the end of the year, and the final version should be ready by late 2023 or early 2024 at the earliest.

Ghost Recon Frontline
In October 2021, Ubisoft launched Ghost Recon: Battlefront, a new game in the Tom Clancy universe. It specializes in attacking the emerging raid shooter genre, including Hunting Showdown, Escapes from Tarkov, and even Danger Zone mode in Battlefield 2042. So on the big map, a squad of elite soldiers (contractors) is tasked with recovering specific mission objectives and disappearing from the map while other teams are chasing the same prey.

Who is it for?
For example, unlike CoD Warzone, Ghost Recon Frontline is primarily designed to reward tactics and good strategy, such as three players in a squad skillfully combining their class skills: a scout marks enemies for his colleagues, supports setting guns, or moving covers, Wait to continue. In the modern military context, the front lines also seem to be more down-to-earth and rely on real weapons and the believable appearance of contractors.

when will you arrive
There should be an opportunity to try out a beta version of Ghost Recon Battlefront in late 2021. But there should be nothing, for now, the beta has been postponed indefinitely, and the release date is capped at a vague 2022.

IGI Origins
The veteran shooters among you may still be familiar with the IGI program: In the 2000s, the shooter series represented challenging stealth missions in enemy territory with a James Bond feel. IGI Origins sees itself as a prequel to the tactical shooter series and relies on an agent background. The whole plan is high-security military bases, espionage tools, and weapons of mass destruction. No bells and whistles. It’s all about the story.

Who is it for?
In principle, IGI Origins wants to fight openly or sneak undetected? As a lone MI6 operator, you can hardly fight an entire army, so planning and intelligence will undoubtedly be done again. Fans of Hitman or Metal Gear Solid are just as good value for money as fans of Rainbow Six.

when will you arrive
So far, the developers have been mum on the exact date, only mentioning 2022. But there are regular updates and chats with creators on Twitter, so you’ll find out as soon as there’s new content.

Xbox Deals Game Highlights to Black Friday on offer

On Black Friday there are the best gaming deals of the year — even for the Xbox platform. You can always look forward to spectacular offers and top games to Spar prices. Here you will find the best Xbox deals to Black Friday 2021.

The Black Friday brings the best gaming offers of the year with it. Also, for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X | S you can currently secure strong bargains — for the Microsoft consoles numerous game highlights are reduced in the price. Here is the overview of the best Xbox deals to Black Friday.

Xbox deals: The best deals of the Black Friday Week

All Xbox fans are welcome to the Black Friday Week, because Amazon, Mediamarkt and Saturn have Numerous Cheap Deals to offer — especially various top games are lowered in the price. These Xbox highlights should not be missed:

AMAZING Black Friday Xbox Sale On Now! 10 Must Buy Xbox Live Deals!  Deals Of The Week Digital!

Xbox: Game Deals

FIFA 22 (Xbox One) at Amazon for 39.99 euros instead 69.99 euros
FIFA 22 (Xbox Series X | S) at Amazon for 49.99 euros instead of 79.99 euros
Fora Horizon 4 — Standard Edition incl. The Eliminator Update (Xbox One) at Amazon for 17.99 euros instead 69.99 euros
IT TAKES Two (Xbox One & Xbox Series X | S) at Amazon for 17.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros
Red Dead Redemption 2 (Xbox One) for 17.99 Euro instead of 29.99 Euro
Life is Strange: True Colors (Xbox One & Xbox Series X) at Amazon for 32.99 euros instead of 56.32 euros
Assassin’s Creed Valhalla — Standard Edition Uncut (Xbox One & Xbox Series X) at Amazon for 27.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros
Mass Effect Legendary Edition (Xbox One & Xbox Series X | S) at Saturn for 39.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros
Biomutant (Xbox One) at Mediamarkt for 24.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros
Far Cry 6 — (Xbox One & Xbox Series X | S) at Mediamarkt for 49.99 euros instead of 69.99 euros
Cyberpunk 2077 for 24.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros
Mafia Trilogy for 17.99 euros instead of 29.99 euros
Alan Wake Remastered (Xbox One & Xbox Series X | S) at MediaMarkt for 17.99 Euro instead of 29.99 Euro

Xbox: Accessories Deals

Xbox Gameness PC 3 months at Saturn for 19.99 Euro instead of 29.99 euros
Xbox Wireless Controller Robot White at Saturn for 48.99 euros instead of 59.99 euros

Fancy even more attractive gaming offers? In our review item you will find the best gaming deals of the Black Friday week!

In our video you can see everything worth knowing about Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S:

In the Black Friday week, there are mass-way Xbox deals. In our article we show you which game highlights are just highly reduced in price and which Xbox bargains are definitely worthwhile.

Xbox series X for sale new consoles to buy arrive at stores by the Black Friday exhausted

Update: From Mediamarkt launch today, coinciding by the Black Friday, a new unit resume Xbox Series X. It is at full price, obviously, but suppose a new opportunity to make the jump to the new generation of Microsoft with its most powerful hardware. Hurry up!

Xbox Series X in Mediamarkt on sale by 499.99 euros (exhausted)

Original News : Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S will be released today in stores around the world, but after a fleeting reservation campaign, the most powerful model of this new generation of consoles has been exhausted in most shopping. What can we expect on the day of its launch? New units of Xbox Series X have come to light, so if you have not yet bought it, this is your opportunity. It is the most powerful model with 12 flops of graphic power and 1 TB storage SSD. Fewer problems you will have to buy Xbox Series S, the most economical model, which arrives without a reader, 4 flops and SSD of 512 GB. Both consoles support Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos technology. Its prices are 299 and 499 euros. Where to buy them? Below we offer you a list of stores where you can try your fortune, since the consoles are flying from the stores.


Amazon Spain:

Game Spain:


The English Court:


Xbox Series X launch games

Xbox Series X Black Friday Deals 2021!
As it is evident, we can not think of any way to premiere a brand-new console other than video games that accompany it during its release. An interesting option would be to do it with the expected Assassin’s Creed Valhalla — in 3DGames we have already played, and we tell you everything you should know about Yakuza Like to Dragon, which will offer us the most crazy delivery of the saga that we could imagine. You can do with them through the following stores.

Microsoft is very clear that no matter where you play; Both consoles will have thousands of Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One titles available from the first day thanks to retraction. In addition, Xbox Game Pass Ultimate — which includes the benefits of Xbox Live Gold — offers the possibility of downloading more than 200 video games instantly by €12.99 per month.

As if that were not enough, the service also brings with it cloud gaming (Project Cloud), which allows you to enjoy up to 150 games through streaming on any Android device. You can consult the complete catalog through the following link. Next, we leave you a small sample of everything you can find in the star service of the Redmond.

Black Friday The best offers for PS5 and PS4

The Black Friday is the perfect opportunity to fill up games and accessories for its PS4 or PS5 console, if you are lucky. Here is a selection of offers not to be missed to equip and play without limit.

The best offers games

Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village, eighth episode of the eponymous Sage of survival-horror, enjoy Black Friday to appear at a fare ever seen on PS5. Thanks to Amazon, you can acquire the game for €29.99 on PS5 or €34,75 if you play on PS4.

Resident Evil Village on PS5

Resident Evil Village on PS4

To know more


In this version Intergrade, the remake of the most famous J-RPG adds optimizations for the last console of Sony and a DLC bearing on Toughie. It will cost you, thanks to the Black Friday and Amazon, only €39,99 to handle the Buster Sword on PS5 in its version Intergrade and €29,99 on PS4.

Discover Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade PS5 on Amazon

Discover Final Fantasy VII Remake PS4 on Amazon

To know more

IT Takes Two

To enjoy a maximum of fun in cooperation, it Takes Two is all indicated for that. This game playing only two, online or locally, is promoted at 19.99 at Amazon, FNAC and Micromania.

IT Takes Two to €19.99

To know more

Lost Judgment

Lost Judgment, Suite of Judgment, propels the player in the skin of Salami, investigating a case of school harassment. The title is available on all modern platforms and enjoys a nice promotion to €29,99 on all platforms at Amazon and Micromania.

Lost Judgment at €29,99

To know more

GHOST OF SUSHI Director’s Cut

In this version of Ghost of Sushi, the player discovers an unprecedented episode taking place on the island of Ski. With the Black Friday, Ghost of Sushi Director’s Cut already benefits from a great price drop and appears to be displayed €49,99 on PS4, which is a savings of €20.

Discover the offer at Discount

Discover the offer at FNAC

To know more

The best SSD offers PS5 compatible

WD BLACK SN850 without Heat sink

The WD BLACK SN850 is a NVMe SSD that meets the technical prerequisites to operate with the PS5 with playback speeds up to 7 GB / s. For the Black Friday, it is proposed at promotional price on Amazon. Count €79.99 for the 500 GB version which represents 45% discount! Version 1 to also goes from €180 to €150.99 while the 2 to fall from €519.99 to €309.99.

To know more

crucial p5 more

The crucial P5 plus is the cheapest PS5 compatible SSD we found. The version 500 GB, the smallest, is proposed to €73,99 instead of €109.19.

The 1 TO version is available for only €128,99 instead of €181.19. If you want the 2 TO version, it will cost you €298,99 rather than the usual €371,99.

Discover the offer at Amazon

Discover the offer at FNAC

Discover the offer at Boulanger

Discover the offer at Discount


To know more

the offer PlayStation plus 12 months

Necessary to play online and enjoy sharing game as well as 2 free games per month, the subscription benefits from the Black Friday, a very nice promotion. It thus passes from €59.99 to €39.99 at many sellers.

Discover the offer at Amazon

Discover the offer at FNAC

Discover the offer at Boulanger

Discover the offer at Discount

13 GREAT PSN Black Friday 2021 PS4 and PS5 DEALS - BEST PSN Black Friday Deals on Sale Now!

To know more

All offers from Black Friday

Conserve as much as 500 with Black Friday Samsung TV deals at Amazon com today

Black Friday Samsung television bargains are turning up with the wedding day practically here, bringing in some all-time great cost savings on a series of LED displays at Amazon.com. The cost savings stretch across designs and also dimensions, from an additional economical 43 inches LED for $497.99 to a room-commanding 55-inch LED for $1,097.99.

These are some superb cost savings across the board, with Amazon.com supplying the most effective rates we’ve seen on each particular version — dropping costs by more than a 3rd for some.

See all of Amazon’s LED TV bargains.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to future-proof your residence theater configuration against the ultra-high resolutions of tomorrow, you need to additionally examine out our guide to Black Friday 8K TV offers. Don’t forget to evaluate the competition with a review of Black Friday Sony television bargains as well.

Today’s ideal Black Friday Samsung television bargains.

Samsung 43-Inch Class LED Q60A TELEVISION|$599.99.

Samsung 43-Inch Class LED Q60A TELEVISION| || $599.99 || $497.99 at Amazon.com.
– This is the cheapest price we’ve ever seen for this television, can be found in more than $50 more affordable than its previous best rate from October. At 43 inches this is a great display screen for smaller sized rooms, or if you plan on being seated rather close to the display.

Sight Offer.

Samsung 55-Inch Class LED Q60A TELEVISION|$849.99.

Samsung 55-Inch Class LED Q60A TELEVISION| || $849.99 || $647.99 at Amazon.com.
The lowest levels continue with this 55-inch television from the very same Samsung series. Its previous low was regarding $745, which means this bargain is $100 less costly than the previous short on top of being $200 more affordable than the MSRP.

Sight Deal.

Samsung 55-Inch Class LED Q70A Collection|$1099.99.

Samsung 55-Inch Class LED Q70A Series| || $1099.99 || $847.99 at Amazon.com.
This screen has some excellent cost savings also, with the most effective cost we have actually ever before seen on this TV. The reduced previously dipped down regarding $950, which means this is likely the very best cost we’re going to see for some time.

View Deal.

Samsung 50-Inch Class LED Q80A Collection|$1,199.99.

Black Friday Best TV Deals Guide! Sony, Samsung, LG, & More!

Samsung 50-Inch Class LED Q80A Collection| || $1,199.99 || $897.99 at Amazon.
– Get even deeper black levels and lighter whites with this action up, which is at — you guessed it — the most affordable cost we’ve ever seen. The last affordable price which lingered for a while it was simply southern of $1,000, so you must be in good condition with this bargain.

Sight Offer.

Samsung 55-Inch Class Neo LED QN85A Series|$1,599.99.

Samsung 55-Inch Class Neo LED QN85A Collection| || $1,599.99 || $1,097.99 at Amazon.com.
Or step also additionally up with this bargain that gives you the very best price we’ve seen on a premium Samsung TV, quickly overshadowing the previous typical list price of $1,297.99. Your living room will certainly, thanks.

View Offer.

More of today’s finest Black Friday Samsung TV offers.

Merchants are highlighting more financial savings on a daily basis, as well as our automated deal-finding device is on a Terminator-like quest for the lowest rates. Make certain you check back in to see the most updated listings.

Much more Black Friday offers.

Amazon: over 50% off PS5 video games and also Racer devices.
Ideal Buy: price warranty readily available as well as laptop computers from $119.
Dell: approximately 30% off Alien ware, XPS and also Inspired.
Disney Plus: order 12 months for the cost of 10.
Walmart: earphones from $19.95 as well as tablet computers from $79.
Target: up to 50% off earphones, 25% off TVs, and extra.
New egg: video gaming displays from $179 and chairs from $69.99.
Microsoft: $400 off Surface Pro as well as 30% off gaming headsets.
B & H Photo: PC gaming laptop computers from $619.
HP: 72 hour flash sale currently live — save as much as $400.
Samsung: save as much as $3,500 on 8K as well as LED Televisions.
Verizon: approximately $1,000 off 5G phones with trade-in.


If a PS5 restock is coming this Black Friday you re best off checking these shops

Leona Louise Lewis (birthed 3 April 1985) is a British singer, songwriter, actress, version as well as lobbyist. She was birthed as well as increased in the London Borough of Arlington, and she went to the BRIT School for Carrying Out Arts and also Innovation in Croydon. Lewis achieved national acknowledgment when she won the third series of The X Factor in 2006, winning a ₤ 1 million recording agreement with SCO Songs. Her champion’s solitary, a cover of Kelly Clarkson’s A Moment Like This, peaked at top for 4 weeks on the UK Songs Graph and broke a world document by getting to 50,000 digital downloads within 30 mins. In February 2007, Lewis signed a five-album agreement in the United States with Clive Davis’s record tag, J Records.
Lewis’s success continued with the release of her launching studio album, Spirit (2007), which was accredited 10 × platinum in the UK and also ended up being the fourth very popular album of the 2000s as well as among the best-selling CDs in UK chart background. According to the Authorities Charts Company, Spirit is the very successful launching CD by a female artist in the 21st century. The lead single, Blood loss Love, spent 7 weeks at leading in the UK as well as was the best-selling solitary of 2007. In the United States, it was the very popular solitary of 2008 and Lewis was announced Best Brand-new Musician by Billboard the very same year. In 2009, she released her 2nd studio CD, Mirror, and also videotaped the signature tune, I See You, for the movie Avatar.
In 2011, Lewis launched the single Collide, a cooperation with Swedish DJ Avicii, and her debut prolonged play, Pain: The EP. Her third workshop CD, Glass heart (2012), noted a new creative direction for Lewis, attracting inspiration from dubstep as well as electronic music. She began to videotape material for her initial Xmas CD throughout her Glass heart Scenic tour, which happened in mid 2013. Xmas, with Love was launched later on that year and its lead solitary, Another Rest, came to a head at number three in the UK. With this chart entrance, Lewis became the first British women solo musician to reach the top five with eight songs, going beyond Olivia Newton-John’s record of 7.
In 2014, she made her film debut in Walking on Sunshine, as well as her fourth workshop CD, I Am, was released the following year. In 2016, Lewis made her Broadway debut as Isabella in the rebirth of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Felines, and also the list below year, she signed a modelling contract with Wilhelmina Models. She then collaborated with Calm Scott on the single You Are The Reason (2018), as well as had a repeating duty on the American television series The Oath (2019). In 2021, Lewis joined the Paramount Plus reveal Queen of The Universe as a judge.
According to her document firm, as of 2021, Lewis has actually offered over 35 million documents worldwide. She has actually won two MOB Awards, an MTV Europe Music Honor, as well as 2 World Songs Honors. She is additionally a six-time BRIT Award and three-time Grammy Honor candidate. Besides her music as well as acting career, Lewis has actually publicly sustained various charitable causes, especially animal civil liberties; she is also vegan.

Several will be watching for a PS5 restock during this year’s Black Friday PS5 deals. While supply has really been pretty decent on both sides of the Atlantic recently, it still hasn’t been sufficient to fulfill demand, so we’re holding out hope for more to go down over the training course of this week — in the nick of time for the vacations.

In the United States, Amazon shocked everybody with a considerable PS5 restock yesterday, so it deserves inspecting back regularly, as some orders that are certainly terminated can come back as online supply once more. It’ll be a much smaller level of supply, obviously, however when good luck plays as large a part as it do we’ll take any possibility we can obtain. In regard to various other likely prospects, Best Buy is a little past due so is worth a check and camp on, and so is GameStop who could be holding out for a huge splurge having not went down stock correctly in a couple of weeks now.

PS5 restock checks (U.S.A.): Amazon | Best Buy | GameStop | Target | Walmart
PS5 replenishes checks (UK): Amazon | Extremely | John Lewis | Argos | Curry’s | Box.

In the UK, Video Game, Sony Direct, and also BT have all had pretty good stock degrees lately so would certainly deserve to examine back on for terminated or reappearing stock. There have actually additionally been rumors that the likes of Game, as well as John Lewis, and Curry’s will have stock both online and in shops across the brewing sales period to coincide with every person being in the buying spirit. Having said that, it’s constantly worth maintaining tabs on Amazon as well. While the world’s largest online retailer has had limited supply recently, it’s constantly uncertain so could go again in advance of or throughout Black Friday.

If you do bag your console — or even if you don’t — we’re likewise tracking other methods to conserve you money this year like in the upcoming Black Friday PS5 SSD offers, Black Friday PS5 headset bargains, Black Friday PS5 television deals, as well as Black Friday PS5 display bargains.

PS5 restocks: last seen at these retailers.

Walmart: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition -.
Ideal Buy: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition.
Amazon: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition.
Sony: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition -.
GameStop: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition -.
Target: PS5 | PS5 Digital Edition —.

Exactly how to make the most of a PS5 restock.

Which PS5 should you purchase?

PS5 ($499.99)|Inspect at Amazon.

PS5 ($499.99)| Examine at Amazon.
If you desire the ‘full’ PS5 experience and also value versatility, we would certainly suggest going for the conventional PS5 console. Besides having all the power you would certainly anticipate from a next-gen console, it also boasts a 4K disc drive where the Digital Edition doesn’t. That implies you’re still totally free to make use of all your physical game discs, DVDs, and Blu-rays.

Sight Deal.

PS5 Digital Edition ($399.99)|Inspect at Amazon.

PS5 Digital Edition ($399.99)| Check at Amazon.
If you would certainly rather go disc-less and also save some money along the means, the Digital Edition PS5 is the one for you — it’s packing the exact same effective technology as the regular PS5, yet the absence of a disc drive implies it’s somewhat more affordable. Simply keep in mind, this suggests that you’ll have to buy whatever electronically if you get this variation.

View Bargain.

PS5 restocks: our top tips.

Just pay the list price: PS5 gaming consoles expense $499.99/ ₤ 449 for the disc design and also $399.99/ ₤ 359.99 for the Digital Edition. Do not give up and pay drastically over-the-odds to a scalper or other secondary sources much over of the MSRP. PS5 restocks are still relatively usual, taking place a minimum of as soon as or twice a week presently, so perseverance is key most importantly else if today does not pan out for you.

Go for bundles: When stores do have PS5 restocks offered online, more typically than not, they are launched as both the standalone console and also packed-in with a few of the ideal PS5 devices (such as the ideal PS5 headset) or finest PS5 games. While more pricey, these deals are frequently less combated over as well as tend to spend time a little longer than just the system by itself.

How To Buy a PS5 or Xbox on Black Friday 2021 (All Retailer Plans)

Be prepared: Some online storefronts might introduce you right into a line when PS5 replenishes are readily available at their websites. When this occurs, it constantly pays to have your repayment details and billing address either to hand, or pre-emptively filled up with the account you’re checked in with. Nobody wishes to waste a hr of their lives in an attempt at getting a PS5, only to leave let down.

Examine for a PS5 restock today.

United States PS5 ($499.99): Amazon | The Finest Buy | Walmart | Target | GameStop | B & H Picture | New egg | Drama | Sony | Sam’s Club.
United States PS5 Digital Edition ($399.99): Amazon | Ideal Buy | Walmart | Target | GameStop | B & H Photo | New egg | Drama | Sony | Sam’s Club.

UK PS5 (₤ 449.99): Amazon | Very | John Lewis | Argos | Curry’s | Box | buyer | AO | Game.
UK PS5 Digital Edition (₤ 359.99): Amazon | Very | Argos | Curry’s | Box | buyer.

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