How to get the Goron's Tunic in The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
If you have gotten away enough to have defeated the garden gentleman, then you can find the fire bar in sayo. As the article is a bit section, we have taken the liberty of preparing this practice step by step for you. Follow these instructions and you will have your own Fire Rod in Sayo basically in a very short time.

You can not get the Fire Rod until you have returned from the West Garden area and you have hit the golden fretboard on the left side of the overworld with your sword. When you do this, you will let out your mystical energies, winning the “Bong!” Achieve and unlock the next part of the adventure. Once this is done, you must return through the grass-covered start areas until you reach the pair of golden double doors called sealing temple.

It’s time to open the doors, so go up and try to open them again with your action button. This time you will be successful and you can enter, although it will look a little different from the last time you were there. Mainly because it now has real rooms and architecture, instead of being an incorporeal space and a vacuum of time where a kind of almighty fox deity lives. Someone has been redecorating, I suppose.

Anyway, he advances through the temple’s rooms one by one, and then, eventually, you will end out on the rocky upper part of the always mysterious building. Walk a little, climb the stairs and then head to the golden monolith on your left. You will not be able to interact with him for now; That will come later, but you can find and collect the Fire Rod to help you in your dangerous adventure in the future.

Congratulations, you have reached the end of the tutorial and now you should have your own Fire Rod!

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