At least for a short contact it will be enough on Saturday for the two head coaches. In Bochum, however, only VFL coach Thomas rice may direct his team from the sideline; After his yellow-red card in the game against Bayern, colleague Marco Rose is damned to watch.

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Both know each other very well from the 61st Football Teacher Course 2014/15. We were even bank neighbors and made a lot together, says Thomas Rice. From this time, a very good relationship results, even if it rarely has enough for personal encounters.

For example, rice congratulated the colleague with a personal message when Marco Rose won the Youth League with the offspring of RB Salzburg. And of course pursued intensively the path of colleague about Borussia Mönchengladbach to BVB. We had a meeting again and again, but for a variety of reasons, it did not work out then, says rice regretfully.

At least on the edge of the game, if not in the interior, it will certainly come to a meeting on Saturday and a short exchange. Otherwise: There are enough professionals to intervene, but of course it is always difficult if the head coach does not stand on the line, says rice.

We have worked hard for a Derby once again.

Thomas rice

In any case, the Bochum coach with great anticipation goes into this game, that lies with everything respect for the area of ​​territory on the hand. We worked hard for that, once again to deny a derby, says rice. Accordingly, we will take this game too. For ten years there was no revierderby in the Bundesliga, so it’s time on Saturday.

Especially at the Cast roper Strafe, the newcomer has already proven its quality sustainable, for example, at home has conceded four goals, which is the sole league best value. Moreover, Bochum won the most recent three home games all and this season is a total of four home wines. These are twice as many us at the end of the 2009/10 descent season.

Riemann in front of comeback

Good for the VFL: It is the comeback from Timekeeper Manuel Riemann, who last had to pause at 3-2 in Augsburg because of thigh problems. Riemann stands before his 200th compulsory game for Bochum.

Also, remarkable: In the youngest seven games, Bochum brought 15 points, as many as opponents Dortmund. During this period, only the FC Bayern collected more counters, namely a total of 18.

At the latest after the second away win in Augsburg, the VFL is extremely self-confident. At the same time rice also clears with a view to the next opponent: Dortmund, that’s a very different quality again. Of course, we have to go to our limits to pass.