Officially responsible was Christian Stretch for the Sport Club in the Bundesliga already 301 games. Since he missed two games for back problems at the beginning of the 2018/19 season, only the away game in Bochum (Saturday, 15.30 clock) really number 300. That would not have been realistic a few years ago, in a place and one An association — a good, great club, was pleased to prank. Only five coaches have made more Bundesliga games with a club, including the former SC coach Volker Fine (340).

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I am very grateful that I was allowed to do that, said prank and also involved his years as a youth coach of the Freiburg. Even though other people think that squats every Saturday on the sickroom for 44 years, who is not quite normal. For him, football is his life and his work, and always exciting.

Playback instead of concert

However, he would have liked another appointment for the away game in Mönchengladbach next week as on Sunday night. After all, for this day he had maps for the concert of a great guitarist in Switzerland. I really annoyed myself, said prank, but then it’s just like that.

At first, it goes for the Freiburg but to Bochum, and that the SC coach is pleased without restriction. When we win, it could be a cool day, he said relative to his anniversary. That’s a great stadium, and Bochum against Freiburg as a Bundesliga game, I find good. Because even the club is sympathetic to him.

Caution before the threatening waters

Nevertheless, he hopes that his team can conquer the defensive bulwark of the Bochum, even if the VFL has continuously achieved good performance, in the aggressiveness and combatant behavior is perfect, and at home has almost always played to zero. After two defeats in a row at the Bavaria and Frankfurt, the sports club stands as a table profit only very well there and that’s super pleasant, says prank, but we do not want to come to a water, where we are behind unhappy game developments Need to talk.