Less than two weeks have passed since the exit in the early access of the spiritual heir to Homm III – the role strategy Songs of Conquest. The game was very warmly found by the audience and has 85% positive reviews on Steam.

The developers from Lavapotion published a post in which they expressed their gratitude to the gamers, and admitted that such a success was a surprise for them. They believed that the game would become a niche product for a small audience. They were especially struck by the popularity of the multiplayer, because the studio considered the project for the most part as a single adventure. But this also gave the opposite effect – the studio employees understand that the MP could be done much better, and it was precisely this that the team is now working.

Songs Of Conquest! The Continuation That Heroes Of Might And Magic Deserved!

In addition, the studio is preparing a roadmap of development of Songs of Conquest.