Guerrilla, the studio behind the popular console game and also the upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn, is looking for new employees. They are looking for a total of 17 people who are supposed to work on the next online project in the Horizon Universe. Along with that, if you like playing video games and would like to help Guerrilla with their newest game, visit to see open positions at Guerrilla Games!

Already at the beginning of the year, the rumors ranked for even more brand-new titles that are expected to appear after Horizon Forbidden West.
With Horizon Call of the Mountain, we currently know from a spin-off for PSVR 2. Further, titles need to be a third main part, an online offshoot in the Beast Hunter World style and a multiplayer shooter.
Guerrilla has actually now begun an extremely extensive job search and has actually confirmed among the 3 speculated titles.

HORIZON gets new spin-offs with online cage

In the task description on Twitter, Guerrilla is searching for an overall of 17 new individuals who are supposed to accept jobs in areas such as animation and programming.
It is about a totally brand-new Horizon title that has not yet been formally revealed:
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What kind of game will it be?
In the application there is talk of an online task in the Horizon universe.
The video game world should be able to be experienced together with friends, which recommends that this is a multiplayer video game.
Considering that Horizon can not be populated by numerous alloys in online mode, this time we slip into the role of brand-new characters.
Guerrilla likewise speaks of the reality that the title must provide a special elegant look.
Just what we have to anticipate remains uncertain.
The most recent Horizon video reveals how spectacular the fights in Horizon: Call of the Mountain look:

job descriptions expose more information

That’s not all: In the private task descriptions for the online project, periodic details can be found in what we can think of under the Horizon video game.
There will in fact be battles in the Beast Hunter style.


In the task description of the Senior Machine Fight Designer, it is said that mechanical challengers are to be produced that supply spectacular, challenging and keeping in mind struggles that are to be mastered in co-op mode.

Therefore, the mechanical challengers might end up being as difficult as in the Beast Hunter series.
Here, too, gamers were able to collaborate to fight larger beasts together, each required various techniques.
This must probably come to life after a Horizon game in the co-op style of Beast Hunter World:
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Horizon Absolutely no Dawn 2 requirements Loop in the style of Beast Hunter World
Is it just with beasts?
With closer inspection of the job description of the Lead Battle designer, it is noticeable that there is not only mechanical engineering as an opponent.
The future designer is also accountable for a wide number of human opponents who need to be dominated in cooperative battles.
What would you like to desire from a Horizon title with an online co-op?