Gatchman, a domestic game commentator, revealed on May 6 that he was developing the horror game “ Funeral Examination “. The corresponding platform is a smartphone (compatible OS is undecided). The aim is to release this year.

Gatchman is a game commentator who plays an active role in Japan. He has been active in 2009 and has been focusing on horror games. He is a live -style style that is a “commentary live play” that explains the game he has already played while explaining the game he has played. He proceeded with a calm tension, and sometimes proceeded with a unique humor. For this reason, viewers who are not good at horror games are popular as a “scary live commentary”. His representative live play works include the “Resident Evil” series and the “Siren” series.

He moved his main activity from Nico Nico Douga to YouTube in 2017, and attracted attention in the live commentary of “Resident Evil 7” and “FRIDAY THE 13th: The Game”. Currently, the number of registrants on the main channel exceeds 1.65 million. In addition, in 2020, “Gatchman V” was opened as a sub -channel. VTuber using 3D avatars has also expanded its range of activities.

Gatchman held a live distribution to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the opening of Gatchman V Channel on May 6. In this, he made his first announcement about the game he was involved in. The title is “Funeral Examination” and the stage will be a hospital. It seems that the motif is the total consultation by a doctor. The player will be the protagonist’s girl, and will aim to escape while encountering a creature.

Because the protagonist’s girl is weak, she basically says she will aim for her survival while hiding without fighting. She seems to be on a dark stage on a dark stage. You can also check the time display called “Chapter Limit” on the screen. The stage has a time limit, and it seems that it cannot stay in the same place.

As the development staff of this work, Hori P as the director, Development and Creature Design, Yoshida (cat with boots), and the main art heroine design is in charge of illustrator Mogeratta. The first “Clock Tower” has been suggested as an inspired game of the game, and it seems to be a panic horror game developed by horizontal scrolling.

  • Introducing “Funeral Examination” from around 29 minutes 27 seconds

The Funeral Examination will be released for smartphones in 2022.