In less than two months, one of the most anticipated games will be launched by the community, Hogwarts Legacy, which will be on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series in the month of February.
At that time the opportunity will be given so that all fans of the saga enjoy an open world that looks splendid.
And if the appearance of the Harry Potter game is really dazzling (saying otherwise it would collide enough), many followers are worried about the content itself: will it be interesting enough?

The Harry Potter game that all fans have been waiting

It is possible that Hogwarts Legacy graphics are not perfect, but they are much more beautiful and surprising than the players expected at first.
We only have to remember the first images of the game and evolution during the two State of Play of 2022.
However, more journalists and future buyers of Hogwarts Legacy is beginning to be seen concerned about the content of the latter.
Wouldn’t it be the beauty of the title, ultimately, just a cover that hides a very flat and short game of content?
Personally, we do not believe it and throughout the article we will try to explain why
First, let’s not forget that Hogwarts Legacy is the first game of the Harry Potter license that shows such an ambitious project.
We move away from the simple works taken from the films and offer fans the opportunity to embody their own magician or witch in a vast world that allows them to explore every corner of Hogwarts Castle and its surroundings.
Two very important things that, in truth, are enough for themselves.

The target audience of Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software is mainly formed by Potter heads that will be fully satisfied by marveling at the slightest detail in the Sorcery School, finding Easter-Eggs everywhere and freely discover mythical places like Hogsmeade.
For other players, who enjoy the saga but nothing more, the exploration of the castle will probably be secondary and may be much more interested in duels, the stage and all the additional activities offered by this title.

What does Hogwarts Legacy offer us?

If you have followed the different trailers and game sessions, you know, in broad strokes, what can be done (or not) in the game.
Here you have a list of several of these things that you can try and explore in this title:
Create your own magician or witch with various customization combinations,
Explore Hogwarts Castle freely, room per room,
Explore the open world around school,
Become a friend of the students of each house and complete their special missions,
Train to fight with the Duel Club,
Participate in the different classes of the school,
You can fly with the broom or the hypocrisy,
Learn spells (and even the unforgivable curses),
Find types of scrolls to complete your collection,
Solve Merlin riddles scattered throughout the open world,
Collect ingredients for their potions (and prepare them),
Use and decorate the room of the needy as you want,
Save fantastic animals from poachers and take care of them in their magical greenhouse,
Complete secondary missions with different students and magicians outdoors,
Buy clothes and other equipment in Hogsmeade (even have your own store thanks to Sony’s exclusive search),
TeletransPort yourself through the many points of the chimney network.
We are sure that this list is not complete, since the developers were careful not to reveal everything.
Several times, the Community Manager, Chandler Wood, repeated that it is only the tip of the iceberg, as if the game still gave us many surprises.
If the open world seems quite empty, it should be remembered that Hogwarts Legacy is probably, above all, a contemplative game and that everything has not yet been shown.
If we take a good look at the last game sample, we can also see the different icons in the minimal during exploration: dungeons, missions, chests, resources to collect, NPC but also puzzles that seem to be scattered everywhere.
Especially since there are still so many things to discover about the game… How will the currency work, for example?
How can we win the house’s cup if it really exists as indicated in trophy filtration?
Of course, it is normal to disappoint with certain characteristics that are missing in the title: Quidditch, the multiplayer option among others.


But is the commitment to Hogwarts Legacy won with everything shown?
Its two postponements will have allowed Avalanche Software to improve it completely and now that its development is finished, only a real error could prevent the Got of many players from being.

Some black points have already spoiled what should be a masterpiece, but nothing too serious at the moment.
I am thinking in particular to be able to use the unfavorable curses in abundance as if it were normal when they are powerful spells that are supposed to only a few magicians such as Voldemort or Dumbledore can dominate.
In the game, it is simply to train in a combat sand where it is possible to kill chain enemies, but it has been specified that everyone can learn these famous spells.
Finally, we do not believe that Hogwarts Legacy hides a low gameplay under its beauty.
And even if it was, what has been presented to us for a few months seems enough to convince any fan of Harry Potter.
Now, from a more objective point of view, it is the game as a whole that will have to be judged on February 10: the redundancy of the missions, the addictive progression or not, etc.
Explore Hogwarts Castle for 8 hours to find all its secrets is fine, but it will also require the stage to be well armed, fights as fluid as they seem and a real interest in improving your team.