Torchlight 3 Review + Overview - Full Release
TORCHLIGHT III has entered early access in June of this year, and the trip has been quite interesting so far. Echtra and Perfect World had announced Torchlight Frontiers a few years ago, but later, they abandoned the entire Free-to-Play model and renamed the Torchlight III title.

After experiencing a successful early access period so far, Torchlight III is ready to leave Early Access. The game will be released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on October 13th. As for the Switch version, it is still in work and will be launched later this year.

For the delight of fans, Torchlight III’s brand change brings back the series to its roots. The new Torchlight game is no longer the Crossover Diablo and Destiny that no one has requested, but the change of brand adopts the good old concept of Hack and Slash RPG that made the popular Torchlight franchise.

Echtra actively listened to community feedback during the early access period, and the game received major updates in recent months. With the reception he has received so far, he can defend himself convincingly when it comes out of early access.

TORCHLIGHT III will be released on October 13th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One for $ 39.99, with the Coming Switch version later this year.