One of PS Now’s greatest inconveniences, and one that has moved to the premium category in the new PS Plus, is that it is not possible to use DLC in PS3 games, even if you already have this content. In this way, two Microsoft workers took this opportunity to remind players that this does not happen with Xboxgame Pass.

Through their respective accounts on Twitter, Eden Marie and Jordan Cohen, Xbox engineer and Xcloud worker respectively, they mentioned that When using Xbox Game Pass you can enjoy the DLC of all available games , as long as you have content already in your bookstore. This was what they mentioned:

“Hello Xbox! Did you know that cloud games servers have all DLC for a pre-installed game so that, if you possess it, it is applied? Happy game!

Our team worked for months to design a content management system that works automatically for all Xbox games and their DLC. And it had been perfecting it for years. Super gratifying that everything “simply works” automatically today. “

Recall that this is not the first time that Xbox makes a similar comment, and considering the problems that the new PS Plus has had with the community, is likely that this is not the last time that comments of this type call the attention of the attention of the attention of the public.

In related issues, Xbox has begun to give balance to its users. Similarly, former Microsoft executive makes a warning about Xbox Game Pass.

Editor’s note:

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The absence of DLC compatible with PS3 games adds to a growing list of decisions that have caused the disagreement of users. Recall that these titles can only be played through the cloud, which limits the regions where this category in the service will be available.