Coropra Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Koshi Miyamoto, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, “Coropra”) is for smartphone game “Quiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz (hereinafter” Black Cat Wiz “)” (Saturday), March 5, 2022, announced that the 9th anniversary of the service started.

Coropra Co., Ltd. (Representative Director: Koshi Miyamoto, Head Office: Minato-ku, Tokyo, “Coropra”) is for smartphone game “Quiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz (hereinafter” Black Cat Wiz “)”, January 5, 2012 (Saturday), we will inform you that the 9th anniversary of the service start.

[“” 9th Anniversary Special Site]

“Black Cat Wiz” is a quiz & card battle RPG that answers the quiz and defeats the enemy with the power of the spirits and travels the other world. Supported to the players, we celebrated the 9th anniversary on Saturday, March 5, 2022.

Everyone who is playing around us is given a luxurious 9th anniversary campaign with a feeling of gratitude for 9 years. First of all, from March 5 (Saturday), an event that celebrates the ninete-year, and the “9th Anniversary Gacha”, the highest rarity 【L】 A character can be held for free. In addition, we will also hold a “9th Anniversary Limited Mansly Gacha” where L1 sheet confirmation is drawn every time the special monzee ticket is collected from 14:00 on the same day. Other updates will add partial additions and renovation of the function. Then, from March 4 (Fri), “Virtual Black With Room” is released in the app “MiloQ +” to commemorate the 9th anniversary. Please experience “Black Cat Wiz” on this opportunity not only on the game but also on Virtual space.

The 9th anniversary of the 9th anniversary, “Black Cat Wiz” will be enjoyed every day, and we will expand various plans so that you can enjoy more customers in the future..

# “Black Cat Wiz” 9th Anniversary Campaign Overview

Thanks to everyone who played from a day, “Black Cat Wiz” celebrated its 9th anniversary on March 5, 2022. In commemoration of this, we will conduct the “9th Anniversary Campaign” sequentially. For more information, see Special Sites or Official Twitter. We will deliver information one after another, so please look forward to it.

[“” 9th Anniversary Special Site]

# # 【L】 Holding “9th Anniversary Chara Present” to get the spirit!

Period: March 5 (Saturday) 16: 00-April 22 (Fri) 15:59

On all those who have been cleared by the tutorial, you will be able to choose 10 spirits you like from the target event spirit, and will hold a “Chara Present” that will give you one by lottery from among them. This time, we will expand and carry out the subject spirit. Choose the spirits you are welcoming, please use it for an adventure.

※ Some spirits are not eligible.

# # “9th Anniversary Limited Monthly Gacha” will be held!

Period: March 5 (Saturday) 14: 00-April 28 (Thu) 13:59

During the period, it is a special gacha of the 9th anniversary of the 9th anniversary of the L1 piece with each other for each time you collect special monzed tickets. You can earn by login bonus and event mission, so please collect it and try to challenge the gacha.

※ Please check the detailed lineup of the game.

# # 9th Anniversary Event “Great Quiz Carnival In Kues-Alias”

Period: March 5 (Saturday) 16: 00-3 January (Thu) 15:59

It is the ninth anniversary event that the festival will be held at Kues-Alias, who came back after taking out with a withdrawal and adventure. “Mainting officer and Wako’s God Yucca & Mikoto (CV: Atsuka & Otame Asuka),” Atsushi ENIG Masan Flower VS Tatsuma (CV: Tomori Tatsumi and Tatsumi Tatsumi) appeared in the “9th Anniversary Gacha” “Yuru fluffy Canoe VS Nin (CV: Nanoaka & Senba Haruka)”, “Haruka Kiwam VS Eubrena (CV: Takumi Terasu & Oteguma)” also participates in this event.

By clearing the mission, the 9th Anniversary Spirit “Cuse Quees (CV: Date Sauta)” is available.

# # “9th Anniversary” PV released!


We produced PV of event “9th Anniversary”

# # New event “Diablo Emblem” will be held as a 9th anniversary event!

The new event “Diablo Emblem” will be held from March 18 (Fri) as a 9th anniversary event. It will be a new story that makes the demon with the world view of the motif.

# # “9th Anniversary Virtual Black With Room” released!

In commemoration of the 9th anniversary of “Black Cat Wiz”, “Virtual Black Withroom” will be published at the app “MiloQ +”. Virtual Black Whist Room, you can see festive messages and illustrations from players recruited by the official Twitter, and even past events and PV. In the paid area, you can take photos with the spirits in the following sections, so please enjoy it.

· Holy sky Estella
· Dolkimas of air battle

Details are described in the “9th Anniversary” special site, so please check that.

# “Black Cat Wiz” 9th Anniversary Update Overview

# # Cartoon and Novel Function Improvement

Novel charge tickets will appear. A novel charge ticket is an item that releases the novel to be charged. The novel charge has been used once, and it was not possible to use it again after 24 hours elapsed, but it will be completed by charging without waiting by using this ticket. This ticket can be acquired by event rewards. Please use it.

In addition, browsing rewards are added to cartoons and novels. Depending on the number of stories you have read, a new material “Takeholder” (described later) of Crystal and Contract Depth will be distributed for each work. I think that the number of stories already read will also be counted, so I think you can read novels and manga.

Contract Depth Liberation

The contract depth limit is released until Lv. 6.

# # New contract material Added “deepening of deepening”

A new contract material is added. It becomes the material called “deepening tortoise”. By reinforcing synthesis, the contract Lv.3 or higher genius is also a contract material that can give a contract experience value. For the acquisition site, we will add regularly to the rewards and the tournament exchange where you read the novel and manga.

In addition, this “turtle of deepening” can be obtained from the mission that can be cleared by clearing the 9th Anniversary Present Quest. Please challenge the present quest by all means.

“Deck skin” function implementation

The appearance of the spirits in the battle · The voice can be changed to other spirits, and this function is released in the division contract Lv6. From the deck skin organization screen, by setting the spirits in the same way as deck formation, it switches to the departure of the original deck on the battle departure screen, and the appearance and voices in the battle change.

Please take care of your favorite spirits to the battle. This is scheduled to be implemented from 3/31 (Thu).

Navigation Voice Implementation

My page’s spirit guides the player. This function is released in contract Lv.4. If you tap a specific button with the navigation voice compatible spirits on My Page, the screen will switch while the special voice flows. It is scheduled to be implemented from 4/28 (Thu), so enjoy it.

# # “Voice Custom Function” Release!

You will be able to listen to the spirit of spirit. This function is released in a depth contract Lv. 5. With the same spirits, you will be able to replace your favorite voice with your favorite timing and play.

In addition, three special voices are released by the release of contract Lv.5. You can also customize the voice that has been released, so please replace it and enjoy it. This is also scheduled to be mounted from 4/28 (Thu).

# “Black Cat Wiz” Collaboration Event Goods Overview

# # Taito Station Collaboration 4th decision!

The fourth collaboration of the “Black With” 9th anniversary of the 2022-year collaboration will further expand the implementation area and hold at 16 Taito-List stores in 14 areas nationwide. We will deliver a lot of full of mystery solving kit, collaboration menu, collaboration menu, collaboration goods, prize, life-size POP exhibition! The serving menu and goods are different depending on the holding period, so don’t miss it.

[Holding period] March 15, 2012 (Tuesday)-May 11 (Wed)

【Special site】

# # Tokyu Hands ✕soul Banker Goods Fair Held!

Held “SOUL BANKER” toy fairs that earn 1st event award first place in the game application voting plan GA2021 at Seven Hands in 7 stores nationwide!

We sell goods using beautiful key visuals and card illustrations, and sell “Real spirit card (all 12 types)” and “one scenario booklet (all one)” as purchase bonus.

[Holding period] March 12, 2012 (Sat) -March 25 (Fri)

[Special site]

# # Soundtrack 5th shipping start!

Digital delivery of soundtracks released to commemorate the 8th anniversary.

※ Of the music recorded in the CD version, the original arrange music, collaboration event original music, drama CD, etc. are not included in the delivery version.

Quiz RPG Wizard and Black Cat Wiz Basic Information

Quiz & Card Battle RPG to advance the quest while answering the quiz. The stage of the game is a magician and a fictional world quess = alias. The player will be a wizard and aims to be a leading wizard. We have reached its 9th anniversary on Saturday, March 5, 2022.

◆ App name: quiz RPG wizard and black cat with ◆ price: item charge system ◆ Official site URL: https: // ◆ Official Twitter account: https: // ▼ Google Play URL: ▼ App Store URL: ▼ Amazon Android App Store URL: * For the Kindle Fire series, install and enjoy the Amazon Android app store from the above URL on AndroidTM terminal.

# Coropra company Overview

Company name: Coropra Co., Ltd. HTTPS://COLOPL.CO.JP Location: Koho-ku, Tokyo 9-7-2 Midtown East 6F established: October 1, 2008 Capital: 6,556 million yen (at the end of December 2021 Time point) Representative: Representative director President Miyamoto [business content] Providing mobile game service for domestic and overseas focusing on smartphone app VR (virtual reality) Providing services for devices Domestic and foreign investment investment in domestic and foreign companies And Fund Operation Coropra has a “Entertainment In Real Life” as a mission and continues to focus on the expansion of smartphone apps, and provide more fun and more wonderful entertainment that is almost all of people’s lives. I will.