If you’re a Pokémon fan, then you know how important it is to have a handle on the type matchups between different Pokémon types. Knowing your flying-type Pokémon and their strengths and weaknesses can help you make informed decisions when entering matchups. In this article, we’ll run through all the flying-type Pokémon and how their strengths and weaknesses stack up against other types.

When it pertains to getting in matches such as weaknesses and strengths versus the different Pokémon types, it is a bit challenging to remember everyone.
Particularly now that we see new Mons with brand-new types of types and particular status-related abilities, it will be much more tough to keep in mind weaknesses.
Apart from that, these are all flying Pokémon counters, weaknesses and other treats you require to know.


Particularly because Pokémon Home will soon come to Pokémon Parmesan and purple, this will prove to be beneficial.

Fly all weaknesses of Pokémon of the type

Since there are a great deal of different pairs of types with flies, we will note more than simply list, whereas this one is weak, so here are the following weaknesses:
Flying-electrical, ice cream, rock
Flying/normal-electrical, ice cream, rock
Fly/fire-water, electrical, rock
Fly/water-electric , rock
Fly/electrical-ice cream, rock
Flying/grass-fire, ice
, flying, rocks
Fly/ice-fire, electrical, rock , steel
Flying/fighting-electrical, ice, flying, clairvoyant, fairy
Fly/poison-electrical, ice psychic, rock
Fly/floor-water ice
Fly/man-electrical, ice cream, rock, mind, dark.
Flying/beetle-fire, electrical, ice, flying, rocks .
Flying/rocks-water, electrical energy, ice, rock, steel.
Fly/spirit-electrical, ice cream, rock, mind, dark.
Flying dragon-ice
, rock, dragon, fairy.
Flying/dark-electrical, ice cream, rock, fairy.
Flying/steel-fire, electrics.
Fly/fairy-electrical, fight, poison, stone, steel.
All strong guys noted with an asterisk.
Suggest that they cause 4 times more damage compared to the double incredibly effective type.
This can be utilized for your benefit if you compete against Pokémon with a double weak point. It is good to understand that soil motions do not work versus you in general if it is about battling versus other flying Pokémon.
Naturally you have levitated in your sets.
So things like Earthquake and other moves like mud strikes do not work.
You ought to know whether the Pokémon focus more on a particular value such as HP, attack, defense, and so on or not.
It would be a pain to utilize something like a physically attacking Pokémon like a Paw mot versus a Corviknight that has a strong defense value.
It would make more sense to use something like a slowed bite, since it can make the most of the low SP from Corviknight in this example.
Defense stats.
Find out what Pokémon might be characterized so that you do not need to crawl around in the middle of the game to discover what certain flying types can do to protect yourself and knock them out of the competitors!
Pokémon scarlet red and violet.
Are now readily available specifically for the Nintendo Switch.
– This short article was updated on December 20, 2022.