Henry Cavill, who has become known as the Netflix’s The Witcher series, has recently been in the news as a Superman of the Netflix and the star of the Netflix’s The Witcher series.

In October, we reported how Cavils decided to leave The Witcher’s series behind Liam Hemsworth as Gerald took on the role of Gerald.
Shortly after that, the man said he had returned to the role of a Superman in films based on the production of DC cartoon house, but yesterday it turned out that the joy was short.
According to the recent news coverage, the film house’s film plans have been completely new and Cavils will not continue in its familiar role.
But not all unfortunate, as The Hollywood Reporter reported that Cavils is attached to the lead role and the Warhammer 40,000 series.
Amazon is said to be in the final stages of the Warhammer rights negotiations, but there is no official confirmation yet.
The Warhammer 40,000 is a Science Fiction-themed miniature game published by the British Games Workshop, which has also produced many video games.
Cavils is a Warhammer fan who not only practices miniature painting, has also talked about the game many occasions in interviews and outside of interviews.
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