Logitech’s PC and console gaming gear brand Logitech G (President Jungkook CHO) announced on the 9th that it will carry out collaboration promotion with NC soft (CEO Kim Taejon).

This collaboration promotion is designed to enjoy the ion Classic ‘Lever ant’ update today (9th) with the Gaming Gear with the Gaming Gear with Logitech G.


As part of the collaboration promotion, from today (9th), we will sell Logitech G X Ion Special Package-Executor Limited Edition. Logitech ‘G435’ off-white wireless gaming headset and ‘G304’ white wireless gaming mouse and two special packages with G435 black and G304 black configuration can be purchased on a first-come, first-served basis on a single promotion page. Both packages have a packaging design that reminds us of the new class of Ion Classic, which is expected to pay attention to Ion users.

In addition, various promotions are also held for limited edition package buyers. Logitech G X Ion Special Package-Executor Limited Edition Buyers present a game coupon that can be used in Ion and ‘Limited Ion Headset Cradle’ with Ion BI while at the same time. To provide.

We are very happy to have a brand collaboration with Ion and brand collaboration of MMORPG Korea. I hope you will enjoy it freely.