The Xbox series X | S consoles were launched at the end of 2020, so it has passed a good amount of time, which allows developers to update older games and create new ones that work even better in the next generation consoles. If you are looking for the best FPS games for Xbox Series X | S, it has come to the right place.

APICE legends

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

There is no current up-to-generation update for Titanfall 2, so Apex Legends is the best option for fans of mechanical FPS. Apex is unique because it adds a character approach to the Genus Battle Royale, providing players specific skills that create strengths and weaknesses beyond the skills with an individual’s weapons.

With the additional element in a 3V3 mode, along with computer composition strategies, direct links to Titanfall through weapons, characters and technology, Apex Legends ties its own place among the big batters such as Fortnite and Warzone.

Borderlands 3

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Borderlands 3 takes realism and pulls it out the window. Instead, Gearbox leans towards science fiction and mystical powers in his cooperative FPS for four players. History and writing are not exactly the best in the series, but the gameplay and images are better than ever.

Choose between four classes: Siren, Beastmaster, Gunner and Operative, before embarking on an adventure that will take you to Pandora and beyond. With tons of weapons and independent booty, Borderlands 3 is a first level FPS adventure to play with friends.

CALL OF DUTY: Vanguardia

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Call of Duty: Vanguard is the latest delivery of the long-term series, and offers a more traditional FPS action if you do not like the complete concept of the Genus Battle Royale. There is a story for a single player, as well as standard multiplayer modes such as TDM, Search & Destroy, Domination and Kill Confirm.

Vanguard also has a zombie mode, so it really has everything you need when you are looking for the most complete cod experience. This is also the most modern, optimized option for the latest generation consoles, so it is the game you want to choose as a fan.

call of duty war zone

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Call of Duty Warzone is the great jump of the franchise to the Genus Battle Royale, and until now it has been an undeniable success. COD is already one of the most popular FPS games that exist, and this is a free self-catering experience, which makes it even more attractive as an option.

The standard Battle Royale Rules apply here, with players entering a map and finding equipment good enough to take them to the final stage of the game. And Warzone is being updated to provide new maps, cosmetics and other content in the new seasons to reward those who remain firm.

Destination 2.

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Destiny 2 is another FPS that has resisted the time test as a live service game. Change and evolve constantly as updates are made to keep things the most updated possible. The game has even become a free game for more players to prove what to expect before possibly buying expansions.

In fact, the Witch Queen expansion was launched in February and added many new mechanics and equipment. There is also a full campaign for those who seek to learn more about tradition, characters and history. It is rarely a bad idea to enter good live service games as Destiny 2, as they do everything possible to avoid staying obsolete.

Eternal Doom

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Doom Eternal is an excellent option of FPS for a completely different reason than the others listed. The adrenaline rush that produces through its incessant action is a difficult sensation to duplicate. The Arsenal of Doom Slayer provides players a multitude of ways to face the armies of hell and butcher is never fashionable.

You will never tire of the deaths of Glory, the auctions with chainsaw and incinerations while you defend the land of the invasion. There is even a multiplayer battle mode of two against one facing a Slayer against two demons controlled by players in a game at the best of five.

very far 6

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Far Cry 6 is the last delivery of the series and takes the players to the fictitious tropical country of Yara. Putting on the skin of a local named Dani, the players will fight against a charismatic villain, as is the rule at Far Cry.

The Villain in question is a dictator, Anton Castillo, which governs with iron fist to maintain the production of a profitable drug called Live, regardless of the cost. Do it alone or join a cooperative partner along with several factions that seek to free Yara from tyranny.

infinite halo

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Halo Infinite is probably the first game in which people think when it tries to list the titles of Xbox FPS, and would be right to assume that it is one of the best options on the platform. Halo fanatics have already chosen this, but it even has something for those who have not been following the franchise.

The multiplayer mode is completely free, although the campaign is an experience that you have to pay. This means that each and every one of the players can choose and play the Halo infinite multiplayer mode while enjoying all the updates that are coming in the future, including new modes, cosmetics and more.

HALO: The collection of the master chief

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Continuing with the theme of Halo, The Master Chief Collection is perfect for those who miss the first days of the series. The updated collection includes Halo: Combat Evolved, Halo 2: Anniversary, Halo 3, Halo 3: Odst, Halo: Reach and Halo 4. These are updated versions of the games that provide access to your multiplayer mode and your campaigns.

Master Chief Collection is the definitive way to play halo if you want to make the most of your purchase with regard to nostalgia and the amount of content received. Some multiplayer playlists even run on different games, which means you can jump from Halo 2 to Halo 4 of a game to the next, for example.

Insurgence: Sand Storm

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Insurgence: Sandstorm is an FPS for those who seek to get a much more realistic game experience. Like Rainbow Six Siege, most shots can be fatal, so tactics are more important than ever here. This is especially true since most of the combat is a body to body with a minimum HUD.

Both the cooperative and competitive mode are available, with the cooperative mode of up to eight players and the PVP that allows up to 20 players to face in a single goals based on objectives.

Metropolitan Exodus

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Metro Exodus is the final game of the Trilogy Metro, which takes us out of the remains of the Moscow metro. This time, they take us to an open Russian environment to explore non-linear levels as the history of the game is developed over the course of a year.

This postapocalyptic version of Russia, full of mutants, does not forgive, so stealth, the elements of survival and cunning are what constitutes most of the game. If you are looking for a rich narrative experience, Metro Redux, a remastery of the first two games, and Metro Exodus are first level options.


The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Quake is a classic that received a next-generation update to bring it to the future and still retains much of what made it fun to play first. If you have the original Quake, Smart Delivery will automatically update the game for you.

This version of Quake is a great revision that allows you to play the game at 4K and 120 FPS at Xbox Series X | S, so the original fanatics, or even newcomers, can resume and play to experience a little modernized nostalgia.

Rainbow six siege

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Rainbow Six Siege has remained firm in the FPS genre for almost seven years. There are very few games like this, especially when the tactical game based on teams facing the attackers against defenders is observed.

TOP 15 New Upcoming FPS Games For XBOX Series X|S 2022

The list of operators has grown steadily, adding even more strategy when targets are addressed that go beyond a combat to normal equipment. There are specific goals such as disarming a pump ensuring an area or saving a hostage that go along with the angle of death fight. So, if you are looking for a little more than the standard genre, this is an option as good as any other.

Divided Gate

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Splitgate is something like a newcomer that offers its own unique turn in the multiplayer FPS formula. It is a game of shooting in the sand that makes players use portals of creative ways to circumvent the opponents on the battlefield. Think that Halo is located with Portal and you will have an idea of what it is.

Players can create their own portals and roads on surfaces to confuse and maneuver around the opponents in well-known modes such as Team Deathmatch, King of the Hill, Capture The Flag, Oddball, Domination and more.

The country of wonders of Tiny Tina

The best FPS games on Xbox Series X | S

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands takes the Borderlands formula and increases the fantasy elements to the maximum setting. It is, essentially, a game within a game, since Tina invites you to play the Bunkers & Badasses board game, which is more or less DND in the Borderlands Universe.

For the first time in the series, players can create their own characters, choosing between six classes that lean a lot towards the fantasy aspects. Tina is bunkermaster, so the creation / personalization of characters is almost the only control you have here while you follow a campaign that comes directly from her… interesting mind of her.

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