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Gamers in New World had to wait a long time – now they finally obtain a long -waited for attribute

The big summer update Vonnew World was expected to bring an advancement that the gamers had wanted permanently. But after that the summertime upgrade appeared without the called for feature, which currently lastly finds its way right into the MMORPG.

** What sort of feature is it concerning?

** What is the dungeon finder good for?

Such a dungeon finder is incredibly valuable for players, however has actually not yet existed in New World. Rather, players had to look for players concerning the conversation of the MMORPG.

That modifications today, since Amazon.com Gaming formally announced that the Dungeon Finder is lastly readily available in New Globe.

Just how does the Dungeon Finder work? Amazon Games added a post on Newworld.com to explain how the long-awaited attribute uses. Thats how it works:

What do you think about the Dungeon Finder in New World? Has he come to be the method you desired it and also satisfies its function or are you instead disappointed with the implementation? Please compose it here on meinmmo in the comments!

While New World offers the Dungeon Finder, a 10-year-old MMORPG celebrates its launch on Steam.

That establishes the minimum degree and so forth? The developer of a lobby can establish the minimal level and the equipment points for the lobby. He can also see which current degree, attributes, ordinary tools, geared up tools and also championship factors have an applicant for the entrance hall.

This happens throughout the waiting time: If you have actually joined an entrance hall and also wait on it to fill and start the activity, you can remain to experience journey, Amazon Gamings creates in the blog article. A widget at the top right need to inform you concerning the standing of your lobby during play.

If you click Locate a group, see a checklist of lobbies. Amazon Gamings defines this Lobby as a location with her very own entrance hall chat network.

As soon as you have sufficient gamers for an activity, the one that has actually produced the entrance hall message can convert the lobby into a group as well as start the expedition. On the whole, there can be approximately 100 entrance halls at the same time You have the option whether you found your own lobby or contribute an existing one.

play during the waiting time.

** Who splits the functions? This ought to help the entrance hall maker discover a perfect compilation for his team.

The huge summer update Vonnew World was intended to bring a development that the players had actually wanted forever. How does the Dungeon Finder function? Amazon Gamings contributed a blog site article on Newworld.com to describe exactly how the long-awaited function uses. That establishes the minimum degree and the like? ** The designer of an entrance hall can establish the minimum degree as well as the devices points for the lobby.

8.5 billion people are enthusiastic Dungeon & Fighter · · · Mobile next generation hawk dreams

Nexon’s ‘Dungeon & Fighter’ challenges new myths on mobile. The highest expectations of the Neop Action Development Development know-how, the “Dungeon & Fighter Mobile” is to preach to the launch of the launch of March 24, Let’s look at the great history of 16 years, prior to the launch of Dunpa Mobile, prior to the launch of the Native Dungeon & Fighter in the global game market.

■ Cumulative sales of $ 85 million in the world # $ 18 billion

One for August 2005 has released a different game. That’s right ‘Dungeon & Fighter’. At that time, online RPG, which utilizes 3D graphics, has gained a large popularity. Unlike 3D games, Dunpa, unlike 3D games, 2D dot graphics and transverse scrolling methods were on the front, and have successfully implemented manipulation of arcade games that enjoyed in the historical room. In accordance with the development motto of ‘Action Pleasure’, various combo actions provide extreme hand taste and became popular.

With this hand taste, you will succeed in the box office of the mouth. Only a year after the release, the number of millions of members, and 50,000 concurrent users, and the number of cumulative members in 2007, continued to grow up with 150,000 concurrent users. In 2008, Dunpa, who has entered China, was ranked first in Chinese online games in a month. At the end of 2009, the first time in the domestic game, we have exceeded W100bn in sales of 200 million people who have been established by 2 million concurrent users of Korea, China and Japan, and 2 million concurrent users.

Large updates that reflect the use of users’ opinions have become the driving force of long-term launch. In 2012, the new character ‘Lewish Inspection’ is seen, and the ranking of PC rooms has risen, followed by the new scenarios of 2013 ‘Daejeon’. The most lovely content among the users is ‘Anton Raid’. Up to 20 people gather and difficulty to hit a high dungeon.

Currently, Dunpa is building a huge fandom, which is 850 million global cumulative users, maintaining the unique number of action genres. According to the domestic PC Room Statistical Services ‘DOGROG’, since August 2016, we recorded the first place in the PC room action genre until 20021. In particular, the cumulative sales of $ 18 billion (about 21 trillion won) recorded by Dunpa (about 21 trillion won) was the SF Action Blockbuster ‘Star Wars’, which was a few dollars a lot more than the combined theater income of all series.

■ Game Hallyu Aid # China Simultaneous Connections 5 million records… Exports $ 10 billion award

Recently, Netflix original drama squid game, including BTS, BTS, parasite, and popularity for K-content is hot. According to the “Content Industry Statistical Survey), which was released at Korea Content Promotion Agency last July, the game, music, broadcasting, and publications, and the entire content market, including movies, music, broadcasting and publication, accounting for a total of 12.3%. This is a large amount of more than 2 times if the music and the film industry are 5.4% and 5.1%, respectively.

In the late 2000s, the Korean online game was once up to 80% of the market share in the Chinese market, but the market share fell to 40% or less due to foreign game regulations and Chinese game pursuit. Especially, the ‘fake (spani)’ game was scored, and the Korean game was extremely shrinking. However, as the Neop, the Domestic Game Society has been in the Chinese market recovery due to ideas and technology than Chinese companies. At that time, the most representative domestic IP, which leads the game Korean hot air in China, recorded 5 million Chinese concurrent users with the most representative domestic IP, resulting in explosive popularity.

Neopaffin was surprised by the industry in 2016 and has been surprised by the industry in the process of renewing contracts and contracts in the process of renewing contracts. Tencent believes in Dunpa’s potential and has been willing to have long term contracts. In 2018, it was awarded a government award for the 55th trade day ‘export $ 1 billion’. Since the transfer of Jeju exports (about $ 1bn), he has contributed to the community development, including 43% of Jeju exports (about $ 1bn) since 2015.

■ 2020 F2P game The only Korea game ‘Dungeon & Fighter’

According to the Global Market Research Agency Statista (Statista), the PC F2P (Free to Play, Participation) Game sales was stable. In 2020 F2P, Tencent’s mobile game ‘Prince Young’ and ‘Peacher Jung Young’ were 1 and second, Dunpa, the largest mobile game is growing around the world, and it is the only analysis that the Korean game is the only one, and it is the only analysis of the top 10.

■ Dungeon & Fighter From festival to Dunfu · · Games Industry Marketing Trend Jesse

Neople opened ‘Dungeon & Fighter Festival’, the largest offline event of the domestic game in December 2007. With over 30,000 people in the first event, which was held in the first day of the first-come, first event, without a separate invitation, only 5,000 seats were sold out in just five seconds immediately after ticket sales. The Dunpa Festival has introduced the E-Sports Competition, which will introduce the E-sports tournament, which has been convenient for each user, or introduces large update information, and led to the user’s response. The Yoon Hyeong-jin was expressed as a ‘glory’ on what he could develop a steady love game. He said, “I have to be impressed when I look forward to a passionate user in the Dunpa Festival annually.”

Dunpa made an unusual achievement with a dielectric advertisement. In January 2014, Dunpa CF, released through YouTube, turned on the user. IU surrounded by enemies, IU is transformed into Shin Bong Line, and the scene whom the sword was swollen with the shock. IU and Shin Bong Line were often referred to as an entertainer that is often referred to as an entertainer, and it was boldly stirred. The ‘dispatch of the’ released in Dunpa last year! Arad Ranger! ‘Advertisement is also a topic in various communities, over 5 million times in a month, and only 5 million times in a month. This advertisement of a specialistic concept of a particularly fashionable observer concept was a process that the Heroes undergoing economic difficulties with Corona 19 received a Dunpa advertising proposal and made the process until they produce advertisements.

Dunpa Public Relations Model, ‘Dunpy Girl’ played an important role in terms of user communication. IU met the first time the gamers of Dunpa in 2009. She was known as a girl who is a good singing girl at that time, and since her Dunpa Girls’ activity, I came up with a “three-stage” In addition to her IU, Dunpa, I have been firmly established as a public relations model, and I was firmly established as a public relations model. The video, which is a three-way Dungeon, Inc. introduces Dunpari technology as exaggerated reactivation, and the video, which says, “The name of the name! Seo Yui was for 2 years of “Dunpa radio” DJ for Rose Nabi.

■ ‘Neop’ ‘domestic game developer first operating profit exceeded 1 trillion won

In 2008, Nexon gave the Dunpa developer Neople to W380bn. Thanks to Dunpa’s explosive box office, Neop has exceeded the first operating profit for the first time in Korean games. According to a business report in 2017, Neople recorded sales of W1.149.5 billion won and operating profit of W1.63.7 billion won. OP margin is 92.53%. After that, we have achieved the speech of Dunpa, which achieves the operating profit of W1215.6bn (2018) and W1,36.7bn (2019).

Especially, the Representative of Lee Jeong-heon, who entered into a new temple in Nexon Korea in 2003, is a member of Neople’s marketing work in 2010, It is also famous for being together with the prime period.

Meanwhile, Neop is known as a company that operates the industry’s highest level of welfare system. To resolve the residence of employees, 32 pyeong (105㎡), and 27 pyeong (89 square meters) in a single staff (89㎡) in a single staff (89㎡). If you want another residence, you will support the corresponding housing fee in your life. Nursery ‘Acorn Excursion’ Jeju Won is also one of the welfare of Neople. Indoor 700 pyeong, Outdoor 1,200 pyeong, this day’s career, unlike the metropolitan area, you can accommodate all of the enthusiasm of all employees. Every three years, it gives Respread Vacation and Vacation costs, surfing, fishing, and golfing.

■ ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ · · · March 24 Domestic Market Slide

Nexon launches Dunpa Mobile in Korea on March 24. Dunpa Mobile puts fast and exciting original action on a mobile platform. Battle of each dungeon, and the battle and the user intermittent (PVP) are also based on manual combat. In order to maximize the fun of manual combat, we also have a ball. “I made a good game with an adventurer and a long period of time to make a good game, and I would like to improve the joystick for 30 times for a long time.” We have hard to optimize client for client. “

Nexon has grasped the game performance and market competitiveness of Dunpa Mobile through two in-house testing last year. It is intended to understand the potential needs of the user prior to formal service and reflect it in a preemptive business. Participants have focused on the user experience of the game throughout the game, from the satisfaction of the character growth and the fatigue system to the combat skill operation, and the moment the user interface (UI).

The results are encouraging. After the end of the test, the employees poured a positive response such as “Neop Development Team sincerely supporting” Neop Development Team “,” The completeness of the game is very excellent “,” implementing manual combat based action, “” Test periods have extended the test schedule unusually in accordance with high participation rates and response.

I went to the user test immediately after the strict game test of the in-house test. The Garyla test, which is limited in December 20, for the last year, was limited to the Garyla test immediately after the server opened at the same time, with a queue close to 30 minutes. According to their own survey, participants have a common positive evaluation in manual combat, 2D dot graphics, convenient skill use, and cost of maintenance. The user name ‘Woong * B’ was impressive, “Combo system, which helps us use continuous skills,” the virtual pads that can be adjusted very delicate options were impressive. ” I was able to experience the original character that was enjoyed, “he said.

Meanwhile, Nexon has previously transferred the Dunpa Mobile Development Team of Neoppin Dunpa Mobile Development Team in Seoul, I have achieved the development of various staff, such as game planning, programming, graphics, technical support, and multimedia. Currently, more than 250 people, with up to 300 people. The Yoon, Myung-jin, who led the prime minister of the original Dungeon and Fighter, has done the mobile project and reflects the action game development know-how.

Dunpa Mobile is scheduled to be released on March 24th.

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