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Hogwarts Legacy creators talk about including Quidditch

One of the most expected games for this year was Hogwarts Legacy , bet of wb games that places us in an open world set in the magical universe of Harry Potter. and inside This story, many wondered if the sport par excellence of the work will appear, the Quidditch , before this its creators already have an answer.

Avalanche mentioned that it will not be possible to access the sport of the magical world, but that there are alternatives for those looking for a height experience, this thanks to a free displacement through the broom. Also, it is included on the flight in the hypogryph, iconic creature of the work that is of great importance in the third book and film.


Here you can check the comment:

Quidditch cannot be played at Hogwarts Legacy. However, this does not mean the purpose of flying, since you can travel Hogwarts in your broom between magic lessons and compete with other students. The broom flight to cross and the challenges of broom racing are part of the game. Players can also fly brooms to explore new and family places surrounding Hogwarts Castle.

Given this, some users have ended up disappointed, but it is somewhat understandable that the Quidditch is absent, since developers have fully focused on exploration as well as the different classes. This is added to visits to nearby towns, characteristics that other games of this same franchise did not have.

Remember that the game is released on February 10, 2023. **

LOL: OMG breaks a streak of more than 5 years of defeats against a historical rival of the LPL

In the competitive world, either in sports or eSports, everyone has a nemesis, an opponent who always manages to overcome. Easily, with difficulty, successfully, at home, outdoors, it rains or snow, it is impossible to win. However, many times it happens that this enemy that you can never overcome finally falls in front of you. Yesterday, a Chinese team of the LPL ended up overcoming its curse; after 1936 days of failures, it finally won a fight against its greatest nemesis: Edg.

A statistical so differential that impacts

The team that can give a great sigh of relief is oh my God (OMG). The ninth best team of the current LPL season managed to defeat Edg (the World Champions) after exactly 1936 days without winning them. 1936 days is more than 46,000 hours, more than 63 months and more than 5 years. Tell how better it seems to you, but it was becoming very long. To finish this sad series, OMG has needed 3 games (2-1) and a Shyvanna in Top to win.

Historically, however, Edg retains a great advantage. There have been 31 confrontations with OMG in history with 25 victories, 3 draws and only 3 losses (2014, 2017 and 2022). You can hardly find such unfavorable statistics in the major leagues of today.

EDG and OMG, two historical structures of the LPL

Edg is a structure that necessarily speaks to League of Legends fans since Worlds won last year, defeating Dwg Kia in the grand finale. In his record he also won 1 MSI (2015) and 6 times the LPL. When you know the competitiveness of the Chinese league, this statistic obviously inspires respect. Present to the highest level since 2014, it is a mammoth of the scene as well as T1 in the LCK or FNATIC in the LEC (or LCS EU).

For its part, OMG has a less impressive history but it is also a classic of the competition. The structure has existed since 2012 and participated in the first Split of the LPL in history (spring of 2013). He had also won her by beating Positive Energy with a roster that belongs to another era: Gogoing, Lovelin, Cool, San and Bigpomelo . The purists will appreciate it, but these names surely do not have to tell you much. Since then, the water has run under the bridges and the team no longer belongs to the upper part of the classification, but by ending this unlikely series of defeats, OMG is taking a breath of fresh air.

Foto: Lol eSports


Competition for Jurassic Park: Heavy steam community commemorates Dino

Video clip games with dinosaurs are extremely preferred, but in addition to Jurassic World Evolution or Dino Crisis, sadly, few games concentrate on the primeval lizards. No marvel that The Island is so preferred on Steam-we had the ability to obtain to know the game on among the biggest German web servers.

  • By the method: In the last Neighborhood X trip, we saw gamers who have actually been protecting a failed to remember shooter for 17 years

Dino fans in the Isle: I’m not going away below!

Mr. Jesus, the server supervisor, and also administrator Asuna led us via the outstanding video game and also presented us an incredibly passionate community. In the adhering to video clip you can accompany us there.

We thank you for the invitation to the Paradise web server and also continue to want the area satisfied dino quest. I make certain to allow us recognize when toxin dinosaurs and individuals are inserted. Until after that we say: life locates a method.

In 2015, The Isle was released in the Heavy steam very early gain access to and also offers the players a comprehensive dino survival gameplay -with every little thing that opts for it: raise your very own dino, satisfy your demands and battle other dinosaurs. Some time ago we obtained an invite from Paradise , one of the largest German The Isle web server.

The latest video of the newly developed “Craft Pier” development, which is full of beautiful girls and a chaotic open world survival

30 New Upcoming PC SURVIVAL Games in 2022 & 2023 ► Best Open World, Crafting, Base Building!
From May 20, 2022 (Fri) to May 26, 2022 (Thursday), GAMESpark’s top 5 articles read this week Gem Spa Ranking , abbreviated. It is time for Weekly Spaan *. It is also recommended for those who want to review for a week and want to know quickly because they are busy!

5th place-“Slowly farce drama” issue, Touhou original author, Nico Douga, statement

The trademark issue of the “slow farce drama” which was ranked in last week’s Weekly Spanun. On May 15, 2022, Youtuber’s Yuzuha acquired the trademark rights of “Slowly Tea Baseball” and announced that “100,000 yen per year is required for the use of this trademark.” It started with.

On the other hand, it will operate a video posting site “Nico Nico Douga” with “ZUN”, the original “Shanghai Alice Genrakudan”, which is the original creator of “Touhou Project”, and a video posting site with a large power. Dwango has issued a statement indicating his views on each riot.

The “slow farce drama” problem that does not fit, the Touhou original author, Nico Douga, makes each statement-ZUN “The” slow farce drama “as a secondary creation does not have the effect of trademark rights.”

4th place-“Taiko Ritachi Shishiden V DX” previous work utilization know-how

This work is a reception game released on May 19, 2022 for PC/Nintendo Switch. This is a work that adds a new element by HD remastering “Taiko Ri-Shiden V” released in 2004, and you can enjoy a variety of occupations such as samurai, ninjas, and pirates in the Warring States period.

This work is equipped with a creative tool that allows you to create the contents of the game literally. The script for the previous work, which has been released on the Internet, can be used in this work, and this article carefully introduces how to use it. In addition, for users who are familiar with their skills, we will also tell you about changes from the previous script that you found in your own survey.

The degree of freedom that spreads in the newly-produced masterpiece “Taiko Lady Shishiden V DX” user production event! Previous event utilization know-how [special feature]

3rd place- Report that the procedure for abandonment of the “slowly farce drama” trademark rights

River Community Coyu.live has revealed that Youtuber’s Yuzuha reported on the official Twitter account that “starts abandoned procedures **”.

What was revealed this time is that Yuzuha will launch the procedure for abandonment of the trademark right, which is the starting point. After seeing it, the response as coyu.live will end. The following tweet, Monday, refers to May 23, and if the procedure is not started, the chairman of the association and the secretary-general stated that “we will provide strict guidance.” 。

After that, on May 24, Mr. Yuzuha was registered because it was difficult to fulfill its original purpose due to slander and defamation, false, and forged information. It has been announced that the application has been made.

Is this the end? The registrant reports that the abandonment procedure of the “Slow Tea Baseball” will start on May 23

2nd place-New work developed “Craft Pier” “Pal World” New Trailer Released

The latest new work “ Palworld “, a new work, which is given by the “Craft Pier” development pocket pair on the Indie Game Information Program “INDIE LIVE EXPO 2022” held on May 21st and 22nd. The video has been released.

This work is an open world survival game where you can collect mysterious creatures “Pal” in a vast world, fight, breed, help with agricultural work, and work in factories. In the published video, you can check the beautiful graphic world with Pal, and also check the battle with wild Pal (player characters also fight).

“Palworld” will be released on PC (Steam) in 2022.

“Pokemon” x “Craft Pier” Open World Survival “Pal World” New Trailer! [Indie Live EXPO 2022]

1st place- Beautiful Girl Open World Survival “Girls’ Civilization 3” Store page release

This is an open world survival RPG full of beautiful girls. This is the third work following the first work “Girls ‘Civilization” released in 2020 and the second work “Girls’ Civilization 2”, which also supports VR.

The “Girls’ Civilization” series is a character creator that can change the detailed specifications without any male characters at all, and a work that allows you to enjoy a highly flexible journey. In this work, the story is still implemented, and it seems that you can experience the main quest containing 51,000 characters. The game system is adopted by Permades (permanent death), and when going to a dangerous place to get resources, it can die due to predation creatures, bandits, and severe weather conditions. It is necessary to be careful.

“Girls’ Civilization 3” is scheduled to start early access around the summer of 2022.

Beautiful Girl Open World Survival RPG “Girls’ Civilization 3” Early access starts around the summer of 2022-The latest series of chaotic worlds

The most read this week was the article of the open world survival “Girls’ Civilization 3” full of beautiful girls! By the way, it does not support the Japanese interface, but it seems to support Japanese full voice and subtitles.

Also, if you are interested, please see here if you are worried about the first play report of “Girls’ Civilization”!

Milestone: Licensed Superbike

While MotoGP fans are supplied by Milestone annually with a new video game as their favorite racing series, fans of Superbike World Championship have been looking into the tube for some time. With SBK generations, the last officially licensed console title dates to the superbike world championship from 2012. By 2018, some offshoots for mobile devices was followed. Like now Milestone-CEO Luisa Bixio during the quarterly business conference of the Embracer Group, who has announced the Italian Developer Studio since the Koch Media Takeover in February 2018, the thirst for thirst will soon have an end. So, according to Bixio, the license for the motorcycle race series known under the abbreviation “SBK” has been secured and planning with the publication of a title in July of this year.

Twey Anime gets his first band

Last updated July 4, 2020

tiktoks if you don't have a valentine

The World Ends With You always seemed to require anime adaptation. Now, this feverish wish is granted. Domerica and the Shin-EI animation work with Square Enix to give life to history a series should come out next year. The first trailer looks exactly like what you had imagined, somehow.

Several members of the original production team come back for the realization of the series. Tetsuya Nomura will also be involved, assuming the role of creative producer. The animation looks like a mixture of 2D and 3D techniques, the artistic style being directly extracted from the original game. The adaptation is so faithful that it is almost disturbing, honestly.

Everything from the character’s design to the distribution of voices to the special effects, is drawn directly from the game. If you have never played it or if you have simply forgotten, the story revolves around a Tags team subjected to a series of events in an alternative version of Shibuya. The whole of the aesthetic looks like a graffiti and an anime passing through a fine mesh and splashed on the whole screen. You can consult the trailer below! I hope we will soon have a concrete release date.

God of was: all 9 walkers

We experience such a more adventure and leg-hard struggles, while we accompany Kratos and Atreus through the story of God of War.

With Kratos and Atrus we experience in God of was some struggles.. But the hardest conflicts of the main history are optional: because in the world nine walkers are hidden, which first discovered and of course need to be defeated.

Is it worth it? Yes! The challenge is great, but is very well rewarded. Among other things, your legendary armor parts can be caught. Here we show you where you can find the walkers and how to conjure her queen.

Important: To achieve all walkles in the game, you need the chisel that you will receive in the course of chapter 7 of the action. This opens the Odin’s chambers in which the first six walkers hide. An overview of all chapters, you will find in our guide for the season.

Here you find the walkers in God of War


You find Gunnr at Thamurs’s body, in the Odin’s chamber near the investor.


Map game world



Kara’s chamber finds her in the puzzle cellar of the witch. Uses Atreus’ light arrows to hit bridges and its flash arrows to release the chamber.


Map game world



On the way to the mountain your Sindris happens and comes to a few hohnstars and the elevator past the mountain. Keep right and get to Geidriful’s chamber.


Map game world



About the entrance at the foot of the mountain, you run through the caves in the big hall with the elevator. There you will find the next Odin chamber with walker EIR.


Map game world



As soon as you can travel to Helheim with Atreus, he helps you with a lightning arrow to open the next Odin’s chamber.


Map game world



In Alfheim, on the northwestern beach of the lake, you attach to follow the local cave entrance to the entrance of the nearest chamber.


Map game world



Göndul is part of the last Muspelheim exam, at the top of the mountain. You must first complete all previous checks in normal mode.


Map game world


__0 __3

more on the subject

God of was – so you come to Niflheim and Muspelheim



Hildr hides in Ivaldis workshop in Niflheim. If you always take the left turn, you are at your destination as soon as possible.


Map game world



Did you defeat all eight walkers, you can challenge your leader. Travels to the council of walkles in the northeast of the lake. If you put the captured walkures helmets on the respective chairs, a world crack that starts with the distance (!) Hardest fight in the game.

GOD OF WAR 4 All Valkyrie Boss Fights (PS4 PRO 60FPS)


Map game world


So you defeat the walkeys

  • The right order : starts best with the valleys in the Odin’s chambers. These are first more easier to reach and secondly to defeat a bit easier.

  • In the beginning, properly divides… : If you start the fight, the walkers need a moment to “awaken”. During this time you can already do harm.

  • … and then first go back : Afterwards, keep away and studies the respective attack patterns and skills. Always follow the yellow and red warnings and keep your block up.

  • Do not forget Atreus : ensures that Atreus’ quiver never remains full. His arrows can make an important contribution and do not cost anything, except for a pressure on the square key.

  • Interrupted attacks from the air : Atreus can also interrupt dangerous skills from the air. If a walker rises up and prepares for a heavy attack, a shot is enough to stun it. Alternatively, you can also throw your ax.

  • Heilsteine ​​can stun : The valleys often let healstones fall after they hit them hard. If you collect them while the valkyrie is wrong, she will be stunned briefly and you can properly balance damage.

  • Selects the right rune attacks : We advise you to exchange rune attacks with long animations before fighting. Once you do not meet, you will hang in the animation while the walker can cause massive damage.

  • uses your rage : Your Rage can be used to share damage. Alternatively, you can get a small breather, as you do not collect damage to active rage and even heals you with the light attacks.

Sigrún – The Best Of The Walkers

After you have defeated the individual walkers, you should keep the fighting in mind, as the fight against Sigrún is a kind of best-of the whale shortcomings.

It has almost all the attack patterns and skills of their sisters and demands maximum attention and strong reflexes. Before the fight, you should also increase your own equipment level as to 7 or 8 as possible. Of course, you always have the opportunity to adapt the difficulty level for individual struggles. That’s why we mention that because especially the fight against Sigrún itself is easily a big challenge and with nothing from the rest of the game. 0 __3 more on the subject God of was: the best armor for Kratos and how you get God of was and stays one of the best games of the PS4 era. On Sonys’s current console you can play the adventure with butter soft 60fps now. In addition, the game has been published for the PC this year. How did you fander the fighting against the beam doors and kapped your Sigrún?

Kapia is preparing to tell her story on January 25

Get ready to explore a world that needs to be saved. The independent developer’s puzzle adventure 2FOR2, Kappa, is preparing to embark on his story tomorrow. A press release on the game provides more details on history. In addition, the version speaks of control schemes, puzzles, etc.

Kappa places the player in the perspective of a grandfather and granddaughter duo. The Kappa’s world is a broken world in two. Two coalitions at war, east and west, and people living in domes. The player will play both as a grandfather and granddaughter as they discover the crises that broke their world.

The game offers both a point-click and a modern approach to exploration. The players will play two points of view of the grandfather, Stefan, and the granddaughter, Deny. Each perspective will offer a unique story when they work towards a common goal.

A trailer, published last year, gives players a glimpse of the artistic style of the game and gameplay. In addition, the trailer helps to showcase the story.

The style of the game seems animated and can give players the impression of participating in a show. You can see a mixture of medieval and modern, funky and elegance. It is the world of Kappa. And he needs help.

Kappa should go out tomorrow 25 January. He will come out on PC via Steam. Are you ready to dive into Kappa’s apocalyptic world? Do you think you need to save the world?

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