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Your mother hates Dead Space 2, this w the delirious promotional campaign of EA

During the history of the video game we have witnessed promotional campaigns of all kinds. Little may surprise us today, but many will not remember how Electronic Arts promoted one of his star titles for the 2011 campaign. Under the slogan Your mother hates Dead Space 2, the company put ladies to age tickets in front of Bloody moments of the adventure starring Isaac Clarke. The result? Screams and huffed faces.

My God, can they kill you so ft? That uncle h been cut in half, plee…, says participant number 124 in front of the camera. I think it is very scary, and I am not very comfortable, shares the participant number 97. The promotional campaign w linked to an action on Twitter where it w the users themselves who could share the reactions of their mothers in front of the game. The objective: choose to win a PS3 of Dead Space 2.

Way to Dead Space Remake

The Dead Space franchise will return to the present first line on January 27, 2023, exclusively for PS5, Xbox Series X | S and PC systems. The remake of the first installment will mark a complete renewal of the success that catapulted Visceral Games. In Meditation we psed through its first three levels a few weeks ago, some impressions in which we said that it showed one of the best lighting systems in the sector.


Dead Space Remake h pleantly surprised us. It is more colorful than we expected and is renovated in the graphic in the playable, we said. Visceral’s work w already enjoying enough virtues and incentives to dazzle without current flourishes, but with them, he only reaffirmed a mterpiece of the genre to which we had not realized everything we missed it. At the audiovisual level it h several sections of the most leading we have seen and the changes to the controls are appreciated. You can read the full text here.

Take the first glance of Evil Dead Rise

Today is officially Halloween, so the celebrations are everywhere, either in video games with special events, and of course, the movies were going to be out of list. For that reason, Warner Bros. and New Line Cinema They have decided to release the first look at Evil Dead Rise , Zombies franchise that had already announced his return.

This delivery comes after Ash. The Evil Dead, television series that brought to Bruce Campbell back to the franchise, and received green light after failed attempts to make a sequel that would have joined the Stories of Army of Darkness of 1992 and the remake of 2013 . Here you can see the first look at the Dead ite monster that will appear on the tape.

This is what the film’s producer mentioned, Sam Rail , regarding the choice of the director for the product, Lee Cronin :

He had always liked Evil Dead, and I loved The Hole in the Ground. And they brought that image to the executives with whom I worked and showed it to me and thought, this is really a great director. And we met and talked and said he really liked The Evil Dead. And I said, then, why don’t you do the new one? I think you are the type of person I would like to do. He said, great. Let’s go. We made a script and gave him notes, and he made some changes and then raised money for the movie and went to New Zealand to film her with my partner, Rob Taper. Now Bruce Campbell is working with him in sound postproduction.

For now, it is only said that Evil Dead Rise premieres in 2023 .

Via: Comic book

Editor’s note : This franchise has always been very interesting, especially to see these October dates. So, it will be interesting to see her back in the following year in the movie theaters.

Evil Dead the Game: Not so groovy – the multiplayer

Sam Raimis Tanz-der-Teufel films, the trilogy degree of the army of darkness, which has played in the past, and also the three seasons, which is unfortunately set too early, are cult. Fans from all over the world love the mixture of horror and Klamauk and of course the awesome protagonist Ash Williams embodied by B-Movie icon Bruce Campbell. However, the S-Mart seller with the chainsaw and the boom stick, which is a little too convinced of himself, were not really good video game implementations.

However, this should change, because Saber Interactive, the makers of World was z, now released an asymmetrical multiplayer game to the Evil-Dead franchise, which is walking on the footsteps of Dead by Daylight and Left 4 Dead and a lot of fan Service should offer. Of course we fell on the game like ~~ Lothar Matthäus ~~ A Kandarian demon on a college girl and tell you why Evil Dead: The Game remains behind his possibilities, but at least fans of the dance-the-tea template is entertained for a short time.

Evil Dead: The Game in the test

  1. Page 1evil Dead the Game: The multiplayer scattering in the test – Page 1
    1. 1.1 game of survival
  2. Page 2evil Dead the Game: The multiplayer scattering in the test – Page 2
    1. 2.1Vier friends you have to be

  1. Page 3evil Dead the Game: The multiplayer scattering in the test – Page 3
    1. 3.1Demonomania
  2. Page 4evil Dead the Game: The multiplayer scattering in the test – Page 4
    1. 4.1bonus for soloists
  3. Page 5evil Dead the Game: The multiplayer scattering in the test – Page 5
    1. 5.1trotddem no flop
  4. Page 6bildergalerie for “Evil Dead the Game in the test: Not even so groovy…”

  5. Open up

Evil Dead: The Game | REVIEW | Gar nicht mal so groovy

game of survival

Each character can also be improved with different skills. However, this is a bit stupid, because you do not automatically get the skill points with a step climb, but only have to spend the points deserved in the character menu for a skill point. Yes, it is as stupid as it sounds.

Page 1 Evil Dead the Game: The multiplayer scattering in the test – Page 1

Page 2 Evil Dead the Game: The multiplayer scattering in the test – Page 2

Page 3 Evil Dead the Game: The multiplayer scattering in the test – Page 3

Page 4 Evil Dead the Game: The multiplayer scattering in the test – Page 4

Page 5 Evil Dead the Game: The multiplayer scattering in the test – Page 5

Page 6bildergalerie for Evil Dead the Game in the test: Not even so groovy…

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It is not a case where it is seen in big tits! Hardcore TPS “Wanted: DEAD” Valentines Day Trailer Released

110 Industries has published Valentine’s Day Trailer of Hardcore TPS “ Wanted: Dead “.

This work is a hardcore TPS under development of Soleil involved in “Ninja Gaiden” and “Dead or Alive”. It is characterized by brilliant Katana close combat and gun action on the SF world Hong Kong.

In the trailer, as “I have carried out a red gift suitable for bloody book,” as a commentary, Bella & The Switchblades ‘INSPECTOR MILLS’ in BGM, a bloody fly stylish set in the office or Japanese garden You can check the rhythmic katana & cancer action that the characters are out of the number of combat scenes. This work has also delivered unique videos such as trailers that make tonkatsu with the popular cooking program “Vivienne’s Late Night Chow” in the game in the game.

Hardcore Shooting Action “WANTED: DEAD” is scheduled to be released in PS5 / Xbox Series X | S / PC in 2022.

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