~ Yummyu, please come back ~

The memory at that time is now forever.

“Chrono Cross” -The masterpiece representing the Mature Period of the General Playstation came back with full. The shock of the bright color and the mystery of the mysterious parallel world, the mystery of the mysterious parallel world, and the shock of the theme song “CHRONO CROSS ~ time scratch ~”. A series of production from the last battle to ending will surely be baked in the memory of many players. While showing the excitement between the cross scenario “Complex Dream” and the Arrange album, the Arrange Album, the Arrange Album, and the Concert, there should be few people who had a remarkable version.

In the “Chrono Cross: Radical Dolly Mars Edition”, it was one of the “Chrono” series, but it was difficult to obtain “Radical Dolly Mars-Don’t Steal Jewelry-“. It is a title that is appropriate to call the main generation of various refined machines for the current generation machine. For the release of April 7, GAME * SPARK received a preceding play opportunity for the media, so we will deliver a play report centered on the “cross” unique system and remaster additional function.

# “Chrono Cross” – Wait for the end point of “Time dream”

The main character Sergu (all friends can be renamed), a boy who lives in the sunshine Ellnid Islands. When he has, he will be skipped from the “Opera Beach” near the village to the parallel world. There, no one knowed that I was dead by myself without knowing my presence. Sergewell as “ghost” that must not exist, there will be a girl “Kid” with a thief-

The world of “Chrono Cross” is a parallel world where two of the world ‘Home’ ‘Home’ ‘Home’ and “Another Another” that are not dead are in parallel. While traveling through the two worlds through the “Operasa Beach”, which is the divergence point of destiny, we will clarify the reason why the parallel world occurred. Since the main character is replaced with the protagonist “Chrono Trigger”, you can enjoy the narrative even if you have a “trigger” unplay, but if you have a margin, you will find a “trigger” and find a connection with “Cross” please.

There are the same person who followed another destiny in the parallel world, and it is called person A (home) and person B (Another). Both homes and nonsars may appear in the people who become friends, and it is not uncommon to solve problems across the two worlds. Even if you live happily in one world, they are in frustration in the other world. What did you do? Imagine that and solve mystery is the fun of “Chrono Cross”.

The important item obtained can be presented to the NPC, and it is also possible that surprising reactions will be returned if you show the person without meaning in the progress of the story.

Basically, the device is no hint and there is no kind icon or notes at this time. I will try to find out the suspicious part from the end, try to find a means of thinking, and I can not advanced with an unexpected oversight, as the map is a large part of the map, which is a narrow distributing search.

The points that can be saved are also limited, and the game is interrupted except for the Save Point “Book of Fate” and World Map and can not stop the game. Even if you get stuck in the middle of the dungeon, the severity of the PS generation, from the next save, remains as it is. There is an auto save at one place, but be careful about the timing to exit the game.

This work has more than one of the familiar assist functions in the remastered work, and it became easy to play even if you want to enjoy only busy people and stories. The highlights are still enjoying the “trial time transmission” that was fun after clearing. Since the progress of the entire game can be speeded up and slowed for slow playback, it is a little troublesome when it is a bit troublesome, so it will arrive in no time.

The battle system is somewhat complicated and managing “stamina” and “element” is important. The characters have up to 7 points of stamina, and we will continuously perform the three-stage attack of “weak” “middle” “strong” and the element attack below.

“Weak” is 1 point, “middle” is 2 points, “strong” is 3 points, element is 7 points, and element only is consumed until the element is negative. For example, “strong” consumes a stamina twice to use a stamina until you use an element in the remaining 1 state. However, since the character acts in the order in which many stamina, the waiting time is long. It is a characteristic of “cross sequence battle” in this work, such as canceling and turning on another character in the middle of the attack.

Magic “Element” is obtained in various places as an item. This world is treated as a daily necessity in this world, such as selling in a general store. 6 Attributes Elements can not be used in battle if they do not set in advance to the slots of the character. Moreover, if you use it once, it will not revive during that battle, so you can only use three times if you have a large number of large numbers. After you use it, it will only attack and defense, so you need to think about how many times you want to use the powerful boss including recovery and assistance.

In addition to this, the power is increased or decreased by the “field effect” that changes with the usage history of the element. Using an element, the color of the attribute accordingly the field is full, the same attribute enhances, and the opposite attribute weakens. If this is used, if you know the powerful elements used by the boss, you can greatly weaken it by filling the field effect of the opposite attribute.

Since it is natural to look through the manual as it is a complicated battle system, as a matter of course, those who want to follow only the stories are the reimuster familiar “Encount off” “Encount Off”, “Invincible Mode” “Auto Battle”, etc. Let’s use it. Since the auto battle function does not use any element, it is used in conjunction with invincible mode or to switch to timely manually. In any case, how to use the element, thinking about it will be a key ** that defeats a strong enemy.

# “Radical Dreamers-Don’t Steal Jewelry-” -Reagent or no possible foam dream

“Radical Dreamers-No Stolf Jewelry-” is a Novel ADV format that is delivered through the Super National Peripheral Equipment “Satella View”. The satellal view that receives the BS wave data broadcast is essential to the installation of BS receiving antennas, and since the person who could receive the service has been limited, it has been aborted in only five years as the transition to the next generation machine. This work was one of the “programs” broadcasted, but the satelleview was finished, it was a phantom “Chrono” series that can only be played in saved memory.

It is a story of Thieves “Radical Dolly Mars” consisting of three people, Kid, Gil, but one of the scenarios “Kid stealing” is also a direct sequel to “Chrono Trigger”, “Chrono Cross” There are many elements that have been taken over, and the works I want to get as a fan. This time, transplantation is finally realized, and it is also great value.

As a game, it will be simple and chosen the option to meet text-based progression, which will advance exploring and fighting. In the battle, if it gets too damaged, let’s avoid no stupid when it is dangerous.

If you look at the production and music, there are many parts that you think “I see”. However, even if it is a continuation of “trigger”, “cross” is a completely different “A kind of parallel world”, so enjoy as “cross” and the story or the world’s direct connection.

Both titles are displayed in the original 4: 3. Choose from the three types of “normal” that appears, “full” and scraped “full” and slightly expanding “zoom”. You can not change during the game, but there is also an operation of the nostalgic “title reset”. It is a bit nice point just because it became unusual.

Speaking of “Chrono Cross”, I can not remove the ethnic music tone soundtrack that Mr. Yasuke Mitsuda. The remastered version has made high sound quality from the built-in sound source of the playstation, and has achieved clear sound without compromising the atmosphere at that time. If you lean your ears for heavy and fine percussions that were difficult in the playstation environment, the original may be a different impression.

In addition, this work invited the guest vocal from the familiar Anúna with Proxy Studio Marianam Abonnasa, Denmark Trad Band Dreamers’ Circus, “Zenoblade 2”, and a guest vocal from ANúna. * Also recorded. Please enjoy a total of eight songs by the luxury cloth.

This time I can not touch the story because of the play report, but the colorful and ugly story is gentle, it seems like a deep sea that is cruel. When I touched the “scratch” hidden in the bottom, what do you think and what do you feel?