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All Flying Pokemon Type and Their Strengths and Weaknesses

If you’re a Pokémon fan, then you know how important it is to have a handle on the type matchups between different Pokémon types. Knowing your flying-type Pokémon and their strengths and weaknesses can help you make informed decisions when entering matchups. In this article, we’ll run through all the flying-type Pokémon and how their strengths and weaknesses stack up against other types.

When it pertains to getting in matches such as weaknesses and strengths versus the different Pokémon types, it is a bit challenging to remember everyone.
Particularly now that we see new Mons with brand-new types of types and particular status-related abilities, it will be much more tough to keep in mind weaknesses.
Apart from that, these are all flying Pokémon counters, weaknesses and other treats you require to know.


Particularly because Pokémon Home will soon come to Pokémon Parmesan and purple, this will prove to be beneficial.

Fly all weaknesses of Pokémon of the type

Since there are a great deal of different pairs of types with flies, we will note more than simply list, whereas this one is weak, so here are the following weaknesses:
Flying-electrical, ice cream, rock
Flying/normal-electrical, ice cream, rock
Fly/fire-water, electrical, rock
Fly/water-electric , rock
Fly/electrical-ice cream, rock
Flying/grass-fire, ice
, flying, rocks
Fly/ice-fire, electrical, rock , steel
Flying/fighting-electrical, ice, flying, clairvoyant, fairy
Fly/poison-electrical, ice psychic, rock
Fly/floor-water ice
Fly/man-electrical, ice cream, rock, mind, dark.
Flying/beetle-fire, electrical, ice, flying, rocks .
Flying/rocks-water, electrical energy, ice, rock, steel.
Fly/spirit-electrical, ice cream, rock, mind, dark.
Flying dragon-ice
, rock, dragon, fairy.
Flying/dark-electrical, ice cream, rock, fairy.
Flying/steel-fire, electrics.
Fly/fairy-electrical, fight, poison, stone, steel.
All strong guys noted with an asterisk.
Suggest that they cause 4 times more damage compared to the double incredibly effective type.
This can be utilized for your benefit if you compete against Pokémon with a double weak point. It is good to understand that soil motions do not work versus you in general if it is about battling versus other flying Pokémon.
Naturally you have levitated in your sets.
So things like Earthquake and other moves like mud strikes do not work.
You ought to know whether the Pokémon focus more on a particular value such as HP, attack, defense, and so on or not.
It would be a pain to utilize something like a physically attacking Pokémon like a Paw mot versus a Corviknight that has a strong defense value.
It would make more sense to use something like a slowed bite, since it can make the most of the low SP from Corviknight in this example.
Defense stats.
Find out what Pokémon might be characterized so that you do not need to crawl around in the middle of the game to discover what certain flying types can do to protect yourself and knock them out of the competitors!
Pokémon scarlet red and violet.
Are now readily available specifically for the Nintendo Switch.
– This short article was updated on December 20, 2022.

Guerrilla Games is Recruiting For An Online And Multiplayer Horizon.

Guerrilla Games is taking their popular Horizon series to the next level by looking for new recruits to help them in creating an online and multiplayer experience. Find out more about Guerrilla Games’ plans and what this could mean for the future of the series in this blog article!

With Horizon Zero Dawn and Horizon: Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games is a specialty of the gamers in vast impressive frescoes-but previously, playable solo.
We understand that the Dutch designer is considering the online video game (from the last year, the studio currently recruited professionals from online video games and MMORPG) and now, Guerrilla Games formalizes his ambitions.
On social networks, Guerrilla Games formalizes the advancement of numerous jobs, including a multiplayer online game based upon the Horizon license (the online task or op): the studio defines that the moon of its internal groups are presently working on a job.
Online autonomous based upon Universe Horizon, which should be based on brand-new characters (and not emblematic Ally of the previous opus), display a stylized appearance and allow gamers to tire the majestic expanses Horizon Ensemble.
At the very same time, Guerrilla Games declares to continue dealing with a license solo opus (the SP project, for Single Gamer) and likewise stimulates an external job (the External Project or EP).


And for the entire of these projects, the designer recruits massively.

The offers of employment provide a couple of details, however the designer is searching for engineers who will lay the structures for his network infrastructure (based upon Amazon services and Cloud innovations), and even authors with experience in the RPG in RPGs.
Open world, in online video games and MMORPG.
While waiting to read more about this Online Job, we will also wonder to find more on the External Job insofar as the rumor stimulates a partnership between Guerrilla Games and Soft around the Horizon license.
It might be the job in concern here and which also generates recruitments at Guerrilla to collaborate its development with its partner.

Crash Bandicoot: On The Run To Close Its Servers


While only a few weeks ago it was confirmed that a new Crash Bandicoot game is already in development, today it has been revealed that Crash Bandicoot: On The Run already has the days counted.
That’s right, King plans to close the servers of this title in early 2023.
Through a new statement, it has been confirmed that Crash Bandicoot: On The Run, a game that reached mobile devices in March 2021, will close its servers on February 16, 2023. Together with this, it is already impossible at this time
spend real money in the virtual store of the title.
This was what was said about it:

It has meant a lot to give life to your favorite Crash characters, and we have honestly loved to make this game.
Thank you for spending your time with us, and we hope you join us in one of our many other games.
All those with some type of currency even in their profiles have until next February to spend their resources, or lose them completely.
Undoubtedly, news that will not be liked by all those who have already invested a lot of time and money in this title.
Remember, Crash Bandicoot servers: On The Run will close on February 16, 2023. On related topics, you can learn more about the next Crash Bandicoot game here.

Editor’s note:
This is inevitable.
Regardless of how successful a game is, eventually servers have to close.
In this case, it seems that the title did not meet King’s expectations, something that already seems to be a trend with Crash Bandicoot.

Hogwarts Legacy: Do The Graphics Hide A Bad Gameplay?

In less than two months, one of the most anticipated games will be launched by the community, Hogwarts Legacy, which will be on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series in the month of February.
At that time the opportunity will be given so that all fans of the saga enjoy an open world that looks splendid.
And if the appearance of the Harry Potter game is really dazzling (saying otherwise it would collide enough), many followers are worried about the content itself: will it be interesting enough?

The Harry Potter game that all fans have been waiting

It is possible that Hogwarts Legacy graphics are not perfect, but they are much more beautiful and surprising than the players expected at first.
We only have to remember the first images of the game and evolution during the two State of Play of 2022.
However, more journalists and future buyers of Hogwarts Legacy is beginning to be seen concerned about the content of the latter.
Wouldn’t it be the beauty of the title, ultimately, just a cover that hides a very flat and short game of content?
Personally, we do not believe it and throughout the article we will try to explain why
First, let’s not forget that Hogwarts Legacy is the first game of the Harry Potter license that shows such an ambitious project.
We move away from the simple works taken from the films and offer fans the opportunity to embody their own magician or witch in a vast world that allows them to explore every corner of Hogwarts Castle and its surroundings.
Two very important things that, in truth, are enough for themselves.

The target audience of Warner Bros. Games and Avalanche Software is mainly formed by Potter heads that will be fully satisfied by marveling at the slightest detail in the Sorcery School, finding Easter-Eggs everywhere and freely discover mythical places like Hogsmeade.
For other players, who enjoy the saga but nothing more, the exploration of the castle will probably be secondary and may be much more interested in duels, the stage and all the additional activities offered by this title.

What does Hogwarts Legacy offer us?

If you have followed the different trailers and game sessions, you know, in broad strokes, what can be done (or not) in the game.
Here you have a list of several of these things that you can try and explore in this title:
Create your own magician or witch with various customization combinations,
Explore Hogwarts Castle freely, room per room,
Explore the open world around school,
Become a friend of the students of each house and complete their special missions,
Train to fight with the Duel Club,
Participate in the different classes of the school,
You can fly with the broom or the hypocrisy,
Learn spells (and even the unforgivable curses),
Find types of scrolls to complete your collection,
Solve Merlin riddles scattered throughout the open world,
Collect ingredients for their potions (and prepare them),
Use and decorate the room of the needy as you want,
Save fantastic animals from poachers and take care of them in their magical greenhouse,
Complete secondary missions with different students and magicians outdoors,
Buy clothes and other equipment in Hogsmeade (even have your own store thanks to Sony’s exclusive search),
TeletransPort yourself through the many points of the chimney network.
We are sure that this list is not complete, since the developers were careful not to reveal everything.
Several times, the Community Manager, Chandler Wood, repeated that it is only the tip of the iceberg, as if the game still gave us many surprises.
If the open world seems quite empty, it should be remembered that Hogwarts Legacy is probably, above all, a contemplative game and that everything has not yet been shown.
If we take a good look at the last game sample, we can also see the different icons in the minimal during exploration: dungeons, missions, chests, resources to collect, NPC but also puzzles that seem to be scattered everywhere.
Especially since there are still so many things to discover about the game… How will the currency work, for example?
How can we win the house’s cup if it really exists as indicated in trophy filtration?
Of course, it is normal to disappoint with certain characteristics that are missing in the title: Quidditch, the multiplayer option among others.


But is the commitment to Hogwarts Legacy won with everything shown?
Its two postponements will have allowed Avalanche Software to improve it completely and now that its development is finished, only a real error could prevent the Got of many players from being.

Some black points have already spoiled what should be a masterpiece, but nothing too serious at the moment.
I am thinking in particular to be able to use the unfavorable curses in abundance as if it were normal when they are powerful spells that are supposed to only a few magicians such as Voldemort or Dumbledore can dominate.
In the game, it is simply to train in a combat sand where it is possible to kill chain enemies, but it has been specified that everyone can learn these famous spells.
Finally, we do not believe that Hogwarts Legacy hides a low gameplay under its beauty.
And even if it was, what has been presented to us for a few months seems enough to convince any fan of Harry Potter.
Now, from a more objective point of view, it is the game as a whole that will have to be judged on February 10: the redundancy of the missions, the addictive progression or not, etc.
Explore Hogwarts Castle for 8 hours to find all its secrets is fine, but it will also require the stage to be well armed, fights as fluid as they seem and a real interest in improving your team.

How to get Henry Cavills Witcher 3 armor and weapons.

The Netflix The Witcher series has earned the hearts of Trivia Gerald fans and one of the main reasons has a name and surname: Henry Cavill, the actor who gives life to the sorcerer.
The new generation or Next Gen version of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt has its armor… but you must overcome a hidden mission to get its diagram.

Then tell you how and where to get it.

Henry Cavill armor in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

The mission that hides the wolf’s forgotten team begins west of Erfurt.
Search for the map a structure or circular strength.
The mission is activated when talking with failure, priest of eternal fire.


It is on the road, next to a car and the fast travel post, and is called the shadow of eternal fire.
Talk to the priest, listen to his pleas and accept the order.
The mission recommends level 14-15, so consider it before going like a rocket for the armor.
I do not recommend going with less level for the challenge that awaits you.
The mission is not too long if you go straight to the goal, although I recommend exploring well and read all the documents because there are winks to the Netflix series and books.
It has no loss, advances until the end of the mission, where you will find a very familiar character and a fight against a world manager.
Remember to use the right sword, take one or two lightning potions to increase the damage and always have an active queen to avoid a blow.
When you finish the battle, the enemy’s body has the diagrams of the forgotten wolf team.
Includes armor, pants, gloves, boots, steel sword and silver sword.
This is the basic team.
At the same time, the mission is unlocked: Treasury Search: Forgotten Team Diagrams of the Wolf School.
You must go to the Keyed Moorhen library (north of the map) to unlock the improved complete equipment.

Horizon With Online Co-op: Guerrilla Is Hiring 17 More Employees, New Project In The Horizon Universe

Guerrilla, the studio behind the popular console game and also the upcoming Horizon: Zero Dawn, is looking for new employees. They are looking for a total of 17 people who are supposed to work on the next online project in the Horizon Universe. Along with that, if you like playing video games and would like to help Guerrilla with their newest game, visit to see open positions at Guerrilla Games!

Already at the beginning of the year, the rumors ranked for even more brand-new titles that are expected to appear after Horizon Forbidden West.
With Horizon Call of the Mountain, we currently know from a spin-off for PSVR 2. Further, titles need to be a third main part, an online offshoot in the Beast Hunter World style and a multiplayer shooter.
Guerrilla has actually now begun an extremely extensive job search and has actually confirmed among the 3 speculated titles.

HORIZON gets new spin-offs with online cage

In the task description on Twitter, Guerrilla is searching for an overall of 17 new individuals who are supposed to accept jobs in areas such as animation and programming.
It is about a totally brand-new Horizon title that has not yet been formally revealed:
Advised editorial material
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Link to the Twitter material
What kind of game will it be?
In the application there is talk of an online task in the Horizon universe.
The video game world should be able to be experienced together with friends, which recommends that this is a multiplayer video game.
Considering that Horizon can not be populated by numerous alloys in online mode, this time we slip into the role of brand-new characters.
Guerrilla likewise speaks of the reality that the title must provide a special elegant look.
Just what we have to anticipate remains uncertain.
The most recent Horizon video reveals how spectacular the fights in Horizon: Call of the Mountain look:

job descriptions expose more information

That’s not all: In the private task descriptions for the online project, periodic details can be found in what we can think of under the Horizon video game.
There will in fact be battles in the Beast Hunter style.


In the task description of the Senior Machine Fight Designer, it is said that mechanical challengers are to be produced that supply spectacular, challenging and keeping in mind struggles that are to be mastered in co-op mode.

Therefore, the mechanical challengers might end up being as difficult as in the Beast Hunter series.
Here, too, gamers were able to collaborate to fight larger beasts together, each required various techniques.
This must probably come to life after a Horizon game in the co-op style of Beast Hunter World:
58 0
more on the subject
Horizon Absolutely no Dawn 2 requirements Loop in the style of Beast Hunter World
Is it just with beasts?
With closer inspection of the job description of the Lead Battle designer, it is noticeable that there is not only mechanical engineering as an opponent.
The future designer is also accountable for a wide number of human opponents who need to be dominated in cooperative battles.
What would you like to desire from a Horizon title with an online co-op?

The European Union Wants A Ban On Big Televisions

A new eu directive threatens a ban on large televisions.
The associations fear that technical progress is slowed down.
Dortmund-for some it is a means to an end, for others a status symbol.
In any case, a large television ensures a special film or series evening on the couch.
But a new eu directive could now thwart the whole thing.

from for big television: ban on new EU rule threatens

Keyword invoice: As so much in 2022, it is a measure for electricity saving.
This time it is the design regulation, which, in addition to the energy efficiency directive, is a central tool in terms of electricity consumption.
While the energy efficiency directive is aimed at consumers and provides help to buy economical devices, the design regulation deals with the environmentally friendly design of products and is aimed at the manufacturers.
It should be tightened from March 1, 2023.
This also affects the size of TVs and monitors, which is to save electricity.

New guideline in favor of the electricity saving: TV with high resolution obtained sharper limit

Essentially, the energy efficiency interest rate (WEI) is to be adjusted.
With Full HD displays, it is at a maximum of 0.9, for 4K screens at 1.1.
OLED screens receive a correction factor in the formula for the calculation.
So far, an energy efficiency index for 8K screens and self-illuminating micro LEDs have so far been excluded from the directive.
That should change from March 2023 (more digital at ).

On the one hand, the correction factor for OLED screens should be omitted.
On the other hand, TV with an 8K screen resolution (7680 x 4320 pixels) and micro-LED displays should remain below an ea value of 0.9.
Full HD screens are corrected to 0.75.
The specialist portal reports, among other things, of the adaptation.

Full-HD, 4K, OLED can create new rules-8K and micro-LED TV before the end

According to, manufacturers such as Samsung or Phillips assume that television will master the hurdles with 4K or OLED displays.
Panasonic is also confident about most models.
Kicks to meet the design guideline are not only technical progress, but also the state of delivery.
By, for example, the brightness in the factory settings is not 100 percent.


However, television with a higher resolution (8k) comes into the redouble.
The pixel density is four times higher, according to the power consumption also compared to a 4K resolution.
According to, a sales ban on 8K TVs in the EU threatens.
The devices that are already on the market on March 1st are excluded.

Prohibition of large televisions in the EU: Association rebelled

However, this drives the screen manufacturers onto the barricades.
The accusation: The indirect ban brakes on technical progress.
For this reason, digital Europe, among other things, calls for the association of national electronics associations to stop 2-step regulation for 8k and micro-LED displays.
Big TV in the living room?
At least 8k-Sowie micro-LED-resolution screens should be pushed up by a stop from March 1, 2023-unless an agreement between the government and manufacturers can still be reached.
Rubric list picture: © Andropov/Panther media/Imago

Officially announced for PS5: A new game in the Horizon.

Guerilla Games has confirmed another large project for the Horizon brand on Twitter, which had been rumored for some time. It is unknown what they are working on yet, but fans are excited to find out more and hopefully see a release date announcement soon!

In the past couple of weeks and months there had actually been some rumors about the future of the Horizon brand name.
These were now officially validated by Guerilla Games on Twitter, more precisely in a job advertisement.
For instance, the studio is presently looking for brand-new forces for another single gamer experience around Ally, along with the online job for the Horizon brand name that has actually currently been revealed in rumors.
Thus, the franchise is not only growing around another single player title or the upcoming VR video game, however likewise with a multiplayer project.

HORIZON Online: What can we anticipate?

Very little is presently formally known for the multiplayer project.

The tweet explains that the game needs to use a brand-new team of characters and a distinct look and style.
The world of Horizon is now to be investigated together.
There is currently no releasing window for the guerilla project, a minimum of not public.
In November, we had actually currently reported that a partnership with the designer studio NCS OFT had been received for a Horizon MMO.
NCS oft was not mentioned in the statement on Twitter with any syllable.
The MMO task ought to likewise not appear on consoles or the PC, which might be concluded from the reality that there could be a different job in the pre-production.
The guerilla project is stated to be on the market for both the PlayStation and the PC.

more news about Horizon

In addition to the online job or Horizon: Call of the Mountain, the brand name is presently dealing with some other projects.


The very first leaks for a Netflix series around Horizon: Zero Dawn had actually existed in June of this year.
In addition, we only reported a possible remaster of the title in October.
All in all, the Horizon brand name remains on everybody’s lips.
Sources: Rockpapershotgun, Twitter (Guerilla Games).
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Forspoken: New Trailer Raises The Support Of Dual Senses

What great news for all fans of the genre! The creators of the game For spoken, released a new trailer. In an exciting video you can see how great it will be to play in this game and explore this world. Do not forget to visit the official website for additional information.

Just a few days ago, the responsible developers of Luminous Productions went into various technical features, from which the role-playing game for spoken on PlayStation 5 will benefit.
At the same time, it was talked about why the dream adventure in this form can not be realized on PlayStation 4.
We have summed up additional information on this subject for you here.
In addition to the technical details, Sony Interactive Home Entertainment and Square Enix supplied a fresh trailer for For spoken, in which whatever revolves around the assistance of the dual sensuous feature.
You will be made clear how features such as haptic feedback are integrated into the video game.

Technical improvements guaranteed to the demonstration

While the adaptive triggers produce various resistance when utilizing weapons, attacks and wonderful abilities, the haptic feedback highlights the specific substrates of the game world.


The loudspeakers of the Danseuse controller are also used.
Through the speakers, for instance, you can utilize Cuff, the sensitive bracelet of the protagonist Frey Holland.
Last week, a playable demonstration for For spoken was released on PlayStation 5, which, however, still had to handle different technical issues.

For instance, the resolution in efficiency mode dropped to 720p in the meantime.
According to Square Enix, the final version of the role-playing game will run technically a lot more rounded compared to the demonstration.
Further, reports on forsaken:
The next huge fantasy hit?
– sneak peek.
Demonstration for PS5 ready for trailer, gameplay and download reveal case.
For spoken will be launched on January 24, 2023, for the PC and PlayStation 5.
By loading the video you accept the data protection statement from YouTube.
Discover more.
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Always unlock YouTube.
More reports on forsaken.

The Witchers Henry Cavill Is Reportedly Not Returning To Netflix


Henry Cavill, who has become known as the Netflix’s The Witcher series, has recently been in the news as a Superman of the Netflix and the star of the Netflix’s The Witcher series.

In October, we reported how Cavils decided to leave The Witcher’s series behind Liam Hemsworth as Gerald took on the role of Gerald.
Shortly after that, the man said he had returned to the role of a Superman in films based on the production of DC cartoon house, but yesterday it turned out that the joy was short.
According to the recent news coverage, the film house’s film plans have been completely new and Cavils will not continue in its familiar role.
But not all unfortunate, as The Hollywood Reporter reported that Cavils is attached to the lead role and the Warhammer 40,000 series.
Amazon is said to be in the final stages of the Warhammer rights negotiations, but there is no official confirmation yet.
The Warhammer 40,000 is a Science Fiction-themed miniature game published by the British Games Workshop, which has also produced many video games.
Cavils is a Warhammer fan who not only practices miniature painting, has also talked about the game many occasions in interviews and outside of interviews.
More on the subject:
Henry Cavill leaves the role of witchcraft-the star of the fourth season Liam Hemsworth
Henry Cavill told about his Warhammer hobby in the discussion program-Graham Norton mixed the game with World of Warcraft
Why does the Warhammer 40K produce only mediocre games?

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