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PSVRs Nezvr Adventure “MOSS: Book II” March 31 Release Determination-Game Play video published to introduce combat and move action in new weapons

PolyarcGames has released a Nezvr’s “ MOSS: Book II ” for PSVR on March 31 and released the latest gameplay video.

This work is an action adventure with a sense of immersive that utilized the performance of PSVR. The main character is a mouse ‘ Qiru’ , with a player, with a player, a tenth of a keen solving puzzle, an enemy, and deeply the feet of a cursed castle full of danger.

Adventure starts from the garden. Players will be able to bridge the quills to lead to a new ability to interact with nature, and stretch and climb the wall and climb it support to support Qiru to move to a higher location. A new enemy “ ripper ” like dango mushi appears in the garden, but the player can manipulate the ripper and break the bottle or interference as a tool to solve the puzzle.

Moss Book II - A Broader Adventure - Hands-Off Preview
Also, Qir gets her new weapon “ hammer “. This hammer is a very heavy or destructive force, and it is necessary to crush the armor-covered hard enemies or break through the stages and go ahead.

“MOSS: Book II” waiting for a great adventure with Qiru is scheduled to be released on March 31st for PSVR.

[Gamer Cartoon] “My Unfortunate Death” “First World War IG Indie Gee (37 Episode)”

! Caution! If you are not good at grotesque expressions and cruel expressions, please refrain from browsing if you are under 18 years old.

※ This work is fiction. There is no relationship with real persons and groups.
※ Basically, every Saturday will be posted.

Advertising: Megan Loaded Volume 1 is now well received!

The electronic book version of the Megalopolis knockdown reloaded that the author of I’m disappointing and Mr. Tarawa will handle the e-book version of the electronic book distribution site, including Amazon.co.jp It is on sale at.

Game SPARK is a popular series in the series, the female elementary school student’s Uchomo-chan encounters the online difference game Megalopolis knockdown and scratching her mother’s eyes and killing her mother’s eyes. A story that fights in the world is drawn. In the Volume 1, not only the main story is being performed, but Single Mum has spent a moment with her family, is included at the end of the volume.

Megalopolis Knock Down Reloaded Electronic Book Version Volume 1 price is 450 yen + tax.

Megalopolis Knock Down R Electronic Book Version 1st Volume 1 (Amazon.co.jp)

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