At the BEHAVIOUR INTERACTIVE Inc. announced event BEHAVIOUR BEYOND distributed on August 4, 2022 It was released.

In the second collaboration of the series, Resident Evil: Project W, the enemy Albert Wesker through the series is a killer, and the new survivor is a mysterious woman spy Aida Two people, Won and S.T.A.R.S. rookie members Rebecca Chambers will appear.

In addition, the Map Raccoon City Police Station which has been implemented has been renewed . The map is divided into east and west, and the outside of the building is expanded.

In this article, we will deliver the contents of the question and answer session for the development of this collaboration. Mr. Matthew Sprigance, who is a game play director of DEAD BY Daylight, responded.

-What criteria were the choices of the three people this time?

This time, I am very happy to be able to add three new characters that can delve deeper into the Resident Evil world to DEAD BY Daylight. Last year, Nemesis, Jill Valentine, Leon S. Kennedy appeared, and expectations for the second collaboration are increasing. Meanwhile, in cooperation with Capcom, I felt that Albert Wesker was appropriate while searching for the best character for the next murderer (killer). I think Wesker’s ambition and indomitable spirit, which is popular among biohazard fans, is perfect for the fog forest.

After the collaboration with her Resident Evil last year, Ada Won had a strong request. She is somewhat impressive and mysterious, and she thinks her adaptive power and her independence is a model for survivors (survivors). Rebecca was a young and highly acclaimed bio chemist, so she felt that her wisdom matched the world view of Dead by Daylight.

-What is the ability of Ada and Rebecca?

Unfortunately, the abilities of Ada and Rebecca cannot be explained in detail at this stage, but it is a very important factor to perform missions without retaining the monitoring ability, secret action, or traces in Ada’s spy. In addition, her abilities that can be flexible, no matter how difficult it is, is reflected in the game.

Rebecca, a medical team in S.T.A.R.S, is a medical and biochemical expert and will be a powerful ally. Her excellent concentration and learning abilities will appear as a skill to support her friends.

-Raccoon Police Station is reborn as two maps, what is the biggest difference between them?

The main lobby is the same for both maps, but one is a smaller map focusing on the west and the other focusing on the east. By adding passing points to rooms and walls, it is easier to move between rooms, and access points outside the building have been added. Both maps follow the original Rakun City Police Station Map, but as a result, we decided to rebuild them for a smoother game play.

-Originally a murderer, rather than a murderer, the ruthless military Wesker who burns in his ambitions will be one of the most rational among killers, but can he see the scales in his motion and abilities? ?

Yes, of course. Wesker is a calm murderer (killer) who is calm and calm, but is a cruel murderer who does not choose a means to dominate and destroy the survivor (survivor) due to his desires for the ego and power. In addition, when his abilities, Poison Bound, he should be able to feel his explosive energy.

-Will Ada and Rebecca have a skin that can be another person like Leon or Jill’s skin?

Unfortunately, I can’t say anything concrete, but please look forward to the skin that will be announced at the same time as the chapter release.

-Will Wesker appear with zombies like Nemesis?

Weskers do not follow zombies, but survivors will struggle with his speed and attack power.

The new chapter Biohazard W of DEAD BY Daylight is a PC (Steam/Epic Games Store/STADIA/Microsoft Store)/PS5/PS4/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S/Nintendo Switch It’s a schedule.