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Company of Heroes 3: Appears in November

A lot more intrigues, new situations

Company of Heroes 3 will certainly offer more extent for solitary players.
The real-time technique will include a story campaign in North Africa, which will certainly be disputed with the German Afrika Korps.
There will certainly additionally be a vibrant project in Italy that will certainly likewise include the Allies.

The real-time technique Company of Heroes 3 has a release date.
Antique’s WWII fights will introduce on PC on November 17th.
This moment the emphasis gets on the Mediterranean area with North Africa as well as Italy.

4 intrigues will be available in multiplayer: Wehrmacht, Afrika Korps, British as well as US Army.

You can review what else is new in our current sneak peek of Company of Heroes 3.

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Genda Gigo Entertainment merges the treasure island operated by amusement facilities. Deliver entertainment in more areas

Genda Gigo Entertainment Co., Ltd. announced on May 1 that it has merged with the consolidated subsidiary Treasure Island. It has been merged with Takarishima Co., Ltd. as an extinction company.


Genda Gigo Entertainment is a company that inherited the operation of Sega brand amusement facilities following 85.1 % of the parent company GENDA Co., Ltd. acquired 85.1 % of Sega Entertainment in 2020. On January 28 this year, all remaining shares owned by Sega were acquired. On January 31, this year, the company had all the stocks on Treasure Island.

Treasure Island is a company that operates the management of amusement facilities, planning and constructing operations, and operates a comprehensive operation of theme parks and complex amusement facilities. There are 24 stores, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area, and there are also stores in Hokkaido, Shizuoka and Osaka.

Regarding the merger of this absorption, Genda Gigo Entertainment says, “The 24 stores operated by Treasure Island will be united, and in more areas, we will be able to deliver our entertainment to our company. We will aim to create a more enjoyable amusement facility than ever by sharing the know -how cultivated by the two companies. “

Genda Gigo Entertainment operates about 200 entertainment facilities in Japan and overseas, and boasts the third largest business in Japan as an amusement facility operating company. At present, there are many amusement facilities that have a Sega brand, but the company plans to switch the name of the store from SEGA to GIGO sequentially. In this announcement, whether or not to change the name of the store on the Treasure Island that has been sucked together to GIGO has not been mentioned in this announcement.

Com2us, Company V22 New Content Update … Introduction of club system

Com2us (Representative Song Jae-joon, Lee, Yi), has been conducted a new content update, including the introduction of the ‘Club System’ of ‘Com22’ (Company V22).

The Computa V22 is a new reality and casual game performance with a new reality that contains the 20-year development know-how of Com2us. It is a popular manipulation through the highest level of graphic quality, convenient operation through the high level of geographical and vertical play, and has been popular with many popularity since its launch.

The newly introduced ‘club system’ is a community content that allows users to enjoy the game, supporting smooth communication between the dedicated chat function through a dedicated chat function. Com2us is scheduled to provide a different fun with new content updates of club systems such as cooperative playback.

In addition, the “invitation code confrontation”, which can spread the opponent and real-time battle, also applied. By sending separate codes in the game to invite other users, you can play 24 hours a day without limitation.

In addition, achieving certain conditions through game progress, further sophisticated the achievements of the achievement system that provide compensation and increase the growth of growth.

Com2us has also provided a ‘Roulette Event’ that enhances the play fun of the compute V22 with this update. When you play various contents, such as ranking challenge, league mode, you can participate in three events every day, and various items such as advanced scout tickets are available daily when you play various contents such as ranking challenge, league mode.

More information on this update is available in the Computia V22 official community.

Stadia ceases to be a priority for Google

Google Stadia started as the great foray of the company in the videogame industry. However, last year it was revealed that the division in charge of creating exclusive experiences had closed its doors, focusing on the resources of the company in the Streaming service. Now, a new report has revealed that Stadia has ceased to be a priority for Google , and now will focus on selling this technology to different companies.

According to Business Insider, Stadia has changed GOOGLE STREAM name. Along with this, it has been mentioned that before the acquisition of Sony, Google was in conversations with Bungie to offer this platform to the creators of Destiny, who “would have the content and would control the user experience” and have proven interest in creating your own platform of this type. Currently, it is unknown how is the purchase of Sony affected these negotiations.

Also mentioned conversations with Capcom for Google Stream to run similar to what happened with the AT & T agreement for BATMAN: Arkham Knight. Outside the traditional games companies, Google is also talking to Pelleton to have Stadia titles on fitness bicycles.

On the other hand, the report has indicated that by the end of 2020, Google failed to achieve its aim of one million monthly active users in “about 25%” , and was quoted to a person who said “The Retention was a real problem. ” In a statement, Google did not do something to really refute the article, and pointed out that “it still focuses on bringing great games to Stadia in 2022”, specifically more than 100 titles are again focused.

On related topics, the state of Washington DC has issued a lawsuit against Google.

Bad News for Google Stadia...

Editor’s note:

While it seems that Google Stadia will remain alive to a certain extent, the intentions of the company are no longer as high as in the past. The focus on getting businesses with specific companies talks about that Google does not have many intentions to continue in the videogame industry, but does not want to leave their cloud technology.

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