Alexander Zverev stands in the eighth finale of the Australian Open in front of the first tricky task, he gets to do it with the Canadian Denis Shapovalov. He assumes himself, could Rafael Nadal wait. In the women’s number one against a shooting star from the United States is in use.

Here you can the game Zeal vs. Shapovalov track in the Live ticker.

French Open winner Barbara Pšenčíková has achieved the quarterfinals of Australian Open in convincing manner. The 26-year-old Czech defeated the two-time tournament champion Viktoria Asana Belarus 6: 2, 6: 2nd Asana, the 2012 and 2013 Grand Slam tournament won had to fight during the match with neck problems.

Pšenčíková was not previously come out in Melbourne on the second round, now she is fighting against Madison Keys from the USA to the semi-finals. The heavily impacting 26-year-old who was at the US Open final in 2017, turned in her second round the set at position eight Spaniard Paula Baroda 6: 3, 6: 1 on.

Also, for the two-time Grand Slam semifinalist Maria Safari has ended the tournament. The Greek subject of the US-American Jessica Regular 6: 7 (0: 7), 3:. 6

Australian Open disappointment for the Gleiwitz / Main

The success of double Kevin Gleiwitz / Andreas Main, however, has clearly missed the quarterfinals. Gleiwitz / Main subject to the set at position five Australian-Slovak team John Peers / Filip Place on Sunday in just 65 minutes with 1: 6, 2: 6th

The set of twelve Gleiwitz and Main were lined up in Melbourne for the first time since her title win at Roland Barros in 2020 together again at a Grand Slam tournament. Her comeback after more than a year had celebrated the Armies last week at the ATP tournament in Sydney, where they reached the semi-finals.

Main had early last year a cartilage surgery have to undergo knee that took a long break after themselves. Gleiwitz played in the meantime successful with the Romanians Hora Team and qualified with his partner for the ATP Finals.

In Melbourne, the tennis professionals had previously started together only 2020 and failed in the first round, now in the round of the second was finish. This means that only a German pro is represented in the doubles’ competition of the men in Frankfurt Tim Putz. The 34-year-old is with the New Zealander Michael Venus for a withdrawal of Australian Christopher O’Connell / Jason Ruler in the quarterfinals.

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Australian Open, Day 7: The game at a glance

  • Ladies

Player 1 | Player 2 | Result

Madison Keys (USA) | Paula Baroda (ESP / 8). | 6: 3, 6: 1
Barbara Pšenčíková (CUE / 4.) | Viktoria Azania (BLR /. 24) | 6: 2, 6: 2
Jessica Regular (USA) | Maria Safari (GRE / 5). | 7: 6, 6: 3
Ashleigh Party (AUS / 1). | Amanda Asimov (USA) |

  • Men’s:
Player 1 Player 2 Result
Adrian Mandarin (FRA) Rafael Nadal (ESP / 6).
Alexander Zverev (GER / 3). Denis Shapovalov (CAN / 14). in LINEBACKER NOW
Pablo Current (ESP / 19). Matteo Regretting (ITA / 7).
Miami Kecmanovic (SRB) Gael Mongols (FRA / 17).