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Devolver provides 3 video games at the Netflix Geeked Week

Of allPoinpy _, a tiny colorful climbing game whose goal is to squash fruit in order to make it juice. Juice that offers as food for a sort of huge cat to cat ears. Hungry, it will follow you while doing so as you climb from systems to platforms. Available now, Poinpy is to download and install from Netflix.

As well as for finish, Devolver offers an inverted city building contractor on the restoration of an environment,terra Nil _. Created by Free Lives, the game enables you to change an arid land right into a real little ecological heaven.

We locateRules: 3 Kingdoms _, 5th piece of the permit signed Nerial. Influenced by the Chinese unique The three kingdoms, Rules: 3 Kingdoms takes you in the last years of the Han Dynamia.


On the sidelines of their usual completely barred conference, Devolver Digital announced 3 brand-new mobile video games during the Netflix Geeked Week. The latter are certainly included with the current Netflix registration.

Dark Fantasy Western Drama RPG “Weird West” Trailer 4th! It is unlimited as criminals and help

Devolver Digital has released the fourth trailer from Wolfeye Studios Dark Fantasy Western Drama RPG “ Weird West “.

This trailer starts with the fact that the player will commit various sins in the western city, and if it is arrested by the security officer, it will be imprisoned. But there is a western city. If you get out of jail in a jail and sometimes jailbreaks, you can also be jailbreaked, and you can see how to jailbreak in the trailer. In addition, even if you can get sins and escape from the security officer, you may be targeted to earn a prize, and sometimes you will be able to get a struggle that you want to perish. On the contrary, if you help help, you can participate in the battle, and you can see how to play various plays with the player’s judgment.


In addition, STEAM pages are also introduced on the Calamity of Lava that can be obtained by booking before released. Colamilet is a two-fold or chased by the enemy, or it is possible to run away, and it is a reliable buddy that is helpful for adventure.

“Weird West” will be delivered on March 31, Local time for Windows (Steam, Gog.com) / PS4 / Xbox ONE. We will also support Xbox Game Pass.

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