Indie Game Developer Romain P has published the STEAM store page about the Survival sandbox Derelicts under development.

This work is in the wilderness that has been left behind by the earth shuttle crash accident in the age of some people who escaped the earth attacked by the waves of radiation A survival game compatible with 4 people CO-OP. We aim to uncover the origin of the mystery presence that has threatened the earth while advancing life on the ground to better.

Many living organisms that have mutated on the ruined ground. You need to collect wood and metals to protect yourself from ferocious organism attacks. In addition, it is possible to generate electricity and strengthen the protection using a water wheel, wind turbine, solar panel, etc. In addition, when the waterway is freezing, the water wheel can not be used at night, and the amount of power generation is required to be able to use respectively, which depends on the weather.

Exploring various places can also find the recipe needed to create new tools and parts. It is said that it is possible to build a system that carries wood in water using a craft product. In addition, since a dog that fights together, it is said that there is also a dog, so it seems to be directed to an adventure without being fine.

The release timing of Derelicts is undecided and will be released for PC. According to the Steam Store page, it supports Japanese interface / subtitles. In addition, after release for PC, it is also planned to release the console version.