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Metal Gear, Silent Hill prior to return? Konami makes a brand-new, genuine game!

Konami is slowly but surely sneaking back right into the video clip game globe. Konami is of program extra understood for titles like Metal Gear Solid, Silent Hillside, as well as Castlevania, for which there were really some leaks in the past.


Konami soon introduces a brand-new game

In order to reveal such a fan favored, rarely an event is much better than the Tokyo Video Game Show, which will occur in a couple of weeks. According to the moment of the show, Konami reserved a total amount of 45 mins to announce an all new video game.

_ Concurrent spokesman Yuji Kaji is invited as a guest to stand for the followers of a collection loved around the globe on the statement phase for a new Konami title. _

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Experimental Game Festival Out of Index 2022

Experimental Game Festival Out of Index 2022 (OOI) will be held in Seoul. The OOI Steering Committee is receiving an exhibition of OOI 2022 on the 25th.


OOI is an event created to inspire different inspiration, ideas, and experimental spirit to the game industry, which is easy to focus on popularity and profitability. We select the most experimental games among the worlds from all over the world and introduce them to developers and gamers.

OOI, which was held for the first time in 2014 and its eighth year this year, will be held as a festival where you can play the official selection of the year and play the selected games directly. OOI 2022 will be held in offline space in December of this year, following OOI 2021, which was only online with six official selections in 2020, which did not hold festivals due to the 19th defense situation.

The ‘experimental game’ pursued by OOI is a game that gives ‘innovative gameplay experience that has never been before.’ Any game that has never been before can be exhibited. For the ease of selection and presentation, only digital games can be exhibited.

OOI 2022 Exhibition is selected from the works received until September 30th. The selected game will have the opportunity to display and present works at the OOI 2022 (location undecided) festival scheduled for December. Other details can be found in OOI homepage .

3 great video games from Gamescom, that are remarkably great regardless of easy principles

Due to the fact that they persuade with gameplay as well as do without numerous embellishments, 3 of these video games were especially thought of. They show: Simple concepts as well as concepts can deliver truly good games if you apply them correctly.

Every fair has massive smash hits. The Opening Night Live of Gamescom 2022 alone showed 36 video games with a massive production worth. For me, the genuine pearls are primarily hidden amongst the excellent news.

Lots of video games are exhibited at Dergamescom 2022. When playing, my MeinMo editor Benedict Grothaus remembered 3 items, specifically because they can entertain surprisingly well with simple mechanics.

Comparable to Return to Moria a few weeks ago, I was specifically enthusiastic concerning indie video games on gamescom. I constantly came past stands where small programmers show their suggestions when I explore the halls.

_ Hier you can see our highlights from Gamescom 2022: _

Catch me! Is a kid’s bet screaming

Not a lot extra can be said regarding the game either. Does not want to be an AAA game, but a game for in between.

The celebration game Catch Me! Was my initial appointment at Gamescom. The game principle is simple to believe: your game catch with as much as 4 gamers. Not a hunter has to catch everybody else, yet exactly the other means around.

Catch me is being established! By Byterockers, a tiny workshop from Berlin, as well as I spoke with the DEVs (cover photo). They discussed to me that catch me! based upon the indie hit Speedrunners, but adheres to a rather simpler principle.

Catch me! Incidentally, it can currently be played on Vapor in the very early gain access to. Future material is revealed transparently generally menu as well as due to comments from the neighborhood, more functions ought to come, depending upon what is wanted.

A player is chosen and has to accumulate factors dispersed on the inflexible maps. The various other three attempt to quit him. If you catch him, end up being the new hunter. The initial with 10 points from the map wins.

There’s no i in Coin- dark as well as surprisingly amusing

Despite, or perhaps many thanks to the easy concept, there is as much habit forming in coin as Flappy Bird or Cookie Remote Control. Nevertheless, we do not yet understand when as well as where the game will certainly show up.

The more individuals to death in a brief time, the even more points there are. Is macabre, however incredibly entertaining-and also a little difficult. You might be canceled and the game is over because if you drop and also stick flat.

Probably the largest, concealed pearl of Gamescom 2022 puts you in the role of a coin. Appears silly, but has an instead wicked spin: You ought to tempt individuals to fatality.

To do this, roll along the sidewalk and also draw attention to people. Follow you, you can direct them on the road so that they are run over by autos. The control only contains motion switches for rolling and a jump.

A Bavarian Tale-Waving dead: Historic role-playing game totally in Bavarian

The initial chapter of dead is currently available on Heavy steam, you can also play a complimentary demo. The game is still in early access.

In addition, there are technicians such as slipping and also battle that are evocative The Witcher and also Co., from where the game additionally attracts a little motivation, as we were informed. All of this is not necessarily new, yet something is so unique: the setting.

In principle, a historical RPG is dead from gameplay, in which you can also boost attributes and also degrees. You need this to pass particular samples-just as you know it from video games like dragons & dungeons.

The game is totally set to Bavarian, all characters talk in language and in some cases also ask you whether you have issues with words like mushroom. An extremely special beauty that makes an actual insider suggestion.

Of the 3 games presented below, the most complicated is still being killed. You play a detective in the Upper Bavarian Wolpertshofen in 1866, which is supposed to educate a fatality.

However, not just the little indie games were able to persuade me directly. I am likewise quite looking forward to some of the huge titles and Minecraft Legends stunned me the most:

I saw gameplay from Minecraft Legends and I was wrong with virtually whatever I considered it

** Loads of games are exhibited at Dergamescom 2022. The Opening Evening Live of Gamescom 2022 alone revealed 36 games with a huge production worth. The event game Catch Me! The game principle is very easy to think: your game catch with up to 4 players. Does not desire to be an AAA game, however a game for in between.

Disclaimer: Webedia Pc Gaming (Gamestar, GamePro, Meinmmo) comes with the 2022 game fair as the main media companion of Gamescom.

Hexer Yann Sommer is praised

It was hard, it was truly hard, ought to claim summer after this leading game in between the 2 unbeaten teams-and in a meeting with Skies: We understood prior to the game. will certainly come, it is clear that you can not safeguard every little thing.

With over 30 finals from FC Bayern on Saturday evening, 20 came directly to the Borussia box, however in it only the accurate level in the left lower corner of Leroy Sané in the 83rd minute. The remainder: 19 times the end station Yann Sommer.

In this respect, BMG sporting activities supervisor Roland Virkus joined his suitable statement: Inevitably, you likewise require a goalkeeper right here in Munich who as soon as does not keep it-and he did it today. Bayern Munich is certainly the measure of all things, yet at least you have seen just how you can irritate them. It is likewise clear that you need luck to obtain something below.

The 33-year-old veteran, who has actually been a fixture for the foals considering that 2014 and also has actually currently revealed several fantastic video games in the dress of the Swiss nationwide group throughout this moment, however established a brand-new document with this variety of ceremonies. As well as additionally helped the Gladbachers to take a happy point from the formerly harmless as well as most importantly goal-rich FCB-1: 1.

Müller commends summer: He was always there

By Thomas Müller, that introduced smugly: We do not recognize anything else that the Yann Sommer always versus us the best game of the year-or Kevin Trapp (from Eintracht Frankfurt; note of the editor). There were not all degrees from us now, you have to claim that. He was always there, didn’t let anything clap-and was constantly there with the huge points.

Bayern trainer Julian Nagelsmann, that originally also presumed that at these summer event video games in the Allianz location from well over 20 parades, really did not need to add much: As constantly versus us: excellent game. He kept everything. Every one of this is included in the suggestion that the caretaker can remove a week hereafter performance.

agreement extension in short with unique stipulation?

The Swiss does not have time to clear, due to the fact that away from the future showing off jobs with the fantastic Borussia-launched Borussia, there are still rounds at the negotiating table with the club administration. Sommer’s current agreement runs on June 30, 2023 and also the club is interested in extending the long term.

Applauded Yann Sommer for his 19 parades: Julian Nagelsmann. Imago/Mis

In this regard, BMG sports director Roland Virkus joined his appropriate statement: Ultimately, you also require a goalkeeper right here in Munich that as soon as does not maintain it-and he did it today. By Thomas Müller, who introduced smugly: We don’t know anything else that the Yann Sommer always against us the ideal video game of the year-or Kevin Trapp (from Eintracht Frankfurt; note of the editor). He was always there, really did not allow anything clap-and was constantly there with the huge points.

Summer’s view of things: I have actually been here for eight years. If that no much longer fit, I would not be here for a long time. As well as also concerning whether a clause can be incorporated in a brand-new agreement comparable to a goal incentive for demonstrators.

Bayern train Julian Nagelsmann, that originally also presumed that at these summer season festival video games in the Allianz area from well over 20 parades, really did not require to add much: As constantly against us: good video game. If that no longer fit, I would not be below for a long time.

The Everstone studio introduces its in which WIND MEET action as well as journey RPG

Along with the major tale and added activities, where Winds Meet additionally asserts to be a sandbox game. If the battles play a superior role in Where Winds Meet, the title likewise incorporates alternate video game technicians: according to the developer, the player can handle various functions, such as ending up being a medical professional to save lives or a vendor to attempt to get abundant. And Also where Winds Meet likewise incorporates a complimentary buildings system: greater than 600 components enable gamers to build frameworks in the video game world.

In Where Winds Meet, the player symbolizes an explorer master’s master that will certainly need to survive in an aggressive globe. The video game is based on a huge open globe to discover, housing several missions that feed a narrative framework. The player will specifically be given battle and also deal with warriors, wild pets, also supernatural creatures (with certain dealing with methods). The personality will have to establish martial abilities, find out to understand melee or distance tools and also establish ecological strike approaches.
The game additionally places on the choices entrusted to the gamer: embrace the values of his order and utilize his abilities as competitors to conserve the innocent as well as fight for justice or be a lot more self-indulgent as well as prefer his very own fate.

The Chinese development studio Everstone Studio (in collaboration with Netease ) make the most of Gamescom 2022 to present Where Winds Meet , an RPG of action and experience playable in open world. The video game occurs in the heart of medieval China at the time of the 10 kingdoms, which provides satisfaction of place to martial arts, while the nation is target to conflicts.

While waiting to read more, where Winds Meet is exposed in an initial trailer. For the moment, the video game is announced just on PC with a beta intended for completion of 2022.


Trailer of the RPG of action and also adventure where Winds Meet

Cult of the Lamb: Xbox Game Pass

During the Kinda Funny Games Daily collection on YouTube, Gary Whitta claimed that Sony had actually stopped the publication of Cult of the Lamb on the Xbox Game Pass by payment of an unadorned amount.

His insurance claim triggered lots of discussions in the area. It does not seem to correspond to truth. Quickly after the rumor turned up, the author Designer Digital talked out and also described the entire point as absolutely untrue.


bargains are not uncommon in the market

Exactly how much Microsoft pays for the incorporation of a video game in the Xbox Game Pass normally continues to be surprise. When it comes to the cooking simulator there were apparently $ 600,000, as Twisted Voxel Presuming that games that are included in a registration, a considerably higher quantity would be needed for Cult of the Lamb to make up for the eliminating part of the sales earnings in the millions.

When it comes to Cult of the Lamb, the waiver of the Xbox Game Pass can have paid off. Simply yesterday we reported that the title was marketed even more than a million times in the very first week after the launch ** With a list prices of around 25 euros or bucks, the trade turn over can be calculated fairly just. Much of it moves right into the designers’ coffers and the author.

Also if absolutely nothing seems to be associated with the instance of Cult of the Lamb, comparable offers in the market are not uncommon, which uses to both Sony and also Microsoft. Sony protected special rights to the Telephone call of Task series in recent years, after Microsoft had the scepter in hand in previous years and will have once more after taking over Activision Blizzard. With various other video games there was as well as there is even complete special publications.

Additional reports on the subject:

Sony has also dramatically increased its very own membership offer and also uses numerous libraries with PlayStation And also over three phases. New magazines using PS Plus remain the exception, however customers have access to hundreds of games, consisting of classic previous consoles. Sony believes that the publication of new video games using memberships can have a negative impact on their high quality .

More records on Cult of the Lamb.
| Xbox Game Pass: 100 million subscribers by taking over Activision Snowstorm? .| PS And Also: According to Take Two chief executive officer, a lot more reasonable than the Xbox Game Pass .

New magazines through PS Plus remain the exemption, but clients have access to hundreds of video games, consisting of timeless previous consoles. Sony believes that the publication of new video games via registrations can have a unfavorable influence on their quality .

In the instance of Cult of the Lamb, the waiver of the Xbox Game Pass can have paid off. How much Microsoft pays for the inclusion of a game in the Xbox Game Pass normally remains surprise. Assuming that video games that are consisted of in a subscription, a considerably greater amount would be required for Cult of the Lamb to compensate for the removing part of the sales income in the millions.

Service game, major seasons as well as monetization of Diablo IV

Each quarter, Snowstorm publishes long reports on the progress of the development of Diablo IV and also while the hack n reduce is currently the topic of interior examinations, the developer devotes his latest record to money making of the game. We understand the specifically fragile subject presently, as the monetization of the current Diablo Immortal is reviewed and also the designer is obviously at heart to reassure the gamers: Blizzard ensures that there will be no technicians Pay-to-Win in Diablo IV.

Diablo IV, a solution game with major updates

The designer also makes sure that the game will certainly be the subject of continuous renovations , based specifically on the viewpoint of the communities of players, which can be sought advice from through votes. The world of play will certainly additionally come active with live occasions , prompt scenarios organized in play as invasions to be pushed back. And there are trips , anecdotal circumstances challenging the gamers withemployersand also which guarantee rare rewards (as well as add to advance in theseason Pass _).

The workshop therefore information its jobs. We remember it first that Diablo IV is a full game (the whole title comes for the price of the game box), but likewise a service game which is meant to be upgraded routinely. Like Diablo III , the 4th opus will be routinely stressed by periods (4 each year) meant to substantially renew the lively experience of players. Blizzard makes sure that the seasons of Diablo IV will be definitely more enthusiastic than those of the previous piece: they will certainly be based upon details styles, will certainly create unpublished scenarios, will face players with choices and also different opportunities, in addition to incorporating brand-new functions of gameplay.

We comprehend the subtext: to put it simply, the addition of post-launching web content that will set in motion hundreds of programmers each year explain the monetization of Diablo IV in addition to the cost of the game box.

Money Making: Season Pass as well as Aesthetic Shop

Clearly constantly the point of view of reassuring the gamers, Blizzard specifies that The game will certainly not be pay-to-mast (pay to advance faster): the workshop makes certain that there is no means to accelerate accessibility toIncreaseseason by paying. Gamers can certainly get seasonal levels, but open them expects level requirements: you have to have played and gotten to the level needed usually to unlock theboostersof periods. Snowstorm as a result assures that there is no faster ways to obtain seasonal boosts by purchasing 3rd parties, they have to be won. Including act.

As for the web content of the store , they are for that reason specifically cosmetic as well as the clothing purchased (usually certain to each course) will certainly be shared in between all the personalities in the exact same course within the same account. Again, Snowstorm assures that we will additionally be able to win high quality cosmetic clothing by playing ** usually. The shop supplies much more choices, specifically articulated around periods, yet gamers ought to likewise have the ability to customize their heroes using the clothing readily available in play.

Like Diablo III , the fourth piece will certainly be on a regular basis punctuated by seasons (four per year) meant to dramatically restore the spirited experience of gamers. As well as there are journeys , anecdotal scenarios confronting the gamers withmanagersand also which promise uncommon incentives (and also contribute to progress in theseason Pass _).

Classically sufficient, theseason passis created to ensure in principle that The game will not consist of any kind of Pay-to-Win technicians (pay to end up being a lot more effective) and divided right into two parts: one cost-free, the other Costs (paid). The Season PassFree will certainly unlock rewards influencing the gameplay (_ boostsseasons that give experience benefits for the season as an example). The paid declination will open cosmetic components and a superior money to invest in the game store, which itself contains aesthetic objects-note that aesthetic things have no stats, they Overlap and also incorporate with game objects (using transmogrifications).

The Season PassFree will unlock benefits impacting the gameplay (_ increasesseasons that approve experience bonuses for the season for example). Obviously always the perspective of comforting the players, Snowstorm defines that The game will certainly not be pay-to-mast (pay to advance faster): the studio makes certain that there is no method to increase access toIncreaseseason by paying.

Quid from the post-launch monetization of Diablo IV? We understand, along with the game box, Diablo IV will incorporate a system ofSeason Passand a shop of cosmetic objects.

For the interested, the (lengthy) complete ticket is available on the official web site in French (yet with clearly some translation mistakes when it come to the original English-speaking variation).

We played the Quarry, here is our test

Release date : June 10, 2022

Publishers : 2K SPORTS, 2K Games

Developer : Supermassive Games

Modes : solo, multiplayer

Plate-form : PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, Microsoft Windows

genres : adventure game, survival horror,

Price : $ 89.99

A great surprise

Supermassive Games knew how to captivate the players with the excellent interactive horror game Until Dawn. A game in which the player had to try to save eight characters who face death. It is with a system of choice inspired by the butterfly effect that the developers put the players the test, in short your choices have consequences on the life and the state of your characters. This way of playing the players quickly and that is why the studio has developed a series of game called The Dark Picture Anthology. The latter currently has 3 titles and a fourth which should appear soon. Although these games are interesting, they are not up to Until Dawn, however, Supermassive Games had a little surprise for the players. A title that has been discreet until its launch is the game The Quarry.


The misfortune of some sometimes makes the happiness of others

The Quarry, a game that was at the start, was to be exclusive to Stadia, a streaming platform belonging to Google. Unfortunately (and fortunately for players who do not have Stadia), the latter does not work as hoped for and 2K Games and Supermassive Games have decided to offer the title on PC as well as on PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series.

What is The Quarry? Well, this is a horror title that is inspired by ” Slasher ” from the 80s such as Friday the 13th and The Thing. In The Quarry you will follow a group of young people who have finished their summer of work in a vacancy camp and who will spend one last night there. As was the case with Unil Dawn, Supermassive Games opted for the use of a beautiful actor skewer in order to give life to their characters.

A nice actor skewer

This time, we find Branda Song, David Arquette, Halston Sage, Ted Raimi, Ariel Winter, launches Henriksen and Justice Smith. You will therefore be invited to take control of these characters, alone or with friends. Yes, in The Quarry, you can play with others, either online with friends, who will control their characters, or in coop in the comfort of your couch by lending you the controller. There is even an accommodation to be able to broadcast the game on Twitch with a voting system for your spectators. In addition, when you have finished the game you can use the cinema mode that allows you to make your choices before starting the game and then you will only have to prepare the popcorn and watch the film take place Before your eyes.

As it is the custom in a game of supermassive games the players will have to move their characters and at certain times of the chosen branches will stand in front of them. They will then have to make an important choice which will have an impact on the progress of history. Sometimes he will also have to perform a sequence of Quick Time Event, do not worry, if you are not familiar with these it is possible to decrease the difficulty. As said above, the choices you are going to make will have an impact on the progress of the game and risk seeing some of your characters lose your life. The game is made up of 10 chapters and you can discover one of the 186 ends.

One of the novelties of this title is the fact that the developers have taken the time to develop the personality of each of the protagonists, moreover the events are not precipitated, so you will have time to focus on them.

The Quarry also offers shooting sequences, however, these are rare and precision will not really be your ally. Let’s say it’s very easy to miss your target. As was the case in the series The Dark Pictures Anthology, there will be times when you will have to slow down the pace of your breathing so as not to get caught. To do this, you will need to press a touch at the right time. In addition, this time the developers grant you three lives in order to save the most characters. Usually you could finish the game by saving only one character, but this time when you have three deaths, you will have failed.

In The Quarry, each of the chapters is interspersed with a sequence with a good adventure state. The latter will help you try to save your characters by showing you a sequence that will take place in the future. However, so that it can give you this vision you will have to collect the cards of tarot hidden in the environment.

Simple controls

The controls are rather simple to access, in fact, you will have to move your character using the STICK similar, to press different buttons and of course, answer questions in a given time. I would say that the most difficult is to remember the order of the buttons if you are at your first stammering with a controller. Because yes, knowing where a button will be practical to you during QTES.

At the level of the visual, this title is one of the most beautiful of Supermassive Games. Whether in terms of decor, environment, characters, camera angles, animations or facial expressions, everything is very well d1. Hopefully the next games of the universe The Dark Pictures Anthology are following this example. The same goes for the sound level.

Unfortunately, everything is not perfect, sometimes you will find that the characters’ reaction does not always go with what is happening. Admittedly, you will say that this is often the case in this kind of film, yes I grant you, but here these reactions leave us a little of the game. In addition, you will have to endure long sequence of Bla Bla at certain times And unfortunately you will not be able to pass them. Nevertheless, The Quarry is an excellent title that we recommend to all lovers of horror games and also of ” slasher ” from the 80s. Even if this game is not perfect is a nice surprise offered by Supermassive Games and hope that the studio will continue with this momentum, because the experience The Dark Pictures Anthology sometimes leaves something to be desired.

+ The scenario

+ We get attached to the characters

+ The choice of actors

+ Dubbing

+ Trying

+ Playability options (Multi to 8)

+ We can play with our teens

+ The visual and the sound experience

+ Good replayability

-Weak points

-Any things that do not work well in the scenario

-The end is a bit garish

-A slow pace that Until Dawn who can displease certain players

Pumpkin Jack is the headache of a solo developer that comes to life

Pumpkin Jack must be released in the fourth quarter of 2020 for computer as well as consoles, as well as we are restless to discover the full video game.


The game demo is direct and also the gamers have to navigate the degree to reach the manager of the degree. Beating the demo manager likewise provided another weapon, although the demo quits right after.

Apart from the game, the battle as well as the exploration system were relatively basic. Perhaps the finest time of trial system was when I had to run away a fire barn.

Initially glance, Pumpkin Jack quickly reminded me of Medievil and encouraged me to try the pax online demo. In spite of its perceived impacts (the website showing that Medievil satisfies Jak and also Daxter), the demo regarding thirty minutes from Pumpkin Jack sufficed to offer the game to me as its own one-of-a-kind residential or commercial property. Primarily, the title is a title of journey of frightening as well as frightening system platform, as well as definitively advises us of specific memorable video games of the past.


In the demonstration, the job turned over to you is to beat a sorcerer for the adversary. In the demonstration itself, the story is inconsequential due to the fact that the demo offers more intro to the gameplay and the globe.

In spite of its regarded impacts (the internet site showing that Medievil fulfills Jak and also Daxter), the demo concerning 30 minutes from Pumpkin Jack was enough to offer the video game to me as its own distinct building. In the trial itself, the tale is worthless since the demo offers much more introduction to the gameplay as well as the globe. Defeating the demonstration manager also offered one more tool, although the demo quits right after.

How to register in the closed game test Meet Your Maker

On August 3, Dead By Daylight developer, Behavior Interactive, announced Meet Your Maker, a post-epocalyptic shooting game with a great emphasis on the content created by the players in the way of building their own advanced positions and assaulting the positions of others. With such an intriguing concept, many players want to know How you can register in the first closed game test of the game . Next, you will find a simple tutorial that explains how to do it.

How to register in the closed game test Meet Your Maker

The first absolute step to participate in the Meet Your Maker game test is to go to the official game website and click on the button that says Register for the game test next to the Steam logo. From there, you will be asked to log in to your behavior account or that you believe one.

Once you have logged in your behavior account, click on the test button will take it to another page that requires clicking on a red button that says registering in the closed game test. From there, you will be asked to answer questions related to your personal game preferences and general information for the selection process.

There are several questions to solve, but should not take more than five minutes to reach the end. Once you are over, you will accept the terms and conditions and then the process will be completed. If you see the next screen, you will know that you are registered.

And that is all you need to know about Registering in the closed Meet Your Maker game test. Although Meet Your Maker is currently scheduled for its launch in 2023, the first closed game test begins on August 23, 2022 and will last several weeks.


You can find more detailed information about Meet Your Maker in the advanced positions coverage of the ad, and if you have not heard the latest about the work of Behavior Interactive in Dead By Daylight, you can get more information about the next resident Evil Project W DLC.

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